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Author has written 6 stories for Clock Tower, Silent Hill, School Rumble, Tsukihime, Bleach, Midori Days, and Fate/stay night.

UPDATE - October, 24th 2014:

Hey there, my cherished readers! Thanks for your time to read my profile.

In order to provide my readers with a richer experience, I've uploaded covers to my stories. The images can be seen either in the stories, or in my deviantArt profile:

Here's a gold tip I'd like to share with all my fellow writers and anyone else willing to start writing fanfics. For some it'll be pretty obvious, so simple the tip is. Thus, if you're already familiar with it, just continue practicing.

The tip is: always have pen and paper at hand to write down any ideas you might have. Do not trust your memory for these things. Believe me, you'll end up forgetting it.

This tip derives from the fact that the creative process usually doesn't come out at writing time (at least for me, it doesn't). No, it pops up mainly while you're doing mundane, everyday tasks, like showering, brushing your teeth, commuting to work, exercising, etcetera, etcetera... in other words, situations where you most likely won't be by your computer, so you'll need to keep notes of whatever good ideas.

Indeed, it's a very, very simple tip, but it has worked wonderfully for me. I lost count of how many times I had a good idea (for a story, a chapter, a scene, or even a good dialogue line) while otherwise occupied and, as soon as I was finished with it, the idea had been gone from my mind. Gee, it left me so frustrated these times!

I'm not from an English-speaking country, so any praises, suggestions, corrections or (construtive) criticisms which might help me improve my writing skills and the story plot will be very much welcome.

Some comments about my fanfics:

1) "Quincy Quest: Power Retrieval" - my first fanfic, and so far, my gemstone. It's a Bleach X Clock Tower crossover, which I had planned for a while. Basically it's a Bleach side-story, where Ishida Uryuu, in order to retrieve his Quincy powers (hence the title), meets Alyssa Hamilton. Takes place after the game's events, and during the Arrancar Arc.

2) "Meeting of the Fallen" - my first finished fanfic. It's about Silent Hill and explores the possible relationship between Mary Shepherd-Sunderland (from SH2) and the Shepherd family (from SHH). Takes place before the events of Homecoming. I plan to re-edit this fanfic eventually, mostly rephrasing/correcting some sentences and adding a few more things, but the overall plot shall be kept.

3) "Silent Hill Reminiscence" - this is actually a series of short stories, telling the tales of many SH characters who, according to the game canon, have crossed paths prior to the main plots. The first two installments have been published:
3.a) "SHR: Detective Cartland" - narrates a particular investigation of Douglas Cartland before the events of SH3.
3.b) "SHR: Officer Wheeler" - narrates Wheeler's first job as an officer in Brahms before the events of SHH and SH1.

4) "Ichijou Days" - a humor/romance crossover between School Rumble and Midori Days, two typical high school comedies which would blend perfectly. Its plot consists on Kyousuke Imadori going through the same kind of situation as Seiji Sawamura, when his right hand is replaced by the girl that loved him from afar.

5) "Random Facts or the Will of Fate?" - a crossover with TYPE-MOON's main three series: Fate Stay Night, Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai. Can't say it's an actual crossover, for they're all Nasuverse in the end. Over these last years, I got hooked on them and simply HAD to write a story about it!

I also have a few other ideas which I plan to write and post about, in due time.



- Resident Evil
- Silent Hill
- Haunting Ground
- Pokémon
- The Legend of Zelda
- Street Fighter
- Mortal Kombat
- Tekken
- Final Fantasy 7, 8
- Metal Gear Solid


- Naruto
- Bleach
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Fruits Basket
- Inuyasha
- Fushigi Yuugi
- Love Hina
- Mahou Sensei Negima
- Death Note
- Code Geass
- Evangelion
- Gundam in general (Wing, Seed, 00)
- Saint Seiya
- Shurato
- YuYu Hakusho
- Shaman King
- School Rumble
- Gankutsuou: The Count of Mount Cristo
- Type-Moon in general (Fate Stay Night, Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai)
- Sekirei


- House M.D.
- Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
- Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles


- Simpsons
- Family Guy
- Futurama
- Disney in general (Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Sword in the Stone, Black Cauldron...)


- Avatar
- Terminator
- Harry Potter
- Twilight



- Haunting Ground X Resident Evil (mainly RE4)
REASON: Hewie's cameo in RE4 (he's the connection between Leon and Fiona). And both are Capcom's.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "The Azoth Carrier" by Cashopeia / "The Cure" by CrystalGlacier

- Resident Evil X Silent Hill
REASON: both are survival horror, with lots of horribly deformed monsters.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "RexsH: A Tale of Two Towns" by berserker-lonewolf / "Connected" by Shaderem X / "Silent Evil" by Ariel Rivka

- Banjo-Kazooie X Sonic the Hedgehog
REASON: animals with special powers as protagonists, fantasy worlds.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Banjo Kazooie Meets Sonic the Hedhehog" by Cyberbanjo

- Pokémon X The Legend of Zelda (mainly OoT)
REASON: the dungeons' element are almost the same as the Pokémons' elements. And both are Nintendo's.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "The Legend of Eevee: Pokéflute of Time" and "The Legend of Eevee: Majerkass's Mask" by that one little guy

- Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat X Tekken X Soul Calibur
REASON: unusual tournaments, powerful fighters, behind-the-scenes plots... do you need more?
RECOMMENDATIONS: "The Ketsueki Trilogy: Chishio no Me" and "The Ketsueki Trilogy: Ano Sentaku Bou" by iceangelmkx

