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Author has written 7 stories for Digimon, Harry Potter, Pokémon, Suite Life series, and Wizards of Waverly Place.

Welcome to my profile ;D

Lovely twin: Warrior-of-water

Icon: Yuuki Judai with his Wing Kuriboh

Status on stories: Writing That Thing Called a Date (Word Count: 1,826), Ancient Legends (Word Count: 494), Escaping Envy (Word Count: 2,047), Between the Lines (Chapter 1 done, waiting for up to Chapter 5 to be completed until posting) and trying to start some new projects.

My Forever top five OTPs:

5. RokuShi (Roxas and Xion Kingdom Hearts series): The two main female and male protagonists in the game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. It was the very first Kingdom Hearts game I actually got to play and omg their interaction ;w; Their relationship is suppose to reflect Sora and Kairi's (more implied in the manga) and Xion is suppose to be Roxas' important girl/someone. A lot of people say that Xion isn't important, but c'mon guys she's the reason why he left Organization XIII. Plus have you seen Dream Drop Distance? That was totally Roxas crying seeing Xion.

4. NaruSaku (Naruto and Sakura Naruto Shippuden) Despite it saying Shippuden, I've been shipping these guys for a very long time. Back when Naruto aired back in 2004 on Toonami I watched the first couple episodes and I thought to myself, "Naruto has a crush on Sakura! I hope he gets her to like him!" So I've been shipping them before I even knew what shipping was. I love how their relationship has developed throughout the storyline and even though I'm not into Naruto as much I still love these two so much.

3. Mashino (Masaru and Yoshino Digimon Savers) My favorite digimon couple that gets no love! First their relationship is more plausible than most digimon couples cause you know, they're not eleven-years old. This couple is pretty awesome in my opinion. Seriously in the second episode they were compared to a married couple. Plus I'm pretty sure that Yoshino is the woman who can keep Masaru under control :P

2. ElRu (Haru and Elie Rave Master) I have yet to meet one person who dislikes this pairing (different from shipping it). They have some of the best interaction I've ever seen. From when the first met, all the way to epilogue I've got seen some the best relationship development in romantic shounen They were the very first canon pairing I've ever shipped. And please people: Stop comparing their relationship to Natsu and Lucy. Different interaction and development equals different relationship. I'll always love these, but sadly their progeny isn't what I hoped for =w=

1. Commonershipping (Diamond and Platinum/Platina Pokémon Special) Seriously anytime I see these two together I squeal inside. I'm very reluctant to read a story that pairs Platina and Diamond with other people. It has so many clichés like 'love at first sight' 'vow to protect me' 'the princess and the commoner' blah blah.. but it's so fucking cute! The two are so different but yet alike. I can't ship these two with anyone else. I love them.

Other shippings I adore:

Advanceshipping (Pokémon)

Penguinshipping (Pokémon)

Franticshipping (Pokespe)

Johtoshipping (Pokespe)

Daikeru (Digimon Adventure 02)

Takumi (Digmon Frontier)

Fianceshipping (Yu-gi-oh! GX)

Faithshipping (Yu-gi-oh! 5d's)

Gohan X Videl (Dragon Ball Z)

Goku X Chichi (Dragon Ball Z)

SoKai (Kingdom Hearts)

NaZa (Fairy Tail)

LoLu (Fairy Tail)

Modoka X Lan (Langrange - Flower of Ri-en)

Tyson X Hilary (Beyblade)

ObiKaka (Naruto)

2786/TsuHaru (Kateyo Hitman Reborn!)

Takumi X Neko (Dragon Drive)

Ami X Rei (Sailor Moon)

Ichigo x Mint (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Hanon X Nagisa (Mermaid Melody)

Kiyomaro X Megumi (Konjiki no Gash Bell)

Asch X Natalia (Tales of the Abyss)

Henry X Olivia (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Cherche X Gregor (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Chalex (Wizards of Waverly Place)

Creddie (iCarly)

GuCe (Shake it Up!)

