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Poll: In my Next story, Jurassic World: Blue's New Pack, Blue finds a group of kids who become stranded on the island after their plane crashes in the abandoned Dinosaur invaded theme park. What should their names be? Pick Five. Vote Now!
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Author has written 36 stories for Kung Fu Panda, Mighty Ducks, X-overs, Movie X-overs, Cartoon X-overs, Wander over Yonder, Monsters Inc., Nut Job, Zootopia, Rise of the Guardians, and All Dogs go to Heaven.

Hi! i'm EmmyDisney17 but you can call me Emmy. i love everything that has to do with cartoons and i hope that the stories i create will intrest you. i also love to make up stories that's why i sighed up and i'm really happy to finally convince my mom to let me join you! Please read my stories. I am also Autistic but i prefer Artistic.

What i look like is this: I am 18 years old and i have reddish brown hair, buck teeth and dark brown eyes (I offically now were dark purple glasses that are rectangle with rounded edges!). I wear a light brown fishing hat, a purple shirt with blue pants and black to white shoes.

Since i come from a very long line of powerful witches and wizards, yet i have no idea who my parants are. (Due to something that happened in the past that i can't really remember.) i have magical powers that basically many kinds of typical witches possess.

Boyfriend: Brooklyn the gargoyle (Gargoyles)

Allies: The MCF, my friends, family and more.

Enemies: All Evil do-ers and Villains.

Personality: Creative, Hyper, A mix of Mature and immature, silly, childish, wild, somewhat clumsy, dreamer, very tomboyish, enviromentalist, animal lover, Joker, Nice, adventure lover and very baby crazy.

Fears: Spiders (Even the daddy long legs YUCK!) and Bees and Wasps! And i hate wasps!

Likes: Having my stories reviewed, all kinds of american sweets and candy, adventures, soft vore stories, old fastion romance, classic musicals, all kinds of music, all pure hearted cartoons, adorable babies (I can't get enought of them!), cute things, magic, my friends and my boyfriends, Ghost investagations and ghost stories.

Dislikes: Not having new reviews, not so popular stories i've made, the dirty kind of romance, no one liking me, cursing/bad words of all kinds, being made fun of, being lost and alone (i scare easily), the dark (Sometimes), the feeling of being dumped and abandoned, rescues that kill heroes permenetly.

Plantara: She's my first OC ever in history! She's an 17 year old alien girl from an unknown planet where nature and animals are put in front of the modern world at all costs, before the planet was destroyed forcing her parents to place their baby daughter in a rocket ship heading for Earth where she was raised in jail (See my story MegaJess for the villainess) and grew up as a villainess. Plantara got her name when she quickly developed the power to control plants of all kinds at will.

With the power of the plants at her command, Plantara longs to cover the entire world in plants like one big jungle. (See Subuku no Jess's file to read more about her)

Beverly the Gargoyle, Emmy and Brooklyn's daughter

Description: As a human she looks like her mother with her hair (Only shorter and unkept, like bed hair) and everything but as a gargoyle she has her father's red skin.

Clothing: (As a Human) a purple T-shirt, a yellow skirt, light violet shoes. (As a Gargoyle) two peice pink loincloth around her chest and her waist

Personality: Friendly, laid back, heroic, sweet

Shanwn the Gargoyle, Emmy and Brooklyn's Son

Description: As a human he looks likes a male counter part of his mother but he has his fathers eyes and his wild mane of white hair (But to the shoulder's lenth and curly ends) but as purple skin as a gargoyle.

Clothing: (As a Human) a dark purple shirt, indigo pants and blue shoes (As a Gargoyle) green loincloth around his waist with blue goggles on his head.

Personality: Hardcore, dare devil, clever, fearless, caring, heroic kind

Jack: Jack is a half human half lizard creature who is known on Predator Island as a Master Theif and a pro conman. Dispite his 'duty' as a theif he is still caring and friendly, making him the perfect father and brother care giver to Sam, who he offen calls his 'Little Butterfly' and who he cares very deeply about.

Description: Spikey Orange hair, Yellow scaley skin, light blue eyes, a dark orange underbelly.

