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Author has written 4 stories for Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Update: A Flame in the Shadows has been revised (well chapter 3 has at least) and now Merin doesn't seem so unbelievable when meeting Arty for the first time. I was getting some complaints about that so, now it's fixed! :) Enjoy the changes and if there's anything else someone would like to rant about, feel free. I'm open to suggestions. Also, Predator of Man has been revised so that the chapters are split up better, and now there are four chapters. It's all the same content, just shorter now.


On the Edge of Nothing ~ A KotOR 2 ff

Written in the Stars ~ A Jade Empire ff

Tears in the Fire ~ A Hordes of the Underdark (NWN) ff

To Collar a Wolf ~ A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ff

Fade to Black ~ A Dungeons and Dragons ff


A Flame in the Shadows: Off of Neverwinter Nights 2. This is a story I'm co-writing with my sister: MerindaKalene (she just recently got a ff account so please ignore the message at the top of the story about that) (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2658455/) We wrote it as sort of a role play between the two of us, but have since edited it so it can be up here. I'm sort of G.O.D (Games Operation Director) as well as having created the character Kalie, while she made Merin. We've been working on this thing for years and I really do think we may have bitten off more than we can chew, but we just love the game too much to give up on it. This will eventually become a full length thing that covers the entire span of the game (with our own side quests thrown in) Anyways, Kalie is the character you're actually meant to play in the game: She is the Shard-Bearer, Kalack-cha, Harbormen, etc. Merin and her little bother Austin are from New York city and have been magically sucked through a portal into Kalie's world. Besides those two we will be eventually adding in other characters that aren't originally in the game.

So anyways, Merin is going to medical school in New York to become a nurse. She has to take care of her younger half-brother Austin, who is always getting beat up at school. Merin's mother died in childbirth, and afterwards their father remarried. Their father and Austin's mother died in a car crash that somehow Merin managed to survive. All they could find of the mother's body was charred remains, where as Merin got away with only a few cuts and scrapes. However, they never could find any proof that her father was even in the car. Kalie, a Half-Elven ranger, follows the story line of the game almost exactly: Her mother and her mother's best friend, Shayla, died in the battle with the King of Shadows at West Harbor, trying to save her. Shayla's husband, Deaghun, adopted and raised Kalie. So the only mystery we have left in Kalie's past is: who was her real father? ;) Maybe we'll find out, hmm?

Predator of Man: Off of Knights of the Old Republic. This is actually a character background for another story. That story might end up being a role play too, but this one is purely me. Zimithra is obviously the character I created, and Gale my sister made up (although she never actually played either of the games, so a friend might be taking over him and me and her will just stick with our NWN2 story) This story will go all the way up to when she and Gale board the Harbinger, and that's when the other story will start. This one however, starts in the middle of the Madalorian war before Revan leaves the Jedi to lead the Republic against their invaders. Zim is the fourth child of what would have been five, but her younger brother died soon after birth. Her mother was a noblewoman who married a legendary swoopbike racer, and she died in childbirth (yeah that happens a lot I know). Her father remarried to keep money in the family, then died sometime after because of a racing accident. Her evil stepmother is still alive and lives on Onderon with her older sister and one of her older brothers. Her other sibling is actually a Jedi Master (guess who!) Zim's big secret however, is that she is a Jedi assassin. No, not trained to kill Jedi like Atton. She's the exact opposite. She is an assassin tacking down Sith and the Sith assassins (like Atton >_>). So this will tell Zimithra Lionsheart's story from the day she meets her first love, to the day she boards the Harbinger, and every little gruesome and dark thing that happens in between.

Never Say Goodbye: This is just a one-shot I wrote a long time ago with the character I originally used to play KotOR2. I'd been reading everyone's interpretations of what happened after the games and who went where and what they were doing, etc. so I thought I'd just throw my two cents in. I probably didn't characterize Atton the exact way he is in the game, but it was just a cute little thing that I thought up and wanted to share. Nothing special really. It was originally called "A Long Awaited Return" but I thought up a better title :D. It's all from Atton's perspective, except for one quick thought from my OC at the very end.

To Collar A Wolf: Off of the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. This was originally meant to be a collaboration between me and willandjemlover, but we recently had a falling out so it may or may not ever get finished.

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