RumpBelle (Once Upon a Time)

Harmony (Harry Potter)

Things I am watching(reading)/going to watch:

Card Captor Sakura; Psyren; Sket Dance; Code:Breaker; Marchen Awaken Romance; Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Fairy Tail; Naruto; Pokémon the series: XY; Konjiki no Gash Bell; Rockman EXE; Rynuessi no Rockman; Tales of the Abyss; The Tomorrow People; Pretty Little Liars; Once Upon a Time; Two and Half Men

Inspiring quotes:(More to be added)

"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth is irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." -Mewtwo

"Hate me? I don't care, because you're not the first person who has hates me and you're not going to be the last either." -Justin Bieber

"The worst feeling isn't being lonely, it's being forgotten by someone you could never forget." -Anonymous

"Right now, it may be painful. There maybe complete darkness, like the inside of a tunnel. By working hard and continuing to walk, we will one day find the light. Isn't that right? If we work hard and continue to walk, someday we will bask in the light. There's no such thing as a tunnel without an exit."- Koko (Konjiki no Gash Bell)

"Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it." -J.K Rowling

"It's true that humans are foolish creatures, but they can realize their mistakes and can be reborn. That's evolution." -Masaru Daimon

"There's no sense in going out of your way just to get someone to like you." -Ash Ketchum

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." -Plato

"Those that mind don't matter and those who don't mind matter." -Dr. Seuss

"To me, fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death." -Taylor Swift

The Seven Sins of Fanfiction:

I: Romaji

I mean, what the hell? Why does it need to be in manga fanfics? I mean, I can understand if it is important to the story (like crossover language boundaries, names of places or people, suffixes, or just basically things that don't really have an English equivalent) but why do people write 'Ohayou' instead of hello, 'Sumimasen' instead of sorry, and 'Arigatou' instead of thank you? It's おはよう, すみません and ありがとう! Romaji isn't a language, it's a translation aid, so why is it used? It's annoying, and should just be kept to author notes or other things that can be skipped. If it was meant to be used, there would be an option for it under the language section.

II: Text Speak

I've only seen this in a few stories, but it is so annoying. I mean, why do people write 'u' instead of you? It's only two more letters! It's not hard! If you're writing on your phone, either be prepared to take a long time to write I properly, or just use a computer, or something of the sort!

III: Saying it is an AU

Ok, I know this sounds slightly picky, but honestly, it's kinda obvious. I mean, if you want to get technical, every Fanfic story is AU. Alternate Universe means when 'something is not how it is', so like many what-if bits, but it also means anything that is different. So, anything from a complete story change to a small Oneshot in-between chapters, if it is not canon, it is AU. So, for me, I like the facts to be clearly stated (well major changes anyway), so yeah, I'm picky.

IV: Removing Key Elements

What I mean by this is when stories are created with the main attraction being took out (such as magic from Harry Potter and Fairy Tail, Mythology from Percy Jackson, Charter from The Old Kingdom and others of the such). I mean, why? Very very (extreme emphasis on the verys) few fanfics are good when that happens, normally when a complete new element is added. So, yeah. Just don't.

V: People Telling Authors to "Hurry Up!"

This gets on my nerves. Ok people, don't take offence, but the majority of people (I mean like there's only 0.1% of people who don't) who write are regular people. They are not the original authors, and thus so not bound by deadlines for next chapters. They have other things in life (because, surprise, most people have school or jobs to do, and they take priority over hobbies) and so they can't update fast. I can understand it if people are worried about a story being abandoned, but that's it.

VI: Author Notes Larger than the Chapter

Ok, why do people do this? I can understand if it is a notice, review responses or a big thank you (which doesn't need to happen every chapter) but why do people fill it up with crap? Yes, I myself do enjoy a long A/N, but I feel that my chapter length is acceptable for that, right?

VII: 'Reading the Book' Fanfics

Here I don't mean it in a bad way... Well yes I do, but still... Anyway, what I mean is that it is a plot for those who... well... are uncreative, those who can't think of an original point and decide to use the books and add 'funny' comments to certain places to make it funny. I don't have anything against them, hell I'd love to write one, but to me they feel cheap and somewhat an easy way out of thinking up a plot.

-Nom Tasty

Wizards of Waverly Place my all time favorite Disney show:

Alex Russo taught me that family comes before anything else

Justin Russo taught me that knowledge can save lives

Max Russo taught me that being random is a blissful thing

Jerry Russo taught me that it's important to have a great teacher

Theresa Russo taught me that a mother's love can never be replaced

Harper Finkle taught me to always be myself

Mason Greyback taught me to never give up on someone

Juliet VanHusson taught me that true love conquers all

Dean Morantine taught me to always make good first impression

Zeke Beakerman taught me that the human mind is endless

Stevie Nicolas taught me that revenge can only lead to my demise

Keldo Russo taught me to live life to the fullest

Megan Russo taught me to never hold grudges

Huge Normous taught me that its okay to be different

Professor Crumbs taught me that honesty is always best

Dr. Evillni taught me to never tell my secrets to a fish

Mr. Laritate taught me to find the good in people

Ronald Longcape taught me love beats evil anyday

Rosie taught me to find my way out of the darkness

Tina taught me that you can reach your goal with a little persistence

Felix taught me people can change

Gorogg taught me evil can't change someone's heart

Wizards of Waverly Place taught me to believe in magic.

