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Author has written 8 stories for Castlevania, Junjō Romantica, Dota 2, Mobile Legends: Bang bang, and Journey to the West/西遊記.

Hi and welcome to my profile! If you're looking for details on me, sorry I can't reveal much except that I'm from Singapore, where Trump and Kim Jong Un met and kissed and made up :D Nevertheless, feel free to PM me to discuss writing, gaming or just to chat. I won't bite!

Also, during busy periods I may stop writing for a while and resume when I'm on a break.

16/9/18: I want to thank Chen (Hoshimiya Mukuro) for translating my Dota2 one-shots into Chinese and posting them on Baidu Tieba for the Chinese readers.

Works In Progress:

Dota High School is a crazy-ass Modern AU fanfic for my all-time fave game, Dota 2.

People I would like to thank:

Coincidencless for regularly reviewing and motivating me to improve.

TheStrahl98 and Moonmoone for their fan art, viewable at fav.me/db961bf and

fav.me/dbpd9b3 respectively

Nyan_Lori for translating the first few chapters into Russian.

If you have no time to read all the chapters, below is as brief summary of the plot, chapters, locations and ships. This is also for me to keep track of everything as there are so many heroes in Dota 2!


Part 1, Chapters 1 - 20: Traxex (Drow), the main character, joins Dota High School and gets acquainted with the students and teachers there.

Part 2, Chapters 21 - 38: Some of the teachers and students get transported through a portal to another planet (based on the Dota game map), where they battle aliens and one another.

Part 3, Chapters 39 - ongoing: The characters deal with the consequences of taking part in the war between the Radiant and the Dire. More action and drama back on Earth.



1. First Day

Traxex's first day in Dota High School as a transfer student. She attends Physics lesson taught by Boush (Tinker) and Math by Nortrom (Silencer), and makes friends with Lyralei (Windranger). She also finds out about the archery club.

2. PE

Traxex tries to find out more about the scary Mr Nortrom. She attends PE lesson taught by Sven, where she witnesses a basketball duel between Davion and a guy who turns out to be a girl (Tresdin / Legion Commander).

3. English

Lunchtime: Traxex chats again with her new friend, Lyralei. During English lesson with Mr Ezalor (KotL), the students play computer games (Defense of the Ancients) instead of doing their essays.

4. History and the Bully

The students attend History lesson with Mr Azwraith (Phantom Lancer) where they dress up in costumes. After school, Traxex, Lyralei and Mirana witness a junior, Pudge being bullied by Axe. Challenged by Mirana to shoot Axe in the groin, Traxex succeeds and is accepted into the archery club.

5. After School

After archery practice, Traxex goes to the school library to do her homework and meets her fellow classmate, Dragonus. She requests for help from Nortrom, who tutors her. On her way home, she notices Shendelzare (Vengeful Spirit) trying to commit suicide and persuades her against it.

6. Chemistry

Traxex finds out more about Shendelzare and her history with Dragonus (Skywrath). During chemistry lesson with Mr Razzil (Alchemist), Shendelzare carries out her revenge plan on Dragonus by swapping some chemicals.

7. Substitute Teacher

A young substitute teacher, Rubick comes to class. Carl (Invoker) and Magina (AM) try to play pranks on him but he turns the tables on them instead.

8. Multicultural Day (Tribute to the International 4)

The school celebrates Multicultural Day, with martial arts displays by Yurnero (Juggernaut) and Raijin (Storm Spirit). Traxex tries to do work in the computer lab when the Shadow Fiend appears. Raijin helps to defeat it and send it back to its world. In the process, the computer lab is wrecked. Traxex gets detention and Raijin leaves for Japan.

9. Detention

After detention in the library, Traxex hides behind the shelves to peek at Nortrom after hearing some rumors about his ex-girlfriend's ghost. The ghost (Krobelus/Death Prophet) appears and talks to Nortrom.

10. Archery and Counselling

Traxex is too tired to focus on archery training with Miss Medusa, as she has been harassed by Krobelus in her dreams. She attends counselling with the school counselor, Mr Dazzle, who helps her dispel her fears.

11. Mirana's Party (Part 1)

The students attend Mirana's birthday party in her palatial home. Lyralei and Yurnero are openly dating. Carl and Rylai make out on the couch and is stopped by Lina. Mortred (Phantom Assassin) confides in Traxex, revealing two secrets: one, she is pregnant, and two, she is a killer.

