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Hello, guys. My real name is from England and have many ways to spell it but I spell it with an 'Y'. Hah, think of that, Kira! Well, my first name is only one of my names, I have 3 names and one surname. All of them from England and came to Sweden around the same time. But don't worry, I only use my first and last name.
But anyways, you may call me Mello or Hashi(gami if you don't want to shorten it). I am now 16 years old and both a cosplayer and a conventior (or whatever you call it in english) Like Mello I have a crusifix that I wear everywere, thought now I got Another one and have two around my neck at any given time. People often think that I am a guy, but guess what? I have boobs! Nah, I like it when people think that I am a guy, I think it is because I have gone to drama for 5 years and played a guy almost every year. I even sit like a guy now! Anyways;

I really like cosplaying and I cosplay:
Death Note: Mello and Beyond
Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy
Pokémon: Ash Ketchum
Hetalia: Germany, Sweden

Legend of Zelda: Link
Alice Madness returns: Alice (Siren Dress)

I have blond hair and blue eyes and I look like the steriotype of my country. Guessed yet? Yeah, that is right, I am from the cold country in the far north called Sweden or Land of the midnight sun if you want to. The reason to why it is called Land of the midnight sun it because on the longest day of the year (midsommer, a holliday when you are with friends, drink alcohol and dance around a huge cross with two circels underneath everything with flowers all over them. Oh, but you also eat cake) the sun never sets! It is midnight but the sun is still on the sky! Really annoying when you are trying to sleep. The legend is that if you pick seven different flowers from seven different meadows and put them under your pillow you will dream about your future husband/wife. Never tried though.

Yeah, my country is really wierd.
For example:

We have 29 letters in out alfabet. We have all 26 of yours but then our own (Your computer is not going to like this) å, ä and ö. And of then, å and ö is own Words. Å is like river and Ö is Island. (If you cant see them then the first is an A with a cirkle over it, the second is an A with two cirkles over it and the last is an O with two cirkles over it. )

We have the word 'Lagom' meaning something like 'Not to much and not too little' or 'The right amount' (Sucks when you ask how much you need of something and someone answer "Lagom". And I am like; "Yeah, 89 apples for an applepie, is that lagom?!")

Do not under any consiumstanses, ever! Talk to anyone you don't know on the bus or train when you are in Stockholm! Siriously, the person you talk to will most likely go off at the next station to avoid you. Oh, and if every second place is occupied then you more or less have to stand. Because if you sit then someone can come with the horrible idea to talk to you (*LE GASP*)!

When you are in Sweden you take of your shoes when you come home to someone. (It is of respect. And because it is snow everywere and you don't want melting snow everywere in your friends house because that is rude)

Be careful, our coffe is really strong (My parents complain that the coffe is weak whenever we are away somewere).

In swedish 'Fart' = 'Speed'. 'Sl*t' = 'The end'. 'Bra' = 'Good'. But also your 'Fan' is a curse in Swedish. (Haha.)

In Sweden we have no logic in our 'a' and 'an' ('en' and 'ett') You simply takes what sounds right.

We start with English in 3rd grade (9 years old.) so therefor almost every child over 13 can speak english more or less fluently. (I have B in english, yay for me! More than my C is Swedish, lol!)

We sometimes take a fika, like a small snack and often a coffe when you sit down together and eat and talk. You can also get intvited to someones house for a fika

When we have a dinner or something, don't just start drinking, the one who invited you will most likely have a small speach first, then you lift your glass to cheer. You bump your glass to those next to you and look into the eyes of the people you can't reach. Then you take a small sip.

A golden rule; The chocolate box have two layers, its illegal to take one from the lower layer before the top is all eaten

When there is only one thing of something left you shouldn't touch it. If you want it you have to ask everyone else if they want it. If you take it without asking you atleast have to say something like 'Well, if noone else wants it..' or 'Its a waste to leave one'.

When you find something that isn't yours on the ground (Like a glove or something) You put it on a fence or something, so that the owner can come and pick it up when it finds it. (That was how I found my hat. In May. I dropped it in November or something.)

Its not unusual to have up to 5 names in total. It is because long time ago we believed in Trolls (Not the internet ones but the real ones) and they were known to trick small Children to follow them into the Woods (Like internet trolls). So to prevent that you gave the Child many names because then you could start Calling the Child by the other name and the trolls wouldn't find the Child anymore. We don't Believe in it anymore but we still give our Children many names. (If I get a son his name will be Neal Alex Mikael Jeevas)

In sweden you can ask 'Får får får?' and it will mean 'Does sheep gets sheep?'

If you don't have anything to talk about, talk about the weather... ... ...

Nice weather we got? ;_;

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