Top Mangas I recommend.

I don't know how many people will actually look at a random person's profile looking for mangas to read, but if you are, I hope you enjoy my choices. First off, I'm an adventure/friendship person. If the story is just about some guy whoring around (coughSchoolDayscough) I won't read them. Second, I haven't read every fricking manga out there and I have only started reading some popular ones (Soul Eater, Blue Exorcist, Shaman King, Pandora Hearts) so if you're favorite isn't here I probably have never heard of it. Thirdly, these are only mangas. If I recommend animes, none of these would be on that list and others would be on this list (Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon etc..)

Honorable Mentions:

Naruto: The reason why it's only an honorable mention is because everyone knows this one. If you don't then... I dunno what to say to you. Although lengthy, this manga can tug at the heart strings and you feel connected to Naruto by the end of the first chapter. If you haven't somehow read it, or haven't in awhile, go read it.

Digimon V-Tamer 01: I like this manga very much, however, I believe it's because I'm such a huge ass digimon fan. If don't like digimon that much then it won't be worth your time. If however you are one, this is a great one to read. Only fifty-eight chapters (they're long though), you get to explore the life of another Taichi Yagami and see amazing Tamer battles.

Psyren: I'm not very far in this one, but off the bat this manga is plain awesome. My favorite thing about it that it seems so realistic. Okay not the going into the future part, but everything is explained so well that you feel like it's possible you go and try to use psychic powers. Basically this manga is if Mirai Nikki and Bleach did fusion. So if you're a fan of either or both, this is a good one to read.

Nanatsu no Taizai(lit. Seven Deadly Sins): Again, not too far in this but man is it awesome. The protagonist isn't ambitious or anything! He owns a frickin bar with no fucks given. The mysteries in the story are quite suspenseful and they keep you guessing. It's going to be in the top mangas and possible animes once it gets one.

Number 5:

Dragon Drive: One of the first mangas I've finished, but damn is it great. It combines two popular concepts nowadays; video games and dragons. Also one of my favorite things about this one is that there are two protagonists. It's really cool because they're related by one special person to them. This manga is very light-hearted (except for few occasions) and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside =w=

Number 4:

Code:Breaker: Opposite of Dragon Drive, this manga is dark, like really dark. As in five people got burned to death in chapter two. It has amazing plot twists that'll keep you reading and sad aftermaths to murders that'll make you almost cry (Puppy ;w;). A great romantic shouen that I highly recommend.

Number 3:

Gash Bell: For all you older fans some of you many recognize this one as 'Zatch Bell.' I remember that this was one the first animes/mangas to make me cry at the death of a character. Both protagonists Gash and Kiyomaro have great character development, probably some of the best I've seen. Although the anime is great and last 150 episodes, the manga finishes the demon battle. Amazing manga that deserves more attention.

Number 2:

Pokémon Special: Unlike Digimon V-Tamer 01, you don't need to be a huge fan of pokemon to like this. A loose adaption of the games and brings the characters to life and gives each one their own personality. Like the games, each arc follows new characters and a new region. They grow up, have canon love interest, and people and pokemon do die in this. Awesome read for older pokemon fans or anyone who wants to see pokemon darker.

Number 1:

RAVE/Rave Master: Holy crap, words can't describe how much I love this manga. Made by the same author of Fairy Tail this is probably the most heart clenching, trolling, romantic, manga I've ever read. Haru isn't like other protagonist who are either dumb and lazy, or dumb and have ADHD. He didn't want to even go an adventure! Elie is a lovable female protagonist. Hiro's beautifully writes every antagonist so well that I feel bad for hating them. If you can only read one more manga in your life, read this one.

My stories:(Goes alphabetically of fandom)

(Digimon Adventure 02/Digimon Frontier) Ancient Legends- Collab with Warrior-of-water. During their first adventure, Tai and the other digidestined were told they weren't the first children to go to the digital world. But is it really everyone's first time there? The past might catch up with the present and change the future forever. (On warrior-of-water's page)

(Digimon Adventure 02/Digimon Savers)- Escaping Envy- Leviamon is looking for a worthy human to call his partner and has his eye's set on Tai Kamiya. Tai's soul escapes and must find a compatible body to stay in, even if it's not from his dimension.