Clothing: a red vest, green cameo pants red boots

Altinate clothing- blue tank top and blue shorts with orange shoes

Personality: Crafty, Cunning, trouble making, friendly, a mix of father and brother towards Sam.

History: While his mother, Alina, was having him she thought she was having a girl and so did her friend (Who Jack had inherited blue eyes from) but when Jack was hatched Alina, angry about having a boy since she expected a girl, went mad and was put in solitary confinment for her madness while Jack grew up an orphan. Dispite the past he had he was happy with his friends and eventually met Maverick and became friends with him. After a while he also met and adopted Sam after devoring her bossy uncle. He now lives on Predator Island with other Predators along with his expanded family.

Sam: Sam, known as Sammy or Jack's little Butterfly, is a smart and sweet little girl who is one of the only none-predators who live on Predator Island with her adopted father and brother Jack the lizard. Dispite the 'job' her brother/father has she sometimes uses it to her or others advantiges when in need or just for fun. She also loves to be in Jack's tummy where he would protect her and keep her safe from the dangers of the world, at least that's what she thinks about it.

Description: long orange hair, green eyes (Think of Sam from Totally spies but in a younger form, ok?)

Clothing: Green dress, no shoes

Alternate clothing: a light gray jacket, a purple shirt, dark purple pants, white Shoes

Personality: Sweet, cute, smart, cunning, kind, tricky, a mix of sister and daughter towards Jack.

History: After her parents died in a plane crash Sam was forced to live with her only living reletive she had who she didn't like, her uncle. Her uncle imediantly pushed her to the limit with chores and endless ways of trying to turn her into a 'proper child' but just as her uncle's back was turned on that very same day she ran away, never wanting to see him again. Also on that very same day she met Jack and he devored her uncle so that he could take care of her. Soon she met Maverick and Alex then came to live on Predator island.

Mavrick: (My fav Predator) Maverick is a half human half shark vore cop who is tought and strong yet kind and gentle as well. He one grew up with his family but one day he was seperated from his family at a young age yet grew up without another goal but to keep good predators away from the bad. One day he met Jack and became friends with him, he also met Alex who he had bonded and became her foster father/brother after devoring her all the members of her mean family she was living with. Living with a theif for a roommate and best friend and a human for a daughter might be a little strange but the land breathing shark still cares very much about them.

Description: a shark fin on his back, black eyes, sharp teeth, gills, shark head, blue skin.

Clothing: black biker jacket, navy blue jeans.

Alternate clothing: white shirt, blue pants with faded pink and brown stains

Personality: cool, tough, kind, gentle, clever, fast, fearless, father and brother to Alex.

History: Growing up with his family Maverick had no cares in the world, but then one day he was taken away but rescued by a human. Ever since he devoted his very life to protecting predators from those who would bring them ill wills and nothing but danger and trouble. One day he met Jack the lizard and liked how he devored a bully so he asked the lizard to come with him and he agreed. Then he met Alex and devored her mean family in order to keep her his. Now all live on Predator island as happy as can be.

Alex: Alex is Maverick's adopted child and sister who is known to Maverick as his Little Mermaid and one of the none predators who live on predator island. She is an animal lover and a cheery little girl who loves bonding with her father/brother, even staying inside his stomach for a while or so. Ever since the shark came into her life Alex wants nothing more then to stay with him, dispite the offers of a 'normal' or 'sucessful' life some give her.

Description: Tan skin, black hair, brown eyes.

Clothing: yellow dress, no shoes

Alternate clothing: a blue shirt, brown pants, black shoes

Personality: sweet, kind, loving, dear, innocent, playfull sister and daughter to Maverick.

History: Once was the saddest, mistreatest child, as well as the youngest of her family, her mother, father, and three siblings never really cared about her and planed to abandon her, but on that same day She met Maverick and devored them all one by one while one of her siblings said sorry before being eaten wholely. Maverick formed a bond with her and she became her daughter and sister. Now she lives with her family of predators.