- Metal Gear Solid X Evangelion
REASON: giant combat mechas and polemical philosophies/themes, like science in war and human experimentation.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Evangelion: Rise of Outer Heaven", by Devil Boss

- Final Fantasy 7 X Final Fantasy 8
REASON: the two best games of the Final Fantasy franchise. No explanation needed.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Mercenaries" by Pied Flycatcher / "When Hearts Collide" by Lil Doro


- Inuyasha X Fushigi Yuugi
REASON: similar story plot (a girl sent back in time to fulfill a mission).
RECOMMENDATIONS: "New Life, New Adventure" by Phoenix Miko

- Love Hina X Mahou Sensei Negima
REASON: Motoko and Setsuna's Shinmeiryuu swordsmanship. And both are Akamatsu-sensei's.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Love Sara" by ReddyRedWolf / "Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm" by Project Arashi / "Saga Shinmei: Os Espadachins Leikô" by Kurosaki Nunes

- Cowboy Bebop X Gundam Wing X Evangelion
REASON: futuristic scenario, machine piloting and harsh living conditions.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Story 06: Gundam Wing and Evangelion: Evangundam" by Turles / "A Reason to Live" by C.Queen

- Gundam Wing X Gundam Seed
REASON: the two best installments of the Gundam franchise. Just like FF7 and FF8.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Fallen Angel" by wilkins75

- Bleach X Inuyasha
REASON: spirits, demons, swords with magic powers... long story short, everything shounen mangas have.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "A Time Not So Remembered" by Millie M Banshee

- Naruto X Mahou Sensei Negima
REASON: magic, fights, heros looking to be stronger... and one more guy in a harem manga would bring some balance.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "NMAC: Naruto Mahora Academy Chronicle" by sunwraith / "Kitsune on Campus" by Asha'man of Fire

- Naruto X Bleach
REASON: the two best shounen ever couldn't be left out. Just know they're shounen in the most literal sense possible.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "True Warriors Never Die" by Kenshi618

- Death Note X Code Geass
REASON: who wouldn't want to see a battle of wits between the two most badass anti-heroes ever, Light and Lelouch?
RECOMMENDATIONS: "The Chess Match" by anja-chan / "Kira vs Zero: Light vs Lelouch" by Deth-The-Kid

- Saint Seiya X Shurato X YuYu Hakusho X Rayearth
REASON: fights for justice, magic armors and powers.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Last Land" by Wlad

- Sailor Moon X Ronin Warriors
REASON: one of the best crossovers matchs, RW is practically SM's masculine version (five guys, five girls).
RECOMMENDATIONS: "New Friends and New Enemies", "Forever in your debt", "Just a Normal Teenager" and "Girl Advice" by Heroine of the Valley

- Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle X Card Captor Sakura
REASON: this one is redundant, TRC is already a CSS crossover, so no explanation needed.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Fateful Meeting" by GAMF Fatlard Hobos

- Fate Stay Night X Sekirei
battle royales between powerful entities bound to humans, where only one shall stand.
"In Flight" by gabriel blessing / "Steadfast" by Bard Linn



- Spiderman X X-Men Evolution
REASON: not surprisingly a good match, as Stan Lee made the entire Marvel universe to be... crossover-esque.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "SpiderX", "Sensational SpiderX" and "Return of SpiderX" by Agent-G

- Peter Pan X Little Mermaid
REASON: fantasy sea worlds, mermaids from Neverland. And both are Disney's.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Forever" by miss.hawkins

- Sleeping Beauty X Beauty and the Beast
REASON: I thought an affair drama with two of the most known Disney couples would be interesting.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Black Mirror" by nikki.anjo

- Beauty and the Beast X Snow White
REASON: again, one more crossover with the Disney princesses.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "The Fairest of Them All" by TrudiRose

- Simpsons X The Mask
REASON: surreal stuff happening all the time. And imagine the Mask powering up the Simpsons' already crazy minds.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Thing to do in Springfield when Wearing the Mask" by TimeLordParadox


- Avatar X Terminator
REASON: humans vs non-humans for world's domination, Eywa network vs Skynet network. And both are James Cameron's.
RECOMMENDATIONS: "Avatar vs Terminator" by Q42

- Harry Potter X Twilight
two of the most succesful, magical world, novel-based movies are more than a perfect match.
"Cullens go to Hogwarts" by Erica.K.Bailey / "Harry Potter and the Order of the Vampire" by Nightlock3908


- Coherency: that means, some sort of common ground between the merging stories (see examples above) and no OoC-ness.

- Spotlight balance: all main characters of each merging story must have their fair share of spotlight, which means no one should simply dominate the plot and no Mary-Sue-ness.

- Restraint of OCs: number of OCs should be limited to bare minimum (which I take for about 10% of the total characters number).

- Faithfulness to the original: The original work's storyline and main events should not be significantly changed. The main pairings should not be changed either (of course, there are exceptions to this rule).

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Lords of Warcraft by JIMMYJAMSTER728 reviews
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Crossover - Lord of the Rings & Warcraft - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 27 - Words: 276,742 - Reviews: 194 - Favs: 163 - Follows: 166 - Updated: 2/10 - Published: 8/22/2012 - Tauren
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Fateful Meeting by White Ink Penpal reviews
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