Let the Games Begin Contest
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Poll: Please choose your two favorite stories from the contest entries. Voting will remain open until April 7, 2011. Vote Now!
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Let the Games Begin!

We're looking for your Sportwards: basketballward, footballward, tennisward, etc. If it's a sport, we want to see your Edward compete! The sweatier the better, and locker room hijinx will not go amiss.

Head to our blog for info and Daily Picspirations: http:///


1) Only one story submission per author.

2) Each story submission must be a NEW story written specifically for this contest.

3) Stories must be complete. You can add to them after the contest is finished, if you like, but they should stand alone.

4) Stories must be between 3000 and 10,000 words.

5) Your story MUST star an EDWARD. The other boys (or girls - even a Sportella) can play, too, but Edward must be a main character.

6) Can be any PoV, as long as Edward remains a central character. All pairings are okay, too.

7) Your Edward must play some recognized sport. If it's not in the Olympics, it probably doesn't qualify, with a few exceptions.

8) All ratings are acceptable. Adult material is appreciated, but not required.

9) Good grammar is a must. Stories with more than the occasional typo will be rejected. We recommend utilizing the services of a beta reader.

Deadline: Contest Currently Closed.

Winners will be determined by popular vote. Judges will also determine their favorites.

Prizes: Bragging rights. And a sweet banner by Maimu!

Judges: AllisCullen, Kassiah, araeo, AJ44Girl, Amethyst Jackson

To Submit Your Story: Send a PM to Let The Games Begin Contest with your FFN pen name and your story title. Once it is determined to fulfill the requirements of the contest, it will be added to our C2 community.

Questions? Feel free to PM us.

To be alerted of new submissions, please subscribe to the C2 community.

2011 Winners!

We're happy to announce that our winners have been chosen!

Popular Vote Winner: Sideline Collision by Nolebucgrl

Judges' Choice Winner: The Green Jacket by Picklewinkle

Honorable Mention: Just Do It by les16

The judges' choice winner was chosen by a polling of the judges as to their favorite of the stories - The Green Jacket received the most judges' votes. The honorable mention was given because the story came in second in the popular vote and received mentions by judges as well.

Banners will be coming. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to the writers and readers who have participated!

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