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I am a big fan of CSI, and in particular, of the Grissom and Sara relationship. I especially enjoy the work of so many FanFiction authors who write such creative, unique, romantic and intimate stories about GSR. In real life, I was fortunate enough to have met William Petersen after a matinee performance of the play Endgame in Chicago in June of 2010. Mr. Petersen autographed my Program, and posed with me for a picture. I'm sure that he has had thousands of "fan meets" throughout his career, but for me, it was a once in a lifetime meeting, and I'll treasure it forever because he was so generous with both his time and his conversation that day. Of course, I miss him as a regular on CSI, but I never would have met him if he hadn't wanted to pursue other acting venues, including returning to the Stage in Chicago. I saw him perform in Slowgirl on July 21, 2013, and he was wonderful - looked fabulous and the Play was very well done.

I am NOT happy with the current direction that GSR has taken as revealed to us in Forget Me Not. I can only hope that the powers that be are aware of the backlash against the apparent breakup of Grissom and Sara, and that they will do something to repair the relationship. Grissom and Sara have been through too much to have their marriage wither so quickly. Whether or not William Petersen ever reprises Grissom again, for us fans, Grissom lives on through Sara's continued presence on the Team. Sure, we'd love another cameo, but if that's not meant to be, then we implore the powers that be to at least restore the romance back into Sara's life by fixing GSR. Nancy