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I have been into computers since as lengthy as I can remember. When I was 7 we had an old Mac OS 8, making use of 1MB floppy disks. I use to discover it exciting when we were on dial-up, and I could listen in on what my parents were saying on the phone. I still keep in mind the day when my father came house and said, “Look! I found this neat thing referred to as a zip drive, each disk holds 100MB of data!”. At the time, it only took 10 of these incredible disks to backup our entire challenging drive. When I was 13 I began obtaining into things like Photoshop and Flash. At the age of 14 I learned HTML, PHP/MySQL, and learned some basic Linux server administration. I also learned how to maintain my coding secure, learning about fundamental attack techniques like SQL injection and cross site scripting. At 15 I moved on to perl, C, and analysis of computer security. By the time I hit 16 (last September) I had been pretty fluent in reverse engineering, programming, and naturally, computer security. Anyways, now I'm 18 and life is excellent.

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