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Author has written 10 stories for Supernatural, Harry Potter, and Once Upon a Time.

Hello, I am Julian-Juliana and welcome to my profile!

A little bit about my personal life: Who the hell cares? *shrugs*

My Likes: I like many things from TV shows and books but only care to write about a few of those things. I like Supernatural and Harry Potter enough to take my imagination to a word document and post my stories on the internet. I'm almost there with Glee, but I'm not a fan of Song Fics, so...

I prefer realistic fiction, not necessarily events that could actually happen in actual life but more along the lines of how people converse and react to each other. For romance-based fics, if the story is about how a relationship comes together between two unlikely characters, it's going to take more than five thousand words to make it happen. Take Dramione for example, or even Harry and Pansy. For me, I would need a ten thousand build up for those two to even get a drink together. If the relationship has already been solidified, then that's fine but going the other way is rushed and unrealistic.

My Dislikes: I don't care for cliché fics. I find them terribly dreadful and boring and cheesy. It irks me to see the same plot done over and over again by different authors. Has originality become something of myths and legends? For instance, I like Dramione fics, but it's so hard to find a really good one. I'm trying not to be rude because I know how hard it is to write really good fanfiction, even more so when the two main characters were originally written to despise each other. Nevertheless, those fics could be better.

Things I avoid reading in Harry Potter (Dramione fics):

Hermione being called 'Mione. I'm sorry but it makes me feel sick when I read it. I don't recall her being addressed as such in the books, so I'm not entirely sure where it came from. And there isn't really anything wrong with pet names or names for short. It's just that 'Mione makes me want to gag. In truth, Hermione is a lot prettier sounding than 'Mione. (All my opinion of course. I'll just be less prone to read a fic with that nickname in it.)

Head Girl/Head boy fics, especially the Eighth Year ones where Draco managed to score that position after the stunts he pulled in Sixth Year. *Snorts* Yeah, right.

Makeover! Hermione fics. Siriusly, people?! Just because J.K. doesn't describe her as an effing super model, doesn't mean she needs to change. And I find the story kind of sad if Draco only noticed Hermione because she changed her image. I've stumbled across stories like this, and it makes Draco appear that he only loved or wanted her when she got prettier. That's kind of...sad. :( Why can't he simply love her for her? She may not be Fleur, but Hermione is attractive enough regardless of her crazy hair and the clothes she wears. I mean...I'm not sure about anyone else and I pass no judgment on those who think or feel differently, but I truly see Emma Watson as Hermione when reading Harry Potter (book or fic). She is a very lovely young woman, very pretty, and I think her features are so different from the run-of-the-mill, glamorous celebrities. Crazy hair and clothes of a librarian aren't going to effect that aesthetically pleasing face. Just saying, I think Makeover fics resulting in a romance for anyone is kind of shallow.

Veela fics (98% of the time). According to hp-lexicon, Veelas are female and Draco is not one, or so J.K. led us to believe. I've come across ones where Hermione is one but due to her Muggle-Born heritage, I find it unlikely she has such birdness dwelling inside of her.

Ron-Bashing fics (I bloody hate those!) I usually stop reading a fic when Ron-Bashing starts happening. Ron is not a bad man and would never beat Hermione, rape her, cheat on her, or leave her. He may have not been 100% kind to her growing up, but she is the best damned thing that's ever happened to him, and he knows it! I'm not a shipper of Ron/Hermione, but if I was, I would write their story just like it had been in the books. Ron being the most normal character of the main ones. He's not exceptional nor is he a complete bonehead. (I can't play chess like him, thank you very much!) He's not special like Harry and is not as brilliant as Hermione, but he's wonderful in his own way. I mean, he's Harry Effing Potter's best friend. He's loyal, and I know he has a temper but most humans do.

Accepting! Lucius and Narcissa: Though I have liked some fics where Lucius and Narcissa are decent to Hermione, I find it almost too OOC when reading how Draco's mother fawns over Hermione and loves the girl like her own daughter instantly. As for Lucius, he's going to do his best in persuading Draco into dumping his Muggle-Born girlfriend. However, I do agree that Narcissa and Lucius love Draco very much and if they saw how happy Hermione made their son, they would bury their prejudice and bite their tongue with a smile.

