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Hello world! (:

About me: 16 and lives Middle of Nowhere, California *cough! cough!* The Valley! *cough! cough!* Shonen-ai is my guilty pleasure. Proud band geek and drumline nerd. :D Loves anime, drawing, writing, track, yaoi, my beloved tenors (: and music. Proud member of the Horde >:3

Favorite anime: Too. Much. But I'll just name off some of the ones I had/have obssesions with: Kuroshitsuji, Nabari no Ou, A Channel, Lucky Star, Death Note, Bleach, Outlaw Star, The Gundam Series, Gravitation, Loveless, Wandering Son, Junjou Romantica, Avatar, Hetalia: Axis Powers, Dragon Ball Z, Chobits, Hell Girl, Romeo x Juliet, Cowboy Bebop, Durarara!!, Kannazuki no Miko, FLCL, Angel Beats!, Bamboo Blade, Deadman Wonderland, Samurai 7

Favorite pairings: Not enough space. Haha just basically and BL pairings, though my OTP for Hetalia is Ameripan (: They need more love :D

Haha well I like writing, as mentioned above, especially shonen-ai. Well, reading mostly than writing sometimes if Mr. Writer's Block decides to take up residence in my brain. .-. Lol, I blame Junjou Romantica for my recruiting over from het. pairings. XD Oh and K-Pop!

So...umm... That's pretty much it. So... Enjoy! :D


What's Happening Now!

Happy summer everybody! :D So at the moment, I am working on my first multi-chapter fic (USUK :3) so as soon as it is out of the beta-reading process, I will post it up and literally SPAM you guys with a bunch of other little ficlets I've been working since my summer school teacher couldn't keep my attention for more than 30 seconds :B Haha but anyways, school will be starting up for me soon, and of course my will my updating will slow down MASSIVELY. I apologize if I take forever but I will try to update as soon as I canduring the school year. Having to juggle 2 sports, AP and Honor classes, band, and Academic Decathlon gets tiring at times. XP And getting distracted by Word of Warcraft and Diablo 3 doesn't help at all either =3="

So anyways, with that said, hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer! :DD

SHINee Generation

P.S.- CALLING ALL DRUMLINE MEMBERS ON FF.NET!Is anybody considering joining or is in a drum corps? I was thinking of joining one either my senior year or the summer before I start up college. Any advice to give? Thanks! (:

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