Ursula: Ursula Ravenclaw, known as Snap and Batter's 'Little Daisy', was 'born' in Hogwarts when a young wizard from Ravenclaw named Anthony Goldstein accidently used his magic to create her by saying the wrong spell and turning a mistle toe into a green baby with plant powers. Instead of reporting this to anyone, fearing that he would get into big trouble, he sent the baby away on a buggie of a match maker and company owner named Eliza, leaving behind a scrap of paper that said 'ravenclaw' which became Ursula's last name. At the age of ten she discovered she was a predator when she swallowed her foster brothers whol and came to live on Predator island with Snaps and Batter.

Description: half human half plant with olive drab skin spring green eyes, long curly eletric green hair in pigtails with jungle green leafs attacked to her wrists and ankles.

Clothing: Pakistan green dress with spring leafs pattered all over it.

Alternate clothing: blue loincloth top and green loincloth bottom

Personality: Sly, planning, sweet, childish, brave, powerful.

Snaps: Snaps came to life when a TV Game show's returning star accidently poured a strange syrum into the plant's flower pot, turning it into a huge man eating plant with snail eyes and a voice. After eating a few people in life he soon met Ursula and Batter then he became a predator plant living on Predator Island.

Description: as big as a man, looks like Towey from Skid Row, blue skin, violet vines, Brown snail eyes.

Clothing: none, but sometimes wears human clothing to fool his meals.

Personality: tricky, funny, wild, friendly, smart, loyal, one of Ursula's gardains/best friends.

Batter: Batter was one a normal bat that belonged to a fashion desiger until a spell from a stray wand turned him into a Voraplie Bat. As he devored a few people to satisfie his hunger, even his owners, he eventually met Snaps and Ursula then he moved to Predator Island and stayed.

Description: a green and purple bat.

Clothing: none, but sometimes dresses up as a human to trick his meals.

Personality: Hyper, nice, planner, sweet, caring, one of Ursula's Guardians/best friends.

Kadi: Kadija "Kadi" Hufflepuff the Neko was 'born' in Hogwarts when a young hufflepuff wizard named Leanne accidently turned the little baby cat into a half human half cat baby. In order to prevent getting in serious trouble Leanne sent the baby away on a toy maker's truck, leaving her with the word 'Hufflepuff' to be her last name on a scrap of paper. For 17 years Kadi used her vore talent to save others and help them then she came to live on predator island and stayed there.

Description: half human half cat, cinnamon fur.

Clothing: Yellow shirt, purple overalls

Alternate clothing: a stable worker's clothing

Personality: Looney, funny, hungry, sweet, playful, friendly.

Galatea: Galatea Gryffindor the Dridder was 'born' in Hogwarts when Hagrid tried to kill a baby spider with a barrowed wand, only to turn it into a half human half spider baby. Worried about what the others will say if they find her Hagrid imediantly placed the baby in the car of a failed movie director with only a scrap of baby reading 'Gryffindor' which became Galatea's last time. 18 years later After devoring a young friend of hers she felt so guilty she never wanted to digest another again so she went to Predator island and became friends with everyone.

Description: Spider bottom, Human top, long pale blonde hair, light red eyes.

Clothing: a green and blue dress

Alternate clothing: a pink shirt and matching long scarf

Personality: Smart, cunning, wise, sweet, loyal, free loving, calm.

France: Francine Dahlia Priscilla Slytherin "France" the Naga was once the baby family pet of the wizard family called the Blishwicks when a stray spell transformed her into a half human half snake baby, forcing a member of the family to send her away with a physics class with a scrap of paper with 'Slytherin' on it, that soon became her last name. 19 years later France used her vore ability for good and soon came to live on Predator Island with her friends.

Description: green and yellow snake body, long brown hair, yellow eyes.

Clothing: Jester top and jester bell hat.

Alternate clothing: a blue shirt, a doctor's jacket with red patches

Personality: Funny, sneaky, childish, responsable, silly, hungry, nice.

Charlie: Charlie was thought to be a normal 8 year old boy with parents who run a freak show circus. Then One day on Chrismas Eve Charlie saw his brother Peter as food instead of a brother and ate him. Later he ended up digesting the boy and on Chrismas Day his parents were both disgusted and shocked, then they tried to add their remaining son as a freak after abandoning their parental pride in him and Charlie got so mad at them he ate them both and ended up a predator orphan who no one wanted to adopt. Dispite no parents Charlie found comfort in friendship and a friendly freak took him to Predator Island for him to live in peace. Soon he became leader of the Vore kids.