(Digimon Tamers/Digimon Frontier)- (No name as of now)- Takuya and Koichi's soccer have made it to nationals, which are held in Shinjuki. However digimon suddenly have appear along with new ways of digivolution, and are out to destroy humans who have become digimon. And what does this have to with his newly discovered half-sister, Rika?

(Harry Potter/Wizards of Waverly Place) Lost- While looking for the horcruxes and the Deathly Hallows, Herimone was faced with the death curse turned her wand into a horcrux. Now, years later, Alex Russo receives Hermione's old wand. Now the two must solve the mystery of Harry Potter's disappearance and defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's legacy Main Characters: Alex Hermione Chase Max Teddy Couples: Ron/Luna, Draco/Ginny, Alex/Chase Harper/Zeke Powerful!Alex Mature-ish!Max DISCONTINUED

(Pokemon Anime) The Master League- Years ago, a fire separated a family. Present day, Ash has finally qualified for the Masters League. But when a new evil rises Ash finally gets answers to his unsure past. Main Characters- Ash, Giovanni, Delia, Silver Couples- Diamondshipping, Advanceshipping, BlackMaidenshipping hints of several other couples. ON HAITUS

(Pokémon Anime) Between the Lines- Crack isn't just a addiction, it's unconditional love. One-hundred and one hidden stories within the Pokémon Anime universe.

(Wizards of Waverly Place) Never Alone- Oh Alex, did you really think I'd disappear so easily? I'll let you see evil in the people you call 'family' and show you what you're really capable of. Even if everyone else leaves you, I'll still be here. Post Alex vs Alex.

Possible stories-

(Pokémon Anime) Irony of a Situation- She's trapped in a cave, there's a colony of Momoswine outside ready to attack, and the only other person with her is the former snob and Ash's rival, Trip. Yea, this isn't Iris' week. Flavescentshipping.

(Pokémon Anime) The Rainbow Gift- Ho-oh is known for showing itself to pure-hearted trainers and having the ability to resurrect the fallen. When Ash Ketchum dies a noble death Ho-oh gives the trainer a second chance. However the cost maybe be more than its worth and may cause Ash to be the hero he was always meant to be. Eventually KissShipping

(Pokémon Anime) (No title as of now)-

(Digimon Adventure 02/Frontier) Effects of Separation- It's been three years since his grandfather and mother died. Two years since he's seen his friends. One year since he went from Cody Hida to Takuya Kanbara.

(Dragon Ball Z) Against the Odds- Chi-Chi goes with Goku to see his friends five years after their wedding. After the encounter with Raditz, Chi-Chi finds herself lost in space and light years away from earth. With burning determination, Chi-Chi journeys across space to get back to her son and husband.

(Fairy Tail) Like White to the Wind- Shortly after Sting makes his promise to Lector he travels to Mongolia to challenge Natsu. Instead of meeting Natsu, he sparks a relationship with the Sky Dragon Slayer. StingxWendy

(Pokespe) (No title as of now)- Jirachi didn't wake up when it did. The five Dex Holders remained as stone and others are forced to move on. The consequences causes a trail of events the remaining Dex Holders didn't expect, including two of them to fall for each other. MangaQuestshipping.

One shots:(Goes in random order, sorry lol)

(Suite Life on Deck) Realization Looking back on all his high school memories, Zack realizes his feelings for a certain Tipton. Zack/London bit of Zaya. Complete

(Digimon Adventure) Fairytale- To Tai, Mimi was always a princess. Tai/Mimi

(Fairy Tail) That Thing Called a Date- "You can't sit here and mope forever! That isn't you!" "What do you want me to do?" "Why don't you spend some time with me? We can go on a...umm..." "A date?" "Yea that's it! I'm taking you out on a date!" Natsu/Erza one-sided Erza/Jellal

(Pokesupe) Perfect Night- The Berlitz family is hosting a ball in honor of Platina's birthday. Dia thinks this is the perfect chance to show his feelings to the lady. If can get the courage to do so.

(Digimon Adventure 2.5) Dawn Kamiya always wanted to know if Digimon were real, now she's about to find out in a big way...Complete

(Wizards of Waverly Place) Adjusting- Post Alex vs Alex. Max is still trying to adjust to being a mortal and Harper decides to give him a little help. Marper Complete

(Digimon Savers) My Best Friends are Fourteen-year olds- Slight AU. Yoshino thinks about her relationship with her teammates. Yoshino-centric. Savers-trio friendship. Slight Yosaru, Yohma, and Tomato Complete

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Fairy Flame Dragon by Oturan Namikaze reviews
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