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Author has written 10 stories for Transformers/Beast Wars, and Regular Show.

three actual users: Lightning Prime, Ms Valkyrie13, and Mkad07

L.Prime: (jaygirl)

Mkad07: (awesomedude)

Ms Valkyrie13: (lollipoplover)

(jaygirl: We'll do something for the three of us. :) )

jaygirl: Completely opposite. I play as a hero...

awesomedude2.0: And I play as a villain. VILLAINS RULEZ!!!

jaygirl: Shut up!

awesomedude 2.0: Make me, goody two shoes.

[jaygirl sock awesomedude2.0 on the arm]

awesomedude2.0: Ow! What the "H" man! [sock jaygirl too weak]

[jaygirl sock awesomedude2.0 back so hard]

awesomedude2.0: Ow,man! I will dismantle you!

jaygirl: Yeah yeah, "Megatron". Go jump on the lake!

awesomedude2.0: "H" NO!!! RACOON EYES ACTIVATE!!! [staring at jaygirl]

jaygirl: Pfft. I'm outta here.

[jaygirl left]

awesomedude2.0: Well...I am off to destroy Mordecai.

[awesomedude2.0 ran after jaygirl]

[jaygirl quickly turned around and punched awesomedude 2.0 again]

awesomedude2.0: Ouch!

jaygirl: Stop trying to be a loser, Rigby.

[jaygirl left again]

awesomedude2.0: Well... AT LEAST I HAVE BETTER GRADES!!!

jaygirl: WHATEVER DUDE!!!

awesomedude2.0: Hmph Hmph.

End of story ( or is it...)

jaygirl's nickname (only on this profile): Toni, Mordecai, Itachi( or Sasuke), and Optimus Prime

awesomedude 2.0's nickname(only on...this...profile): Hanna, Rigby, Tobi, and...[playing the guitar] MEGATRON!!!

jaygirl: ( Isn't that really necessary... >:( Decepticons...)

Stories on: Mostly Regular Show.

Follow by: Transformers, Naruto, and Happy Tree Friends.

jaygirl's fav. character: Mordecai

awesomedude2.0's fav. character: Rigby

Our dislike character: Benson >:P


awesomedude2.0: Good and only couples- Mordecai x Margaret

jaygirl: >:(

Transformers (all the series)

jaygirl fav. character: Prowl ( my kind of ninja.)

dislike: Sentinel Prime (nothing but a stupid bully!)

AUTOBOTZ RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesomedude 2.0: Shut up, AUTOBOT FREAK!!!

awesomedude 2.0's fav character: Blitzwing (Three-Heads are better than one)

dislike: Starscream (Traitor! Nobody! He's like a tomato!)

awesomedude 2.0: [playing the gutar] DECEPTICONZ RULEZ!!!

jaygirl: Seriously. Isn't that necessary to do that?

awesomedude 2.0: ...Yes.

jaygirl: (Starscream is also my favorite character.) :D

awesomedude 2.0: (Why is Prime cheesing? Is she up to something?)

l=l l=l
\l H l/


l\ .M. /l


jaygirl's 2 fav characters: Sasuke and Itachi

awesomedude 2.0's 2 fav characters: Naruto and Deidara

both: TOBI IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :D

Happy Tree Friends

jaygirl: I'M A FLIPPY FAN!!!

awesomedude 2.0: I'M A FLAKY FAN!!!


jaygirl: Well that's it people.

awesomedude: If you want to see our own stories, our own usernames are at the beginning of this profile.

both: SEE YA LATER!!!

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