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Hi, I'm NewtypeAuthor346 here, My old name has been changed, again, from SilverGuard345 and InterestingAuthor345

Alright people now I know you all like my stories because of my interesting ideas, But all of my ideas were sometimes totally awesome, Yes, Yes I know, but it takes longer to make it, But, I can be a bit rushed or really getting rushed, sorry

(BITCHEZ AIN'T KNOWING HOW MY IDEAS ARE EPIC, but I know that you all never understand my Grammar, but as soon as you realize what I've meant, I used poetic words in my Fics, that's why you all were confused.) - My mind since 2011.

Hobbies: Playing epic video games, Watching anime, sometimes, Doing something on the Internet.

Lived in: Austria (Vienna)

Favorites: Halo (Doesn't matter which episode), Touhou, Familiar of zero, Assassins Creed series, and other Epic stuff, such as COD or BF3, etc. Including RWBY and RvB is another one of my favorites as goes for Fairy Tail.

Note: My First Fanfiction was "Time has changed", but, I could not end it, sorry.

Ps: If some of my stories have Grammar Failures or Misspellings, please report to me and re-write the chapters. Plus: Auto-correct and Typos can be a bitch.

(Update: 2017)

Bio, my thoughts:

There is only one thing that I've learned when I lose interest in writing one of my fics, I came up with another one, it's seemed weird for me that I have so much imagination and there are many people out there who wished to make a good Fanfiction or a good Multi-Crossover with no bashing, however, the problem is that it would end up in hiatus or losing interest.

As I, the Writer, I tried myself to hold this interests, but it won't last long until I have another idea.

I've written a lot, adapted to it, and know-how the Worldbuilding works, the only thing why I didn't stop writing stories, it's because a writer never stops writing as long as I have imagination and despite what other anonymous douchebags to say "Stop Writing and you're a shitty excuse for a human being", I'd say, fuck that shit and you're wasting your time to spam negative comments, I do whatever I want here and I'll make sure is to delete guests comments and I will weed you out and report for spamming if it's an act of aggressive behavior against someone you don't know about (and also, bitch you don't know my life either), who do you think you are? Do your own business and I have my interest and making a decent fictional story requires a lot of time, logic, and sense and I know some Writers have become lazy enough to write it down with some details that are missing.

My mentality as a Writer could be insane as it is, however, think of it as a Manga Author or a Light Novel Writer who came up with an idea, insane and could be or really a Dark story.

About OC's and Pairings:

OC's are okay, but the thing that I regret and fully dislike OC's that their names are too colorful and have over 1 godly-superpowered ability which is being Overpowered. I prefer OC's that looks normal with a real-life name with some special types of abilities and knows their own advantages and disadvantage, a character without a disadvantage isn't a prominent character.

About character pairings is definitely okay and so on, but forcing a character to fall in love with each other and bashing romance isn't well suited for my taste, the only thing I like is that a character needs to develop relationships before you can let them fall to romance, however, in my opinion, sorry for offending you, the thing is, is that I don't like was unnecessary Homosexual romance/pairings, because why? The characters I know from each show I knew are well developed, but why the hell would you pair them up in a Fanfiction that doesn't make any sense and why would two familiar male characters or female characters instantly fell in love with each other as if their personality and their bio's shows that they were officially straight and had their other views than romance! unless if they are officially homo's and that's ok. No matter what alternate Universe you try to write in! *rant over*

My thought in my stories

Well, most of my stories were abandoned because I lost my interest was due to fact that I got hooked up to the new shows, but now all of them.

Remnant in Earth

It's a story about the life of Team RWBY where they were born on Earth a couple of years after the Dimensional Rift Incident that merge the two worlds into one.

Many liked it until I went into hiatus in pre and after Volume 4, but my mind wants to have some rest and it tells me that I have something to write down another story, so the next chapter will be coming next soon.

GUNDAM Assault: Witch Universe

I'm taking a break from writing Remnant in Earth and take one of my experimental stories that I've posted since April 3 and it shows this one. GUNDAM Assault, don't be confused with the game, okay? This story was originally "Strike Witches: Enter the Pilot." and is a story rewrite.

it's a story about a PILOT Commando and a Farawayland Witch who lived in a world where Witches, Wizards, 60-foot-tall colossus known as Mobile Armors and the Neuroi Gigant's exists, also, Witches in that Universe in this time wore skirts and short pants. No panties were exposed, however, an accident occurred when infiltrating the Neuroi Escape from their World and was thrown into an alternate reality where Wizards never exists, so as Mobile Armors, United Nations, and Sentient neuroi's.

