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Author has written 4 stories for Lord of the Rings, and Final Fantasy IX.

Update 29/05/12

Posted my new story, "The Descendant of Madain Sari". The general concept I've had in the back of my head for years, and I think I may have tried taking a gander at writing it once. However, now it is epic. I haven't posted anything in quite a while, so here's to hoping!

It's about a young guy who is all part of this resistance set on destroying an evil sorceress. Yes, I know what you're thinking, it's like FFVII-VIII-IX-combined with a bit of Star Wars. Well it's not! Okay, maybe it is a bit. But I've got my own story to tell.

This new edition of it was inspired by me doing a brief read up on what FFVII's original story was about - which eventually branched off into Parasite Eve and FFVIII... The things you learn on wiki's at 2am eh?

You may notice I write heavily around FFIX. I think it's because I'm more comfortable with the characters/settings etc. Maybe it's because it's the first one I actually finished... I don't know. It's always held a special place in my heart.

I used to be big on Lord of the Rings self inserts as well. I still have two posted on here from back in the day. Such an amateur I was, but they're fun to read. I was a clever little eighth grader.

Okay, stop reading this and start reading my stories!

Oh, and I'll put my disclaimer here I guess. I do not own any characters, settings, or objects from Final Fantasy IX. They all belong to Squaresoft...(Oh wait, they're Square Enix now aren't they).

And all that Lord of the Rings jazz belongs to someone in the Tolkien family I assume.

I DO own my original characters though, even though they're heavily inspired by people close to me. So I better not be seeing any of them pop up in your stories! Actually, I'd probably be flattered. However, it would be slightly weird.

I know it's probably pointless, but these characters include:

Dane and Ovelia Dukedom
Lor Reinhart
Nika Ellrik

Sao, Rin, Yu, Raye and Chan from That's Where You Take Me

annd... Well, I can't really say I "own" the characters from my old Lord of the Rings stories being as they're based on real people. But don't use them in your story, it could get awkward...

So, I hope you enjoy my work. Some of it's silly, some of it's thought provoking, and some of it may seem like I am trying too hard. I guess that's for you to decide.

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