Marriage Law fics: The idea seems romantic but when it really comes down to it, it's the government telling you who to marry and who to have sex with. It's like some weird arranged betrothal only you get sent to Azkaban...or something for not essentially wanting to procreate with this individual who you have been assigned. It doesn't matter he called you a Mudblood for the majority of your educational life nor does it matter he still does. :/ He's pretty enough for you to look past that. (People, we are an embarrassing bunch.)

Pureblood Hermione is a sad, sad idea. Blasphemy, I tell you! Give me the girl with the Mudblood scar on her arm any day before offering that other load of smelly shite. She is not Blaise's sister nor is she Theo's. And she most certainly is not going to turn all blood prejudice about it having been called horrible names herself. Silly authors, your stories cause me ulcers. (I'm aware many could say that about mine. I know my fics suck in comparison to many.)

Mudblood Draco...I'm not even going to go there.

Rape fics, not because of the raping in general. If Hermione had ever been raped by anyone besides Draco, she would not be seeking comfort from him. Even if he offered. In fact, I'm pretty sure she'd be going to counseling or at least should be. She also wouldn't want to be having sex anytime soon. If Draco is the one who raped her, he should be sent to Azkaban because J.K. wrote Hermione as a logical minded creature and our Muggle-Born sweetheart wouldn't be mushily impressed by the blond's actions. In other words, she would not love him and would be content sending him off to prison. She wouldn't have a change of heart or see Draco's rape as a way of telling her that he loves her. Rape is not romantic. Rape is not love. It is hate and about hurting the victim in a horrible way, and I'm happy to see that some authors have captured that notion. Though their fic may contain the action, they are not sugar-coating it and making it pretty and sexy and (dare I say) funny. *Rubs forehead and groans* I wish no harm upon naïve people, or even those with tasteless personalities. I do wish naïve people would think. Really, it makes them look better, I promise.

Romeo and Juliet based plots. Those two died at the end, and they were fourteen and Juliet took a 'roofie from a priest' (See Sassy Gay Friend: Romeo and Juliet on YouTube). Draco and Hermione, or anyone for that matter, should not be taking romantic inspiration from the (in my opinion of course) worst play ever written by Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet were children who took their own lives because they could not see past their own selfishness and hormones.

Things I avoid in general: Twilight, the Fifty Shades Trilogy, and all things Miley Cyrus.

Things I like in Harry Potter Fanfiction: Original well-written stories shipping Draco and Hermione or having a practical and believable friendship between Harry and Snape. I know there are cliché stories about Harry and Snape, but many of them are so well-written, it's easy for me to ignore it.

I also am quite fond of parodies mostly dwelling on Harry and no one else. It's a good pick-me-up at the end of a bad day. :)

My Favorite Supernatural Character: Satan in Sam Winchester’s body. However, I really do just like my precious, puppy-faced Sammy all by himself with his soul intact.

My Favorite Harry Potter Character: Luna Lovegood. (I wish I could write her perfectly)

My Favorite Glee Character: Santana

My Favorite things: My Little One, my Sweetheart, and my parents.

My Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Things one ought to know before continuing: (12/31/2012) What I'd like to put here is a little lecture. It's the mother and English lover in me, I suppose. My subconscious is telling me to write something that could be important or could fall on deaf ears slash blind eyes. Readers of my profile, you can skip this tidbit if you want or you can read what I have to say.

Ahem* On the internet, specifically sites like these, I feel many of us are hidden behind our usernames or no names at all. With anonymous labels hiding us, we have the power and the privilege to post almost whatever we'd like, whether it is our own creation or a comment on someone else's, without having anyone see we are actually people. On fan-sites, such as this one, we are people who write and people who read.

For writers, we are not our computers, obviously. We are people.

