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Hello and welcome!

I thought I should probably make my profile a bit more professional than just 'I'm a huge nerd of Harry Potter!' So here it is.

Hem, hem, hem...

About Me:

My name is Kelci and I am a Broadcasting student from Canada. Yes, I'm not afraid to admit that I do like to talk about me - everyone in my profession does to an extent. And really, let's face it, EVERYONE loves to talk about themselves. I hope that doesn't put some of you off, but I'm just being honest. I'm not going to disclose my actual age, but I am in my mid-twenties. I've been writing ever since I learned how to read basically, and they were all Harry Potter based, none of them very good. At that time I was obsessed with the idea that I would become a witch at the age 11, go to Hogwarts, meet and fall in love with Harry and all that young girl fantasy. Those very old, very cliche Fallen in Love With Voldemort's Daughter stories were like pre-teen porn for me.

I'm also not embarrassed to admit that I cried when I turned 11 and didn't receive my Hogwarts letter.

To sum me up, I am a total nerd. I love video games, reading, writing, anime, comic books, anything Asian, cosplay - basically anything that can be classified as 'nerdy' I'm into it.

I also love to socialize. So please, feel free to drop me a PM or an email. I LOVE to meet new people, and will answer you back ASAP - I'm always on a computer or near my Blackberry.

My email is: k.c.hopcraft@gmail.com

About Her Story:

I thought up this idea around November of 2010. I was getting extremely frustrated with the fanfics that were out there (this will probably get me flames, I'm quite a big Fanfic Snob). It seemed all the Harry/Hermione fanfics I had been reading were going along the same path with all the angst, anger, Dumbledore and Weasley bashing, the instantaneous I love you, love, love, love, between Harry and Hermione (seriously people, have you ever heard of build up? Sexual tension? Sheesh!). I just felt the fanfics I had been reading had a cookie-cutter type plot and they just filled in the blanks. Fast forward a month or so, my good friend just finished the seventh book. I personally wasn't a huge fan of the last book (although the movies were REALLY good) and we were talking about it. I had made the little remark of "I could do a better job writing it" and he challenged me on it. So instead of the last book, I decided to shift and change and make the world of Harry Potter my own through Hermione's POV... that's not copyright...right? Please don't sue.

So the rest became history. I understand that this is a Herculean task and it will definitely take me a LONG time to complete. It took me just under a year to complete the first year, yikes. So I really hope that my version of the events (and the new ones to come) will keep you entertained and interested. This story will only go as far as you, the readers, want it to.

As for the romance aspect, I ask that you please be patient. I've received some reviews and even had my beta say I need to step it up, but it isn't realistic. I'm not going to have 12 year old Harry and 13 year old Hermione confess their love and go out. Those types of romances never last. The beauty about romance is it springing up on you, catching you by surprise. So Harry and Hermione's romance will be a slow-moving one, but it will get there. Just trust me.


Her Story: Philosopher's Stone

Currently Working On:

Her Story: Chamber of Secrets

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