12. Mirana's Party (part 2)

Mortred confides in Traxex about killing a former martial arts opponent. They take a walk in the hedge maze in Mirana's garden and meet Mercurie (Spectre), the ghost of the opponent that was killed. They also meet two prophets, Furion (Nature's Prophet) and his cat, Nerif (Oracle)

13. Art

Traxex attends art class with a teacher (Darkterror/Faceless Void) who keeps resetting the time to the beginning of the class, until he is satisfied with her art work. Shendelzare's prank on Dragonus causes Magina to have a fight with Carl.

14. Biology and Security Breach

Carl has won an award for inventing a robot (Tiny) that grows. It is Traxex’s seventeenth birthday but she knows no one cares. At the back gate, she is attacked by Balanar/Nightstalker. The security guard, Banehallow/Lycan, comes to her rescue and she helps him defeat the Nightstalker.

15. The Teacher Speaks

Nortrom rushes over to find Traxex and Banehallow unharmed. Traxex is rather traumatized and Nortrom gives her a ride home. They chat a little and he wishes her happy birthday. Outside her house, Krobelus appears and reveals her prophecy that Nortrom will die within a year.

16. Geology

Everyone is fascinated with Tiny, the new growing robot, but Traxex is preoccupied with the prophecy. The students visit the rock museum where they find out about the history of how the Radiant and Dire ore appeared on the planet. Carl flirts with Lina. Back in school, they find that the chemistry lab has been bombed.

17. Punishment

The students gather in the auditorium where they watch the new Head of Discipline, Miss Akasha, spank some students. Riki is punished for peeping at girls, smoking and stealing, and the triplets Squee, Spoon and Spleen (Techies) are punished for setting off a bomb at the chemistry lab. Traxex bumps into Nerif and asks him about the prophecy.

18. Martial Arts

Told from Magina (Anti-mage)'s point of view, exploring his backstory as he trains alone. He also thinks about his girlfriend, Mortred (PA) who has suddenly disappeared from his life.

19. Literature

During literature lesson with Mr Atropos (Bane Elemental), the students read Romeo and Juliet. Traxex sees Furion delivering flowers and asks him about Krobelus's prophecy about Nortrom's death. Furion meets Nortrom, peeks into his future and gives Traxex some hints. Meanwhile, Tiny the robot continues to grow in size.

20. Technology

Traxex finds out Mirana is a celebrity on social media. Tiny the robot (now grown into gigantic proportions) goes berserk and wrecks the clock tower. Nortrom tries to control the wayward robot, who attacks him and Traxex shoots it down. Nortrom feels unwell and Traxex drives him home.

21. The Shop

The students explore the new shop. Carl has mysteriously disappeared. Principal Aghanim announces that Strygwyr (Bloodseeker) is the new biology teacher. Strygwyr talks about some of the teachers having special powers and reveals that he has been testing blood from students and colleagues. In the library, Traxex tries to play Defense of the Ancients and is caught by Nortrom. They are transported into another world.

22. Warzone

Traxex and Nortrom explore their alien surroundings. A shopkeeper explains that they are on a prisoner's planet which is undergoing a war between the Radiant and the Dire. They explore the battlefield and find Carl, who doesn't recognize them. The Shadow Fiend appears and kills Nortrom. Traxex lets herself die at the enemy tower and finds herself back in the library with Nortrom.

23. Back in School

Nortrom and Boush discuss the incident of him being transported to another planet through a computer game, and the fact that dying in that world brings them back to Earth. Nortrom tells the class about Carl being trapped in an alien battlefield and asks for volunteers to bring him back. Lina and Davion take up the challenge.

24. All Fired Up

Lina and Davion enter the battlefield and explore their newly activated powers. They are attacked by Carl, and Atropos who has been transformed into a hideous creature. Traxex mentions the poem left behind by the Shadow Fiend and Nortrom suspects that Carl's and Atropos's souls have been taken away.

25. Madness and the Kiss of Silence

Lina kills Atropos and realizes that the souls are trapped in the enemy's Ancient. The shopkeeper tells Traxex that gold medals from Earth can be traded for weapons like the Daedalus. She buys a mask that enables her to shoot faster, but gives her a mental breakdown. Pudge hooks her and she escapes thanks to Nortrom's Global Silence. Nortrom tends to her wounds and gives her a kiss that imparts the skill of Silence.

