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Real name: I have long since forgotten my true name

Gender: *Looks down* I'm pretty sure I'm a guy

Date of Birth: The calendar that I knew was long since lost to the ravages of time

Age: I am far more ancient than you can possibly imagine

Appearance: My current physical manifestation is 6'(Maybe half an inch taller), VERY thick darkish red hair, blue eyes with jagged rings of yellow around the pupils that look blue-green from a distance, Glasses (for reading, but are almost never removed), and... I'll tell you more later (maybe)

Hobbies: Reading, Video games, taking long walks to clear my head, researching obscure facts (A squid has 3 hearts), researching foreign cultures, and thinking about random stuff that generally confuses people (Butterfly Effect).

Likes: Jokes, public art, manga, music, taking it easy, living life at a relaxing pace (most of the time).

Dislikes: Racism, the state of humanity, stupid people (roughly 95% of the human race), being nagged, wearing bright colors, Country music, spiders.

Interesting Facts: Marshmallows make me sleepwalk and I've been known to disrupt awkward silences.

I want my last words to be either "I regret nothing." (said in a calm voice and with straight face just before the nuke hits) or "Let's go shave a dog!" (Said with a joyful voice and large grin just before I bleed out) or possibly "If you wanna see a dead body, wait just five seconds".

I don't go anywhere without my mp3 player and some extra batteries. (Has yours ever died right in the middle of your favorite song? It's rather annoying.)

I chose my profile name without even considering what kind of jokes that I might hear.

These are my personal sayings, don't steal them: I'm nuttier than squirrel crap and loving every second of it! There is no justice, there is only judgement...

Ah yes, the in/famous quote section:

HK-47: Definition: Love is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.

(Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2)

Me: Your silence is deafening...

(Said after a joke failed to get a laugh)

Chris: I'm going to pull your head off, because I don't like your head.

(My sister said this at age 6 while talking to a barbie doll. She followed through with that threat.)

Paul: Polly wanna finger!

Dim: EVIL!

(My best friend tried to feed my parrot, Paul. I still get a kick out of this.)

Me: Go back to hell, eight-legged spawn of Satan! SWAT!

(While killing a spider. I don't like spiders.)

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