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Author has written 5 stories for D.Gray-Man, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Twilight.

I'm a cancer survivor.

I got bullied for it.

And I don't care anymore.

I took part is gay awareness at my school.

No I'm not gay.

And if I was, what would be wrong with that?

There is so much wrong with society now.

A gay couple that loves each other has no right to be married

But a man and woman that hate eachother can be.

Just because someone can't pay a bill on time.

They could die.

And because someone is different.

They automatically aren't trusted.

When will these things be stopped?

Likes- Anime, Manga, fanart, fanfic, Royai, EdWin, LingLanFan, AlMay, HavBec, Black Hayate, my dog JR, family, video games, books, writing, swimming, movies, drawing (i suck though), City of Heroes is BOSS, oh and ROY MUSTANG:D Also FMA:B, Black Butler (Bassy

Dislikes- RoyEd, RoyMaes, basically anybody paired with Roy but me or Riza, the FMA Movie, homophobia, idiots at my school..., Jersey Shore, Twilight, my brother (ok, only sometimes...i guess), Rose from FMA:B (shes alright in the first one), fairy vampires. Twitards, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Alright Bella and Edwards kid is cute as hell but besides that *gag*

Age- Highschooler

Gender- Okay, I've said I'm not gay and basically admitted I am in love with Roy, figure it out yet? Hmmmm? Okay fine, I'm a female.

Fav Color- I'm just being random now, so BLUE!

Fav Food- PASTA! and ramen.

Fav Book- Too many, so I must say my favorite series is the Rangers Apprentice series. Halt FTW! Go Tug ( yes the horse!)

Species- Freaking fairy vampire, no I'm a human! I'd stake myself if I was a sparklpire...oh wait, they don't die by stakes...cus they aren't real friggin vampires! *End anti-Twilight moment, more to follow I'm sure*

Most like what FMA:B character- I've taken the official quiz, mhm, and I am none other than: Edward Elric! Heck yes, Fullmetal. I'm a reincarnated Hagane No!

Would marry what character?- Okay, spellign it out time R-O-Y M-U-S-T-A-N-G

Hes too old for you...- Fine, TEENAGED Roy Mustang

Are you gonna kill me?- Lemme go get my rifle here...

Hope you enjoyed me getting interviewed by me and annoying the hell outta myself. Remember, TWILIGHT VS FMAFMAB is my fanfic to read (16 whole reviews!woot!)

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