26. Teachers' Vacation (side story)

Slithice (Naga) and Raigor (Earthshaker) go on a holiday in Japan where he proposes to her on a Gyrocopter. They also bump into Raijin. The characters in this chapter are the heroes used in the winning team in the International 5.

27. Archery Tournament

Traxex returns to Earth for the World Archery Championships to get a gold medal in exchange for the Daedalus. In the finals, she faces off with Lyralei and wins the tournament. Clinkz develops a crush on her. Traxex bumps into Magina and tries to persuade him into joining her in the war.

28. Teen Mom

Mortred takes care of her new baby, Megan. Mercurie visits, forcing her to join the war on Shadow Fiend's side.

29. The Three Stalkers (side story)

Riki, Clinkz and Gondar are on a mission to spy on and report the school bullies.

30. The War Goes On (Metamorphosis)

At the Radiant base, Traxex exchanges her gold medal for a Daedalus. The team head to the river where they are ambushed by the Shadow Fiend. Davion transforms into a dragon after being kissed by Lina. Nortrom is killed by Pudge, Traxex hunts Pudge down in the jungle and kills him.

31. The War Goes On (The Newcomer)

Traxex goes out of the jungle to find that all her teammates have died. Mortred appears and kills her. All of them revive in Nortrom's office where they discuss roping in Magina.

32. The Immortal Prisoner

Magina has entered the Radiant base and chooses a Monkey King Bar for a weapon. The Radiant team check out the cave that is supposed to house Roshan, but they find a strange robot-like creature inside. They are ambushed by their enemies.

33. Mega Kill

Mortred kills Lina and Davion. Magina and Mortred face off briefly but he ends up running away. Meanwhile, on Earth, Dr. Thunderwrath (Omniknight) adopts a baby called Megan.

34. Mirror, Mirror

Magina avoids Mortred, focusing on destroying the Dire towers. Mortred obtains a Divine Rapier, while Magina exchanges his MKB for a Manta Style. Mortred stumbles into the cave where she meets the robot and Nerif, who uses the robot to show her the past and the future.

35. What Appears Is Not

Traxex and Nortrom (who have revived first) return to base after jungling to find Lina and Davion making fun of Magina's copy produced by the Manta Style. The illusion conveys a message from Magina to Traxex.

36. In Pursuit of Pokemon (side story)

Zeus watches the Olympics at home while Dragonus and Kardel, who are obsessed with the Pokemon Go game, go hunting for Pokemon at the Eul National Park. Dragonus almost drowns and is saved by Tidehunter.

37. The Defense of the Ancients

Nerif promises to take Mortred home but leads her to Magina's illusion. Meanwhile, Nortrom gives Traxex a Radiant stone before they part ways. The Shadow Fiend muses about its plans.

38. The Fall of the Ancients

Lina, Davion and Nortrom try to defend their base, while Magina and Traxex fight the Shadow Fiend at the enemy base. Mortred kills everyone in the Radiant base. Both ancients are destroyed at the same time and the planetoid self-destructs. Magina and Traxex are sucked into the center of the Dire ancient's wreckage.

39. Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

Magina and Traxex find themselves in a desert where they encounter the Sand King and are swallowed by quicksand. The rest of the Radiant team revive in Nortrom's office.

40. After the War: Back in School

Lina returns to school after a day's rest. She sees Carl and Pudge in the cafeteria, but Carl is not quite his normal self.

41. Home of the Dire

Magina and Traxex find themselves in an alien jungle where they are attacked by the Venomancer. Magina gets lost for a while and Traxex finds something gruesome. Meanwhile, back in school, Lina sees Carl talking to Strygwyr.

42. Depths of the Dire

Magina and Traxex almost split ways, but decide to stick together. They jump down a waterfall into a mysterious pool where Traxex encounters ghosts. They are sucked into a black hole. Back home, Mortred finds her daughter has been given away.

43. Biology Teacher's Experiment

Claiming that he can help to find Magina and Traxex, Strygwyr leads Nortrom to his lab where he attacks Nortrom and causes him to bleed to unconsciousness. Lina and Davion arrive, Strygwyr escapes.

44. Medical Emergencies

Traxex and Magina find themselves back in Mirana's garden. Magina has chest pains and they go to the hospital and bump into Lina and Davion. Traxex donates her blood to Nortrom. Doctors find a parasite inside Magina's chest.

