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I'm a big Pretender fan as well as Lois & Clark, Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman, and more recently a Mutant X fan but my fav pairing is Bren/Shal and now Jesse/Lexa. I also like Veronica Mars I like Logan/Veronica(Mac/Dick)Of course Harry Potter but only Ron/Mione Draco/Ginny I also like the idea of Blaise/Luna & Harry/Pansy (blame echo for those two) And yes I admit it I liked the MMPR and its fanfic, but I only really like the ones that have Kimberly/Tommy. I'm on yahoo and msn as tigereyes320.

6/25/07 I've been diagnosed with cancer and have to have major abdominal surgery so updates may be few and far between. My surgery is scheduled for 7/24, and I have a lot to do before the surgery, so I don't know if I'll be updating until after I get home from the hospital and I'm off the minimum of two weeks bedrest.

4/28/07 - Sorry about the lack of updates on some of my stories. I've been very ill, and I also have not found a new job yet. I'm still working on the stories but updates will take longer. I usually put updates on my LJ first. So please don't ask when I'll be updating next. Thanks

12/26/06 - Unfortunately RL has interferred in my plans. I will have my next chapter of M & F out by the end of the year. However I'm losing my job and I'm not sure how much time for writing I will have. I will do my best. I noticed several of you have asked for alerts on my one-shots. Since I don't plan to change a story that's complete you might want to change those to author alerts instead. Feel free to email me with any questions.

11/2/06 - A new suggestion to anybody who wants me to write a sequel to a particular story. You can email me directly or you can coment at my LJ. A few people want a sequel starring little Rhiannon, if I get enough requests for a sequel, I consider it. So you'll have to let me know.

10/13/06 - I've been writing lots of Veronica Mars lately. I need you guys to look and see if the story says Complete. If it does that story is over it's a one shot. I don't put that in my Summary's.

9/22/06 I updated Mothers and Fathers as promised and I'm still working on typing up another chapter that I have written out long hand. Just to let everyone know I have written a few NC-17 Veronica Mars, but can't post here. so they are on livejournal communities. vmlyricfic and loveathons. Always feel free to write me with any questions.

7/10/06 I found the notebook my goal is to have the next two chapters of M & F typed and posted by the end of the month

5/25/06 I am so sorry I haven't updated M&F. I lost my notebook that had the next 3 chapters written in it. I haven't found it yet. When I do I will be updating I promise. Also I discovered a new show for me to write about Veronica Mars, and yes it isLoVe all the way baby. I'm simultaneously writing 4 fics for that show right now. When I'm done I'll be sure to post them

11/26/05 I know it's been a long time since I updated M & F. I apologize I've had some health issues and some personal problems I've had to deal with. I'm still working on Mothers & Fathers and My Dearest Angel. I'm also playing with a Harry/Pansy fic. I like the different ships. Any questions can always be asked at my live journal.


4/13/05 Sorry haven't updated in awhile I've been sick. My stories are no longer on , we have come to a parting of the ways. I'm still working on all my stories, Mutant X, Pretender and HP. I'm also eagerly waiting for Book 6 to come out. I wonder how long it will take me to read this one?

10/19/04 Okay I am working on M & F in fact I had the next 2 chapters written,nand I'm in the process of tyoing them up. However due to the confusion about Laine, I'm not as interested in clearing that up yet. Ch 15 is going to be Jesse and Lexa's wedding, wasn't planning that but that's how it worked out. I m also writing/co-writng the first 3 episodes of the Mutant X Virtual Series which we want to have up by the first weekend in December so M & F will probably not get another update until Mid Novemeber as my beta reader is also writing one of the first 6 episodes. Please be patient the story will be finished.

8/7/04 I can't believe I haven't updated this in awhile. To let everyone know, my Harry Potter fics are also up at www.checkmated.com. I'm working on more out takes from my Dragon Prince story Line. I'm pleased to say the next will be called "Saying Goodbye" and it's about Lucius' death. It's actually completed, and I'm in the process of typing. I'm working on typing the next 4 chapters of Mothers and fasthers. I will be completeing My Dearest Angel but probably not at least until the first of 2005. (I got time off near Thanksgiving but I want to finish Mothers and Fathers first. Also I will NOT (read that NOT) going to be changing the couples in My Dearest Angel. If you have any questions or you'd like to chat feel free to send me an email. (any and all nasty flames will be sent to the Trash can. I also have 2 new projects under the way so PLEASE forgive me for the slowness of the updates.

12/15/03 I started a new group for Jesse and Lexa in Mutant X

11/26/03 I haven't touched based in awhile so here I am. as of 10/31/03 Dragon Prince is completed. However like I said I do have several out-takes planned. I hope to have all of them completed by June of 2004. I also have started a HUGE Mutant X fic. It has 23 chapters planned for. I hope to be able to upload a chapter a week. I'm writing chapter 6 as you read this. In between this I plan to finish the Dragon Prince out-takes and complete my Pretender story. Now some probably won't want that as I'm not killi9ng anyone off in that fic. Any questions or comments feel free to email me. However if you are going to be nasty about anything I write have the courage to sign your name. It's a free country no one has to like my work. However it is nice when it's appreciated.

7/2/03 i started a group if you want to join all my fics will be posted there.

6/27/03 What can I say, after I saw the movie I had to read the books which I did. All 4 books in less then 60 hours. I read book 5 in 6 hours.

5/22/03 Also wanted to update people on my Pretender fanfic First of all I got rid of the extra two stories. It's now all under one stroy and I will update the story accordingly. Second ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS have not diminshed my zeal to finish this story. I'm in the middle of writing the second half of chapter 4. Which in no way is going to be an alternate view of chapter 4a. I don't write choose your own adventures. Just a warning to all those who may or may not care, I will not be pulling a Dallas, the story is not a dream. It's my take on a situation. Which correct me if I'm wrong is the whole basis of fanfiction. I will be finishing this story after my other ones are.

Death Becomes Him by Mediancat reviews
An alternate universe tale, breaking off at the end of An Echolls Family Christmas. The starting point is: what if the security guard who tried to block Keith's entrance had been a little more on the ball?
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Starts 2 weeks after IOTH. What chain of events will happen after both Jarod and Miss Parker receive letters from the late Mr. Parker. This is the same story I've just reloaded it correctly. The ships will not change.
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