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Author has written 2 stories for Inuyasha, and Final Fantasy VII.

Previous Usernames in Case Someone is Searching for Me: HanakoHigurashi, ChiyoHana, Syizih

Author's Bio:

Hello! :D

My name is Hannah and (obviously) I'm the author of the stories you can see at the bottom of the page. (And I would also love it if you took a second to read them... Just saying.)

I really love writing because, truthfully, I'd rather control the story than wait in suspense as someone else pulls me along on a figurative anticipation string. However, I don't like changing what the original authors characters would behave... So usually when I write fan-fiction, I put in an OC (original character, for those who don't know what OC means) and try to imagine how the characters would react to this new species being thrown into their natural habit. LOL

Updating and Discontinuation Notes:

Sometimes I'll draw a blank about what will come next in the story, so I just let the story completely leave my mind, maybe even for a whole year, and then read over what I already wrote and come up with an idea, so... you might want to keep that in mind when reading my stories.

I never drop stories unless no one ever lets me know they're reading it. So if I put up a story, I might update it to have about five or so chapters and if no one reviews, sends me a PM, follows, favorites, you know, good stuff like that, then I'll just take it down because the pattern just gives that all the story's doing is taking up space on the Internet.

Fan-Art/Photos and Story Cover Notes:

Fan-art and photos for covers is beyond appreciated. If you send me any fan-art that belongs to you, I will post your photo as cover for that story. ;) However, keep in mind with this that I may edit it (such as putting the title of the story on it or any other minor changes) and replace it if another person also sends me one of their works. I may not replace it immediately, as I feel you should have your spotlight time, but I may replace it nonetheless. All photos that you guys send to me must be uploaded through a different website and sent to me through a link. After you send me the link, I will post the link here on my bio. (You can tell I'm hiding my begging here right? xP)

Right now, I'm using some cosplayers who have their works in the public domain. If you're interested in seeing more of them, I'm posting links to them below. Keep in mind that the links go to the cosplayers' profiles and not directly to the cover photos. (But I still want some fan-art for the covers if you can :))

Kat the Brat Cover -
Flight of an Angel Cover -

Beta Notes:

I'd love it if I could have some betas because I need them beyond a doubt, as I am only a "novice" writer and I make tons of mistakes. If you're interested, send me a PM telling me what you'd like to beta for whatever story you want.

Story Notices:

Close Characters Chronicles:

Flight of an Angel

Close Characters Chronicles (CCC) is my OC Final Fantasy VII series. Each story follows a separate character. I expect most of them will be long and involve some sort of romance with one of the characters from FFVII, though I may make a one- or two-shot story if I feel like an OC I slipped in isn't really important enough to officially add to the series. They flow in no particular order, so read whichever one you'd like to read first, but Flight of an Angel was the first one I began writing and I'm writing the other stories in order the OCs appear in Flight of an Angel.

Also, just as a bunch of random side-notes, the CCC is written in entirely in third-person, has no A/N (except the ones that direct the reader here), and is updated as each event happens. In other words, don't expect an update in one story until one of the other stories catches up/is updated to the point that that story is.

Kat the Brat:

I'm an American, and I love Inuyasha, so naturally I began to put this together.

Kat the Brat is my OC Inuyasha story about a girl from America who gets herself stuck inside feudal Japan where she figures out she actually has some ties there all the while going along with the search for the Shikon no Tama shards. Or something like that. I am actually very blurry with this plot. I can think of some effects, but I'm having trouble coming up with some causes. Please don't hate me if I don't update as often as I should.


I recently purchased a World of Warcraft account and lemme tell ya. It's addicting.

The game not only has an incredibly detailed graphics and battle system (in my opinion), but also has an incredibly deep storyline too. Learning about Warcraft lore is almost like studying a textbook, its so detailed and almost feels like it's true.

Since everyone technically makes their own "OC" when they play the game, I thought I'd go ahead and write my "RP" story for my character here. Don't think of it like an RP story though, lol, because I'd rather you get involved in the story too. :P

Closing Thanks:

Thank you so much for bothering to read my bio! (Even though it's not really a bio...) Thank you for being such wonderful readers!


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