45. Cooking Class and Hospital Investigation

The students attend cooking class with Miss Phoenix. Lina and Davion return to the hospital to check on Magina who had an operation to remove the alien parasite, to find that it (subsequently named N'aix) has killed a lab technician and escaped.

46. The Hungry and the Heartless

Trying to find N'aix, Lina, Davion and Traxex talk to the security guard (Bradwarden/Centaur) at the mental hospital. They see Strywgyr trying to escape. N'aix bursts out of the guard and kills Strygwyr. Davion turns into a dragon and together with Lina, they kill Naix. Traxex visits Nortrom.

47. Do You Like Yourself?

Carl recalls his conversation with Strygwyr. Traxex finds herself famous, as a world champion archer. Lyralei and Mirana bring her to a nightclub where she talks to her own reflection. She bumps into detective Morphia, who tells her about a murder case.

48. The Guilty, the Innocent and the In-between

Magina visits his brother Terroblade in prison. Traxex stays over at Nortrom’s place to take care of him and he confesses his feelings to her. Traxex visits Mortred and persuades her to go back to school.

49. Haunted House Date (Halloween Special)

Angry with Nortrom for blowing hot and cold, Traxex decides to accept Clinkz’s invitation to a date. They visit the haunted house attraction which scares the hell out of Clinkz.

50. A Physical Martial Arts Session and an Artful PE lesson

After a sparring session with Yurnero, Magina is surprised to see Mortred. They make love. Traxex is done with her exams but can’t get Nortrom out of her mind. She breaks into Carl’s locker to steal the Dire stone but is caught by Carl.

51. Discipline and Penitence (Chen arc)

Nortrom discovers that a cult called the Holy Knight's Church of Penitence has been converting the students. The Head of Discipline (Akasha) punishes Traxex for breaking into Carl's locker.

52. Devourers of Young Minds (NSFW)

After sleeping with Carl's father, Akasha seduces Carl. Meanwhile, the class gets a new teacher, Mr Harbinger / Outworld Devourer, who will replace Nortrom (who has resigned). Nortrom drives Traxex to the woods to talk to her about the cult. She seduces him and he succumbs. Riki spies on them and blackmails Traxex for the Radiant stone.

53. Assassins and the Undead (WK arc)

Akasha tortures an assassin who failed to kill King Ostarion. The assassin is in fact a robot created by Kael Sunstrider in collaboration with Akasha. Mortred finds herself pregnant and in need of money. Nerif /the Oracle offers to hire her as an assassin. Meanwhile, a zombie virus has surfaced in the Turstarkuri Monastery. Carl has another romp with Akasha in her office and discovers that Professor Dirge is helping the king build a zombie army.

54. Girls' Night in (Chen arc)

Traxex asks for Riki's help to find out the location of the Holy Knight's Church of Penitence. Lina and Rylai have a tiff over Carl. Nortrom gives Traxex a necklace. The girls gather at Luna's place for dinner and they play a game of Truth or Dare.

55. Year-End School Performances (WK arc)

King Ostarion visits the school and is welcomed by the marching band led by Carl. Next, Carl plays the lead role in Romeo and Juliet. He ends both performances with a twist using his magic spells. Traxex gives Magina the Radiant stone. After enduring an awkward Parent-Teacher conference, Traxex reveals to Nortrom the location of the Holy Knight's base. Carl and Akasha find themselves facing obstacles in their relationship.

56. Silent Knight, Holy Knight (Chen arc)

On the eve of Frostivus, Nortrom and Riki travel to the Holy Knight's Church of Penitence. Nortrom interrupts the choir's singing (a ritual to summon their god Obelis). He confronts Chen, who casts Penitence on him crippling him with his own guilt and shame. Chen orders his mob to attack Nortrom and Riki comes to his aid. The police arrive and with the help of Magina, apprehend Chen. Two special agents invite Magina and Nortrom to join them in working for the Tyler Estate.

57. The Worst Vacation Ever (WK arc)

King Ostarion has found out about Carl's affair with Akasha. As punishment, Carl is kidnapped and thrown on the Turstarkuri Mountains, where the zombie virus is slowly being released into the monastery. With the help of the head monk he puts up at a cave and survives his first night.

58. Crazy Day at the Monastery (WK arc)

Carl tries to survive while isolating himself from the monks, most of whom are unfriendly and prejudiced against magic-users. He decides to train harder at Exort skills resulting in himself falling ill. While recovering in the cave at night, he bumps into Magina, who has just arrived at the monastery. Making use of the darkness, Carl misleads Magina into thinking that he is a girl.