Readers, writers are the people behind the computers. Some of those writers, including I, may never get enthusiastic recognition for their work. A million people may never read one of their stories. A single person may never even leave a comment on one of their stories. (In no way, shape or form, am I suggesting you go out and find those types of fics and R&R, but you can if you want)

I bring this up because on one of my stories, I received a review with the word 'stupid' directed at my work. I am well aware that not everyone will like my writing because I certainly do not dig everyone else's. I have come to accept that people prefer different flavors of plot. And, yes, I have gotten rude comments before, but this one took the cake. It was a single sentence with the word 'stupid' in it which caused me to seek out random fics from different fandoms and click on the review links, and I was truly upset of how inconsiderate some of the comments were. I know most people leave pleasant reviews if they choose to even submit one, but there are those who do not know how to word their distaste properly. It's appalling, and I can tell how old the reviewer who posted is because there is only one age group out there who is known for this kind of ignorance. These are the kind of people (because believe it or not, they are people) who conform themselves to the stereotypical generation they represent. These people are the ones who plaster the words 'dumb, lame, stupid, gay, shit, f*ed in the review box and target these comments towards the story, believing it's okay to do so because they don't see the person, who took the time to write the work, as an actual person. They choose to see only the story, the computer, something lifeless. If the author of a story they disliked stood next to them as they read his or her work, would they have still been so mean? Or would they have said anything at all? Or would they kindly make suggestions to him or her to better his or her work, so he or she could learn from their mistakes.

I once took a Free Writing course, and I often had to read and correct other students' works. I came across authors who were very good, decent, so-so, or needed some guidance. I could tell when reading some of their papers who worked very hard and who may have been a bit distracted while writing. When I made comments to them verbally or with my horrible penmanship in the margin, I had to give advice on how to make their work better. To me and my work, the same was done. One time, one of my peers blurted out 'There's nothing wrong with your paper, Jules, but I just don't like it.' He didn't say, 'This is stupid, Jules,' and hand it back to me. It would have been silly if he had because he was 35 at the time, not fifteen, and the professor would have banned him from the classroom. The only criticism aloud in her classroom was constructive.

Remember this if you forget everything else in this good for nothing lecture of mine: an author will never learn from name-calling, nor will a reviewer educate by doing so.

Lineage will have a few prominent characters: Narcissa, Lucius, Blaise, and Hermione. The four will make up the majority of the story. The fic takes place after a tragic event, Draco Malfoy’s death, leaving Lucius and Narcissa without an heir to the Malfoy fortunes. Ever the brilliant man, Lucius discovers a questionable pattern in his son’s previous banks statements which leads him and Narcissa to an unrecognizable account. With further investigation, they discover that Draco left behind a secret he kept hidden thousands of miles away.

(09/19/2013) I will be deleting The Art of Distracting and will be working on a revision. I was going through it the other day and found it quite a mess and in desperate need of some TLC. I apologize for delay in update for the fic and for taking it off the site, but I think readers deserve to read better fanfiction than what that story has to offer at the moment. Once again, I apologize and hope to have some of the revision parts by spring.

I will be deleting The Road of Forgiveness as well. It's not really all that popular at the moment, so I'm not feeling like I should put more energy into it. But I will, of course, keep Remember the Hate up and ready to read for all who are interested.

I will be posting the first chapter of a new fic I've been dabbling with called Prevention vs. Exposition. The summary is...Draco Malfoy, now a decent Auror employed at Headquarters, is doing his best to find the murderer of his friend Adrian Pucey. The deeper he digs into the investigation, he discovers a conspiracy that could throw the entire Wizarding World into chaos. To help him solve the case and prevent destruction of all that he holds dear, he will need the help of anyone who will believe his outrageous theory. Unfortunately, the only one who seems to believe him is Hermione Weasley nee Granger, and she’s got enough problems of her own.

Like Lineage, Prevention vs. Exposition is different and not a run-of-the-mill Dramione fic, but that's my favorite part about it. :) So go check it out when the first chapter is up!

(10/02/13) I posted a one-shot for fun. It's a humorous Theomione called High Marks. Check it out!

(02/02/2014) I'm currently tidying up Lineage, starting from the beginning. I want to make squeak with cleanliness. I'm ridding as many misspellings, punctuation errors, and storyline mistakes as I can. I'm currently revising Chapter 10. There isn't a major change, so no need to start all over again. The biggest difference is the lack of A/Ns at the beginning of each chapter.

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