Before I wrote this story, I was first hooked up to the Mobile Suit series such as Gundam Origins manga, MS 08th Team, and Gundam Unicorn. Since I was a kid, I was awed by the show, when I became teen, I thought that Mobile Suits were just machines that were powered by magic and now in my young adult years, I re-read the Mobile Suit Series of the Universal Century (the Main Timeline) and I've become fascinated by the story itself, knowing that the Mobile Suits aren't powered by magic but powered in the name of science such as Electricity, Nuclear Engine, and the Minovsky Particles, the Universal Century looked cheery right in front of your view, but if you looked behind, it's sick and twisted, yet I kinda liked it and it thrilled me.

Umm, okay, where should I put this? Oh right, I've created my fan-made universe known as the "Mobile Armor Universe." It's because the Mobile Armors are Mech's, Yet it should have to been rated M because this story will be dark, I mean this Universe is darker and twisted than the Strike Witches Universe (Fumikane's Original Universe).

Stories made in 2019

Mobile Tank M4:

A GuP Fanfiction about the story of a male crew, young students who manned a peculiar Armored Sherman to achieve their Dream to become champions.

Remnant in Earth Info: Weapons vs Aura

Terran Bullets were the mainstay ammunition provided in every Terran Nations of Earth, including the Four Kingdoms.

They do not make these bullets of pure dust since it was made of solid metal such as brass-nickel alloy, steel alloy or tungsten alloy with brass jackets. They kick more powerful penetration through sheer kinetic energy and velocity in over 2000 FPS compared to ordinary dust bullets that fly around over 1000 FPS or lower and incapable to penetrate light objects such as Clay Pots or Wooden Tables.

Yet regardless, Dust Rounds are very lethal as it can explode on living beings and Grimm upon physical contact that can cause crippling Injuries by damaging the tissues and bone structures or worst of all, Death. However, Metal Projectiles on Dust Bullets exist that may give more penetration.

Terran Bullets are known to have good stopping power unlike Dust bullet don't have.

This list, however, does not represent how much bullets in a single magazine or clip can damage Aura. It represents how a single bullet can damage it, however, Terran bullets like any other projectiles, lose penetration over distances.

Minor Punch Level: Bullets that can take minor punches to Aura Users with little stun. (Acquired Effective Range: 25-35 Yards (Pistols), 50-150 Yards (Rifle) or 300 Yards Tactical)

9mm Parabellum - Diminish Aura by 6% of the Gauge.

.45 ACP - Diminished Aura by 15% of the Gauge.

.500 S&W - Diminish Aura by 19.99% of the Gauge.

NATO 5.56x45mm Bullet (SS109, 62 Grams) - Diminished Aura by 24% of the Gauge.

NATO 5.56x45mm Bullet (M855A1, 62 Grams) - Diminished Aura by 29% of the Gauge.

Heavy Hitter Levels: Bullets that can take Heavy punches to Aura Users, which can make a bruise to the skin and cause minor trauma. (Acquired Effective Range: 60-210 Yards)

.228 Savage Hi-Power Bullet - Diminished Aura by 29.5% of the Gauge.

Russian 7.62x39mm Bullet - Diminished Aura by 30% of the Gauge.

6.5x39mm Grendel - Diminished Aura by 30% of the Gauge.

NATO 7.62x51mm Bullet - Diminished Aura by 31% of the Gauge.

6.2mm Grendel Bullet - Diminished Aura by 33% of the Gauge.

.450 Bushmaster Bullet - Diminished Aura by 33% of the Gauge.

.300 Savage Bullet - Diminished Aura by 36% of the Gauge.

7mm-08 Remington Bullet - Diminished Aura by 37.5% of the Gauge.

.308 Winchester Bullet - Diminished Aura by 39% of the Gauge.