59. Confrontation at the Monastery (WK arc)

Magina has a talk with Master Shan about the situation. King Ostarion arrives at the monastery and reveals that Carl's father has been killed. Ostarion flees after Carl's failed attempt to destroy him. Carl lashes out at Magina for not helping him, and Magina retorts that he does not trust Carl after being tricked.

60. First Attempts

Mortred carries out her first assassination job. Nortrom and Traxex attempt to bake a pie together. Traxex wants Nortrom to take her virginity but he refuses.

61. End of the Monastery (WK arc)

Finding all the monks converted into Ostarion's mindless soldiers, Carl summons a meteor and burns down the meditation hall, accidentally killing the immune Master Shan. Magina is livid and confronts Carl, who ghostwalks away. Despite being burned, the zombified monks still swarm over to join Ostarion and Dirge. Carl unleashes his spells at them but is shot in the back by the guards. Meanwhile, Magina is distracted by a converted Akasha and goes to Carl's aid too late. Ostarion bites Carl to convert him. Magina permanently kills Ostarion and the remaining zombies, while Dirge escapes. Carl is left alone to recover painfully and unnaturally from his wounds.

62. The Wraith King's Curse (WK arc)

Freed from Ostarion's control, Akasha returns to the monastery to confirm his death and realizes that she has lost all her powers. She comes across a trapped Dirge, who explains that anyone bitten by Ostarion will be cursed with a degenerating mind and an immortal body. Akasha retrieves the Dire Stone hidden inside Ostarion's crown and remembers Carl. After searching everywhere, she finds Carl in the forest and seeks his forgiveness.

63. Guardian of the Night (WK arc)

Magina is back and finds out that Mortred is pregnant. Akasha brings Carl back to the Sunstrider Residence, to find that the person in charge of the estate is a lawyer named Mr L. Meanwhile, Carl continues to be tormented by Ostarion's wraith, nightmares, and the loss of his memory and skills.

64. You Can't Catch Me

Mireska (Dark Willow) the teenage prankster is being pursued by the police and seeks refuge in the glasshouse of Rooftrellen (Treant Protector).

Nortrom reports for work at the office of the Forces Against Crimes Involving Magic. He meets Magina and Agent K, who brief them about their jobs. Magina is assigned to go after Mireska, while the other two are to keep watch on Carl.

65. Just Call My Name

Nortrom and Agent K visit the Sunstrider Residence to talk to Carl, but are stopped by his lawyer, Mr L. Seeing how desperate Akasha is, Mr L (Lucifer the Doom) hints to her about who he really is, and offers her his 'help'. Carl attempts suicide after finding out he is wanted by the Anti-Magic forces.

66. The Downward Slide

Mortred and Magina prepare for the arrival of their son. Mortred is in a dilemma whether to accept a new assassination assignment. Carl's memory continues to decline and his confusion worsens. The same happens to Akasha, at a slower rate.


Principal: Aghanim

Teachers: Boush/Tinker (Physics), , Nortrom/Silencer (Math), Sven (PE), Ezalor/KOTL (English), Azwraith/Phantom Lancer (History), Razzil/Alchemist (Chemistry), Rubick (Substitute Teacher), Raigor/Earthshaker (Geography), Darkterror/Faceless Void (Art), Slithice/Naga (Music), Kaolin/Earth Spirit (Geology), Akasha/Queen of Pain (Discipline, Band), Atropos/Bane (Literature), Strygwyr/Bloodseeker (Biology), Rattletrap/Clockwerk (assistant physics), Disruptor, Medusa (archery coach), Mangix/Brewmaster (martial arts coach), Phoenix (cooking), Outworld Devourer (replacing Nortrom)

Students: Traxex/Drow, Lyralei/Windranger, Mirana, Carl/Invoker, Lina, Rylai, Davion/Dragon Knight, Magina/Anti-mage, Mortred/Phantom Assassin, Tresdin/Legion, Pudge, Mogul "Axe" Khan, Dragonus/Skywrath, Shendelzare/Vengeful, Kardel/Sniper, Zeus, Squeen, Spleen and Spoon (Techies), Puck, Riki, Gondar/Bounty Hunter, Yurnero/Juggernaut, Luna, Raijin/Storm Spirit, Rhasta (Shaman), Zharvakko (Witch Doctor), Jah'rakal/Troll, Huskar, Lanaya (Templar), Xin (Ember), Aiushtha (Enchantress), Clinkz, Bara the Bull, Zombie Dick (Undying)