Description: gray hair, blue eyes

Clothing: red and yellow shirt, yellow pants, white sneekers.

Alternate clothing: white shirt, red pants, black sandals

Personality: Caring, kind, offended easily, loyal, fast thinker

Nicole: Nicole was a normal 7 years old until her 4 year old brother Sasha dared her to ear him and she did but she couldn't get him out and ended up digesting him, causing her parents, both who were computer geeks, to go very mad and they disowned her, hurting her feelings and ended up eaten as well, leaving Nicole and orphan. After she digested her family she went to Predator island and stayed there as well as become a member of the Vore Kids.

Description: long brown hair and black eyes

Clothing: white dress

Alternate clothing: a green dress with light green shoes

Personality: sweet, adorable, friendly, cute

Noel: Noel was thought to be a a normal 6 years old with her astronaut mother and 3 year old sister Sonia until one day Sonia was covered in chocolate and Noel accidently ate her up, digesting her as she did while their mother had fainted. As the angry mother yelled at her she slipped and also ended up swallowed and digested like Sonia inside Noel's tummy. Afterwards she came to Predator Island and became close with her friends, the Vore Kids.

Description: Brazilain, tan skin, short black hair and brown eyes.

Clothing: a green and yellow brazilain dress

Alternate clothing: a green and white tank top, brown shorts gray sandals

Personality: Sweet, innocent, smart, loving, caring, sensable

Nick: Nick used to live with his coffe maker mother and time loving father until he reached 5 Years old. When he did his brother Ivan got sick with Chicken Pox and he thought that swallowing him would cure him... but it didn't, it digested him instead. In a rage at what Nick had done they tried to punished him with beatings but on their first try Nick ate them to save himself, making him an orphan. After his parents were digested Nick went to Predator Island so that he would never end more good lives again and became close with the Vore Kids, a group of kids like him that he is friends and partners with.

Description: Mexican, black hair, black eyes.

Clothing: white shirt, red brown pants, yellow shoes, red sombrero

Alternate clothing: Leather vest with brown fur, red shirts, black pants, brown shoes

Personality: Nice, friendly, wild, silly, sweet, giving

Erica: Erica was once a pet of a sweet millionair girl when she was a pup but then one day her owner died and Erica had a strange request for the doctors: To inplant the girl's stomach next to her own. It was strange but they agreed, the result is the only wolf in the world with two stomachs and a predator too. After she grew up she met and bonded with Nelly, adopting her as her own child.

Description: gray and black fur with some covering her eyes a little.

Clothing: none, but wears disguies.

Personality: Sweet, loyal, friendly, caring, motherly, sarcastic, pretty

Nelly: Nelly use to live with her parents until they died of a car crash and she had to live with her nasty aunt, uncle and cousin. All were mean to her and abandoned her on the very same day they got her so they wouldn't want nothing to do with her since she didn't have any morphing power like they had. But soon She met and bonded with Erica and lived with her ever since, becoming the wolf's "Little Cub" or "Puppy girl" She got her revenge on her reletives by letting Erica eat them.

Description: brown hair in braids, brown eyes, red glasses.

Clothing: yellow dress.

Alternate clothing: a pink dress with a white bow around her waist and pink shoes and socks

Personality: Innocent, adorable, crafty, funny, lovable, cute, brave, strong.

Syd: Syd is the only Predator Dolphin of all time. He first became aware of being a predator when a body builder sliped from a pier and Syd moved to help, only to accidently swallow the human boy whole! Shocked and Amazed, Syd quickly knew he couldn't return to his kind as a predator so he swam off, developing arms and legs as well as learning to walk and breath on land from his first meal. He now lives on Predator island as a roommate for Maverick and Jack.

Description: a blue dolphan with a cream underbelly and purple eyes

Clothing: none, but he carries a yellow tank of air on his back in case of a drowning emergincy.

Personality: Wimpy, sweet, humble, shy, caring.

Roger: When he was a child he was a nerd and loved being with his brother Maverick. Then one day Maverick got taken away and this crushed Roger, he swore he'd find his brother then and there at the highest stake he could take. Years past and Roger still kept looking for his brother, the years also turned the nerd into a tought guy who was thought to be cold hearted. Then when he came to Predator Island he finally found his brother and realized that he was now a father to the little human girl Alex. Now he is her uncle and lives on Predator Island with his brother.

