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Author has written 2 stories for Pokémon, and Hunger Games.

This is my "Pokemon" and "The Hunger Games" Fandoms profile.

If you're looking for my "Harry Potter" Fandom profile, click here

I, HollyWrites2, am currently doing two projects.

Title; Hit The Road!: Starring you! OC's as heroes, rivals and villians will power through the four regions. "Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Hoenn! Wow, we better get going!"
World; Pokemon
Era; ...?
Rating; T
Characters; OCs!
Status; OC Form out!
Genre/s; Adventure/Friendship, with Humor, Romance and some Hurt/Comfort.
Note; In this, I will be taking a few heroes, some rivals and some villians. Not everyone will be accepted.

Title; The 100th Hunger Games: It's the game of the century... literally.
World; Hunger Games
Era; The 100th Hunger Games
Rating; T
Characters; OCs!
Status; OC Form out!
Genre/s; Adventure/Action, with Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Humor and Friendship
Note; Taking OCs. Not all will be taken, but enter anyway!

Upcoming Stories:

Title; And He Raised Her A Rocket: Giovanni, paid to take a little girl from her mother, has decided that if he's lost one child, why lose one that could be raised even better? Follow as Holly Rosier becomes Head Executive of Team Rocket. But not without a few interruptions from her childhood best friend, Silver, Giovanni's real child.
World; Pokemon
Era; Normal...?
; T
; Giovanni/OC
Status; Chapter one being written.
Genre/s; Drama/Friendship, with Humour, as well as Hurt/Comfort. Maybe Romance.

Title; A Journey: Two street kids start their journey at seventeen years of age. Join Silver Rocket, who walked out on his father, and Holly Rosier, who was thrown out of her home, on A Journey the will never forget. OC/Silver (OrphanShipping) and Drally (Draco/OC).
World; Pokemon/Harry Potter
Era; Dunno xD
; T
; Silver/OC
Status; Chapter two being written.
Genre/s; Adventure/Friendship, with Romance, Humor and a little Hurt/Comfort.

If I Was In Pokemon...

Name; Holly Rosier

Status; Trainer

Hair; Red-Gold in colour. Short, finishes two centimetres below her chin. Front fringe. Wavy. Thick, but very soft and "run your fingers through" kind of hair.

Eyes; Blue. Always has a moonstone bade eyeshadow, then a darker silver over the top. Wears medium-thickness blue-black mascara, and sometimes matching eyeliner. Overall, her eyes look bigger and bluer.

Build/Height; Thin, curvy build. Tall.

Skin Tone; Very pale, with a few light freckles across her nose and cheeks.

Personality; Sarcastic, witty. Determined, ambitious. Loyal, wise. Can be brave, and is ready to stand up for herself. Very defensive. Has a short fuse, and will snap easily. Can be very motherly. Even though she isn't smart, she has a lot of common sense. Is a tad self-conscience, but usually is very confident and loud. A little bit tarty.

Traits/Habits; Bites her thumbnail when she's nervous. Prone to punching someone out before calmly listening to them.

Talents; Can sing/dance/act, and play guitar.

Training/Travelling Clothes; Tight emerald green off-the-shoulder v-necked shirt that shows off her curves well. Grey skin-tight jeans. Black leather ankle boots and black leather fingerless gloves.

"And He Raised Her A Rocket" Team Rocket Uniform; White mini shorts, a white, tight tee-shirt with a hood, with an emerald green "R" on the back with "Neutron" above it. Black ankle boots with matching black fingerless gloves. Has an optional black cloak.

Home Town, Region; LaRousse, Hoenn.

Starter Pokemon; Eevee > Espeon. Male.

Second Pokemon; Houndour > Houndoom. Male.

Third Pokemon; Squirtle > Wartortle. Female.

Fourth Pokemon; Furret. Male. Doesn't battle with it.

Fifth Pokemon; Drantini > Dragonair. Male.

Sixth Pokemon; Skarmory. Male.

If I Were In The Hunger Games...

Name: Janessa Rosier

Age: 16

Gender: Female

District: 3 - Electricity

Appearance: Long, red-gold, wavy hair with a front fringe. Eyes are a electric blue. She is thin, tall and curvy. She is very pretty, and could be descirbed as sexy.

Personality: Janessa is sarcastic, but mainly because it's a defence thing. She is quick witted, cheeky and cunning. She's ambitious, determined. But, she's also very loyal and wise, although she is a bit slow. She's got anger issues, and cusses in frustration a lot. She's also a very good actress, so she can lie easily.

History: Because her parents both died (explained in Family section), Janessa had to take care of her family. So Rose and June, who were family friends, offered a job to Janessa at the Burlesque house, which some other friends were sceptical about, because she was only 14. Now sixteen, Janessa is the headliner, and people come to hear here sing, not just to see raunchy dancing.

Family: Scorpius, brother, 11. Her mother, Dawn, was over-whelmed with grief so much that she killed herself, because Janessa's father, Morriss, was shot for picking a fight with a Peacekeeper. Janessa saw both things happen.

Friends: June, 20, family friend. Rose, 22, family friend. Locklan, 17, a friend from school

Status in District: Well-known.

Strengths: Agile, quick, fast, because she's a dancer. She's also very light on her feet, and good at camoflauge because of the make-up she does at the Burlesque house.

Weaknesses: She isn't very strong. Or overly smart.

Weapon of Choice: She's good at rigging traps and she's very quick with a dagger.

If They Die: Defending her other District member.

Opinion on Hunger Games: Thinks it is barbaric and repulsive.

Open to Alliances: Yes, but doesn't want to be with the Careers.

Open to Romance: Hells yeah!

Reaped or volunteered: Reaped.

Reaction: Mortified, disgusted. But she has a good poker face and she hid her horror.

Goodbyes: She says goodbye to June, Rose, Scorpius and Locklan.

Interview Angle: The fun, open, cool, spunky girl.


Token: A necklace from Locklan that is actually a locket. Inside is a phot of Janessa, June and Rose in a Burlesque outfit, and a photo of herself and Locklan when they were kids. There's also a photo of her, Scorpius, and their parents underneath it.

Interview Outfit: A dark blue dress that shows of her curves and the skirt sticks out, a little bit like a skirt from the sixties. It shines with little white sports that are supposed to be stars. With black high heels that have the same lights across the toe. Her hair would be tied up into two plaits and her make up brings out her electric blue eyes, with navy mascara and dark silver eyeshadow, as well as the base cover up, blush and lip gloss.

Reaping Outfit: A bright green shirt with one of those mesh, off-the-shoulder shirts over it. White, ripped and torn mini shorts, black ankle boots and black fingerless gloves made of the same mesh.

Mentor: Cedric Leetle

Stylist/Prep Team: Jonah. Fabian, Henry and Izabella.

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