Other humans: Banehallow/Lycan (school security guard), Arachnie/Brood (secretary), Dazzle (counselor), Furion/Nature's prophet (Mirana's gardener), Balanar/Nightstalker (escaped madman), Terrorblade (Magina's brother, in jail), Visage (geology centre staff), Gyrocopter, Ancient Apparition (ice-cream seller), Shopkeepers, Purist Thunderwrath/Omniknight (doctor), Io/Wisp (nurse), Ice Frog (creator of the game), Tidehunter (swimmer), Kunkka (swimming coach), Kael Sunstrider (Carl's father), Ostarion / Wraith King (Northern Eul's king), Akasha (queen), Selemene (Southern Eul's Prime Minister), Phoenix (owner of fried chicken restaurants), Morphling (Detective Morphia), Bradwarden /Centaur (security), Ish'Kafel/Darkseer (owner of Ion Shell nightclub), Rotund'jere/Necrophos (owner of haunted house), Chen/Holy Knight (religious cult leader), Professor Dirge (scientist working on zombie virus), Master Shan (OC, Head Monk Turstarkuri), Slardar (coast guard), Mireska/Dark Willow (teen prankster), Rooftrellen/Treant Protector, Mr L/Lucifer the Doom (lawyer)

Non-humans: Krobelus/Death Prophet (ghost), Tiny (robot), Mercurie/Spectre (ghost), Nerif/Oracle (cat prophet), Nevermore/Shadow Fiend, Doom, Shadow Demon, Underlord, Immortal Prisoner (in Roshan's pit), Sand King (Dire Planet's monster), Venomancer (Dire monster), Enigma (Dire monster), The Butcher (Dire monster), Naix/lifestealer (Dire monster), Pugna (haunted house baby), Nyx (haunted house)

Heroes that have not appeared yet:

Monkey King, Arc Warden, Beastmaster, Timbersaw, Bristleback, Tusk, Elder Titan, Magnus, Abaddon, Chaos Knight, Razor, Viper, Weaver, Ursa, Meepo, Slark, Jakiro, Ogre Magi, Lich, Lion, Warlock, Leshrac, Batrider, Winter Wyvern, Pangolier, Grimstroke


Eul (named after the creator of the first Dota map): the country that the story is set in,

Dota High School, home of Traxex, Nightsilver Woods (home of Mirana), Selemene Foundation Hospital (psychiatric hospital), monastery/martial arts school, Garthos Geology Centre, Eul National Park, Aeol Drias Lane (home of Nortrom), unnamed planetoid where the battle for the ancients takes place, Royal palace (archery championships finals), Dire planet, Flayed Hills (Strygwyr's lab), Eul General Hospital, Lordran Drive (home of Mortred), Diretide Theme Park, Carl's mansion

Japan (home of Yurnero and Raijin)


Traxex (Drow), age 17 and Nortrom (Silencer), age 31 - student X teacher

Magina (Anti-mage), 17 and Mortred (Phantom Assassin), 17 - young parents

Lina, 17 and Davion (Dragon Knight), 17

Carl (Invoker), 17 and Rylai (Crystal Maiden), 17

Carl (Invoker) and Akasha (Queen of Pain), 32 - student X teacher, from Chapter 52

Akasha (Queen of Pain) and Ostarion (Wraith King) - king and queen of Northern Eul

Clinkz, 16 and Traxex (one-sided)

Mirana and Luna, 17 (probably the only gay couple in this story)

Nortrom and Krobelus (Death Prophet), 30 the ghost of his ex-girlfriend

Yurnero (Juggernaut), 19 and Lyralei (Windranger), 17

Raigor (Earthshaker), 28 and Slithice (Naga), 28

Shendelzare (Vengeful) 17 and Dragonus (Skywrath), 17

Purist (Omniknight), age 40 and Io (Wisp), age 35, married / doctor and nurse

Other relationships

Aghanim is the father of Rubick (canon)

Lina and Rylai are sisters (canon)

Magina and Terrorblade are brothers (DotA, removed in Dota 2)

Akasha is aunt of Riki

Kael Sunstrider (name from Blizzard's Warcraft) is father of Carl

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