Description: like maverick but with darker blue skin and violet eyes

Clothing: a crimson shirt and magenta pants

Alternate clothing: a blue shirt with darker blue pants

Personality: Tought, strong, determind, angers easily, kind, caring, gentle.

Shikma: Abandoned like Jack, Shikma grew up with the lizard under the care of their foster dentist mother. Shikma cared deeply about his little brother and did everything with him. Then he was taken away and it left Shikma heartbroken. Since then he vored to find him, growing into a street wise gang leader as time pasted. Then he came to Predator island and discovered Jack, and learned that he is now the father of little Sammy. Now he lives on the island with him.

Description: red skinned, mix of shark and raptor, long blue hair on his head and tail tip,

Clothing: long dark blue wrist band on his right arm and black spikes near his tail.

Alternate clothing: Black shirt and pants with a white skull on each

Personality: Tought, strong, a mean temper, gentle, soft, caring, nice

Rosia: After their predator mother died giving birth to them, Rosia and her sister Gogo grew up as orphans, spending their childhood on an island that Rosia was very fond of for a few years. Dispite their mother being a predator both she and her sister aren't predators. She is the most mature of the two yet she does have childish perks every now and again. She is Maverick's girlfriend and is dating him as she lives with him on Predator Island.

Description: Yellow hair/fur with stripes, ruby eyes.

Clothing: Dark Purple dress

Alternate a green and toupe dress

Personality: Wise, tricky, vore loving, sweet, artistic.

Gogo: Both with her sister she grew up as an orphan with Rosia, spending their teens in a camp for talented people which Gogo enjoyed very much. Years later she became Jack the lizard's girlfriend and lives on Predator island with him and his family.

Description: Saphire blue eyes, Yellow hair/fur with stripes

Clothing: light red dress

Alternate clothing: slightly torn and 'dirty' begger like clothes

Personality: Adventurous, fast, funny, friendly, loving, daring

Do-So the Dragon: Do-So is a dragon who was born with a predator taste of humans. His first meals he ever swallowed whole was a robot maker. From there he kept his appitite but never gained any fire breaths. He know lives on predator island with other predators

Description: black scales with a white belly and red hair, sometimes changes from a normal dragon to an artho dragon

Personality: Friendly, nice, tricky, fearless, funny hungry

Le Tre: A wolf whom Erica falls in love with. He came to Predator Island to find a place where he belonged and met Erica and Nelly, falling in love with Erica at first sight. Since then he's been very helpful and loyal to Erica and his human child Nelly.

Description: Brown fur with dark brown hair on his head.

Irene Lee: Oogiejess's number one Predator Foe. An Evil predator who once owned Predator Island all for herself. As cruel as she is minipulative and hungry for flesh. She was outcasted from her hometown because of her vorish ways and decided to lock all of the predators away from the world on the island where they would remain forever, never able to get off and for those who weren't predators they would be eaten by her. She constintly kidnaps Emmy and holds her hostage inside her stomach until Oogiejess comes to save her but Irene Lee never makes it easy.

She also created a formula for herself to come back to life after Oogiejess devores her so the monster can try many times to permenetly defeat her but the evil predator always bounces back to life. She is the main foe for all on Predator Island and the most trickiest to catch.

Description: a 32 year old woman with blonde hair in two long pigtails with a rose ribbon holding them up, black eyes, a red violet country girl shirt, a purple skirt that reaches her knees, a plum apron, and blue cowboy boots.

Personality: Coldhearted, back-stabing, cruel, hungry, murdering, whicked, sneaky, rotten, monsterous, minipulative, glutton.

Anna and the Outsiders Cast

Princess Anna

Due to being cooped up in her castle for most of her life, Anna wasted no time in trying to do her best in everything... which has led to her many mistakes and fowl ups that leave her as an outcast among the other princesses. But her biggest adventure took place when she releases Shade and her children from their magical prison. With dreams and energy quickly disappearing from her world, she knows it won't be long before the outer worlds beyond hers are next and she's going to need help from those from the outside to not only save the multiverse but solve the mystery of Shade's true origins.

