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Hello all, My name is Valerie and I am a newcomer to the story publishing scene. I have tons of stories that I've written but I have only posted one or two on a website. Anyway I have been reading stories on this website for a while now and was inspired to write a few of my own. I have been in love with the Twilight Series since my mom forced me to watch Twilight one day and I haven't looked back since. The only problem with me is that while writing one story I begin to have an idea for another story and I start writing that one and then another one and so on and so forth. So right now I have three concurrent stories going on in a new series I have been writing called "The Chronicles of the Imprinted" (though this might change). They focus on the lives of the wolves since I am a werewolf fan : ).

The Chronicles of the Imprinted

1. First is the Sweetest (Kim and Jared's Story)

2. Second is the Craziest (Rachel and Paul's Story)

3. Third is the Strangest (Dionne and Embry's Story)

4. Fourth is the Sassiest (Carmen and Brady's Story)

5. Fifth is the Wiliest (Shani and Collin's Story)

So I was asked what some of my characters looked like and I have a few pictures for you guys:

1. Kim

2. Carmen

3. Rachel Black

4. Dionne

5. Baby Rosario (Dionne and Embry's Daughter, Twin)

6. Baby EJ (Dionne and Embry's Son, Twin)

7. Baby Chase (Kim and Jared's Son)

8. Baby Marina (Emily and Sam's Daughter)

9. Shani

My New Wolves

So the 7 new wolves that joined Sam's pack are never named in the story and everybody always ends up making there own. I've done the same thing. I've decided to give you a little more info about them though I can't give you too much because they'll be in my later stories and I'll give away some of the key parts of them if I do tell you. So I'll just tell you their ages and something about them to get you along until we get further along in my chronicles. (A/N: All this info is in 2011 during the time of my story 'Fourth is the Sassiest', the ages I put on the page were slightly off (I was still in 2010 mode) these are the real ages... for now.)

Alex (17): He phased after Brady and Collin and he was also one of the youngest wolves. Of course he was in the battle against the Volturi (well if there was a battle then he would've fought). He's younger than Brady but only by a couple months. He's one of the quieter guys, the strong silent type if you will but of course he can still joke with the rest of them.

Micah (17): He also phased after Brady and Collin. He's in the same grade as them as well and is younger than Brady and Collin. He's the flirtatious one of the group who loves attention. He's like the male version of Carmen.

Randy (17): He's younger than Brady and older than Collin and he phased after them too. He's kind of chill and is still a big jokester but he's one of the sweetest guys.

Jordan (18): He's a year older than Brady and Collin and phased after them as well. He's another one of the flirtatious ones and loves to get attention. Considers himself a ladies man.

Tyler (18): Also a year older than Brady and Collin and just as flirtatious as Micah and Jordan.

Ethan (18): A year older than Brady and Collin and very serious. Has some family problems but is deathly loyal to who whole pack and Jacob's (just like the rest of them).

Simon (19): He's two year's older than Brady and Collin and one of the smartest just like Sam. He goes to school part time as well so that he can work with computers.

There I hope this helped you out a little bit more and I'll be sure to give you more info on them later on. Tootles!

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