Critical Hit Levels: They made these Bullets for hunting bigger animals with tougher skin such as Bears, Rhinos, and Elephants. These Projectiles may cause life-threatening conditions which may knock out Aura Users with internal damage to the body at normal range engagements. (Acquired Effective Range: 100-250 yards)

.458 SOCOM Bullet (250 gr, SP) - Diminished Aura by 45% of the Gauge.

.50 Beowulf Bullet (400 gr, HAWK JFP) - Diminish Aura by 45% of the Gauge.

.30-06 (220 gr, RN) Springfield Bullet - Diminished Aura by 46% of the Gauge.

.30 Thompson (TC) Bullet - Diminished Aura by 46% of the Gauge.

.458 Winchester Magnum Bullet - Diminished Aura by 48% of the Gauge.

Russian 7.62x54mmR - Diminished Aura by 48% of the Gauge.

.300 Winchester Magnum - Diminished Aura by 48% of the Gauge.

.30-378 Weatherby Magnum - Diminished Aura by 48.5% of the Gauge.

.300 Weatherby Magnum - Diminished Aura by 48.7% of the Gauge.

.500 Magnum Bullet - Diminish Aura by 49% of the Gauge.

.577 Tyrannosaur Bullet - Diminish Aura by 51% of the Gauge.

Death Level: Larger and Higher-Caliber Bullets that can kill an Aura User in one-hit. May cause crippling injury or death. (Acquired Effective Range: 500-1000 Yards), The most notable big rifle cartridge is the .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO).

.50 BMG Bullet - Diminish Aura by 99.9% of the Gauge.

.50 BMG Bullet (Improved) - Diminished Aura by over 99.9% of the Gauge.

.50 BMG Bullet (Armor Piercing Incendiary) - Diminish Aura by over 99.9% of the Gauge

.50 BMG Bullet (Armor Piercing) - Diminish Aura by over 99.9% of the Gauge.

Effective Rifles against Aura Users:

M14 Rifle - A Cold War Rifle, usually effective with .308 Winchester and can whittle down Aura in numbers within seconds. With modifications, it can increase ammunition magazines to take more shots or increase penetration power.

AR Series - Not usually effective due to 5.56x45mm, but is capable to modify the weapon in which increases firepower, accuracy, and Penetration.

Kalashnikov Automatic Rifles (AK Series) - In the same category as the AR-series and the M14.

M1A SOCOM 16 - An improved version of the M14 by modern standards, usually effective against Aura due to .308 Winchester.

M1A2 SOCOM 16 - An improved version of the M14 SOCOM uses a powerful .30-06 cartridge. Used in Vale Defense Force.

M1 Garand - An American WW2 Rifle, usually effective against Aura with the use of .30-06 Springfield rounds.

BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) - An American WW2 Light Machine Gun, uses .30-06 rounds and is usually effective against Aura.

Browning M1919A6 - An American WW2 Light Machine gun, used .30-06 rounds and usually effective against Aura.

M1941 Johnson - American Light Machine gun, used from the Second World War, saw extensive use within the Mistral, Vacuoan, and Menagerian Defense Force. It uses .30-06 Bullets.

FN-1949 - A Post-WW2 Belgian Service Rifle, usually effective against Aura with the use of .30-06 Ammunition.

.500 Magnum Lever-Action Rifle - A Civilian Hunting Rifle which is meant to hunt tougher animals, surprisingly, it is capable to knock out or stunning even the toughest Aura Users.

Shotguns - These guns came in every variant, it is capable to whittle down Aura in a few slams-fire shots due to its great stopping firepower at close range.

HCAR - Also known as "Heavy Counter Assault Rifle" is an improved version of a WW2 BAR in modern standards. Military-grade rifles were more durable as it was fixed with sealed chambers than civilian versions. The gun can pack two different bullets such as the .30-06 and .308 rounds.

CheyTac Rifles - Capable to carry .50 BMG rounds, one of the most dangerous weapons.

M2 .50 Cal Machine Gun - The most dangerous weapon ever devised to take out Aura Users with ease.

And there's that.

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She bowed to his level and smiled, "What's your name?" she asked. It took a while before he could finally tell what smell it is. "Bread..." he said sternly. The girl tilted her head, smile never leave her face, "Bread...-san?" she raised a questioning eyebrow. Chap 28 is out!
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