The Outsiders

Charlie Barkin: A former con artist dog turned guardian angel, Charlie has his ups and downs which had led him into all sorts of trouble but all that changes when he ends up in another magical world thanks to Shade taking him and his friends to a place where he hopes he can start over as a regular dog... but the thing is the new world isn't really 'normal' itself.

Hal: Huggable, overly curious and the most energetic (if not annoying) dog anyone has ever met, Hal is a very unusual dog due to his ways being a tad more human then actual dog like walking and running on two legs and being oblivious towards anything dangerous and only wants to make new friends and see the situation they're in as a vacation. However if he's ever going to find a way to rescue his friends and go home, he'll have to do things he's never done before in order to do so.

Surly Squirrel: Former thief turned park hero, Surly wanted nothing more then to relax in his home until Shade abducted everyone and he was the only one to escape, along with a group of strangers that have come from other worlds. Now forced to work with a new crew of non park animals, Surly has to step up his game in hopes of fitting in with the misfit gang and show them how to really survive... that is if he could learn how himself.

Dos: Dos is a hedgehog who's part of a sibling group having trouble when their long lost brother Tres returns and is angry at them for leaving him. It got worse when Shade arrives and takes everyone prisoner. Dos managed to escape but with a group of 'weirdos' and now he's stuck with them until Anna can figure out how to rescue them. While he appears to be sarcastic and full of attitude, he does have a sensitive and caring side to him, a side that only comes out when it's needed the most.

Audrey: Perky Little Audrey may be kind, childish and like typical girl related things like toys and stuff but don't you dare call her a girly girl! She's so much like a tomboy that some adults even mistake her for a boy themselves. Tough, rebellious and has a very explosive temper that unlocks her wild side when triggered. She is also the self proclaimed protector of her home and leader of the Harvey Girls, a trio who protect their home on Harvey Street from bad days and unruly bullies but can she handle this new crew and her first time away from her beloved Harvey Street?

Lincoln Loud: As the middle child and the only boy of a family of ten sisters, Lincoln's life was hectic from day one until the day Shade came and took everyone away. As the only member of his family left, Lincoln begins his first adventure to find his family and rescue them with his new friends, even the first to jump at the chance to partner up with the talking animals!

Scooby Doo: A Great Dane who loves to eat and according to Anna, his legendary appetite is known as a black hole in his world and he has been solving mysteries and facing monsters for years. Of course the 'monsters' were actually just bad people in costumes so facing actual monsters is going to be a frightening challenge to the dog, but not as much as his new gang trying to understand his 'unique way of speaking'.

Toothless the Dragon

Toothless is a Night Fury who has the personality of a playful pet when tamed and soothed but to those who mean harm he is a very powerful beast with a deafening roar and the ability to shoot blue fireballs that cause damage to anyone unprepared to face a Viking trained dragon. During his time away from home, Anna uses magical cookies to change him into many types o reptiles so he doesn't scare anyone but he changes back to a dragon when he breaths fire either by accident or intentional depending on the situation. But can he put up with a none Viking group that has never so much as fought with a dragon... ever?

Shade and his family

Shade: A dark being made out of pure black shadow mist. Nobody knows who he really is or where he came from but all know about him as the 'Energy Vampire' who uses his dark magic to suck life energy from other living beings until they are completely drained to the point where they cannot do anything and are practically zombie like. However Shade never openly harms anyone and cares for his children, the Trio of Terror, very much. Is there more to him then meets the eye?

Ladybug: Ladybug is the eldest of Shade's three mutant children. She is a half spider, half moth and half human who can spin both spider web and moth silk at the same time. She has two large black eyes with multiple eyes covering her forehead, long ghostly white hair, paisley white fur/skin, fangs for ejecting her prey with venom to prevent them from escaping and like her father, she feeds off the fear of others with her brother and little sister. She acts all vain and snooty, claiming that she is very beautiful but her little sister claims that there is another side to her older sister that she's hiding under exoskeleton.

Rat Pack: Rat Pack is the middle child of Shade's mutant children. He is half rodent, half wolf and half lizard, which makes him the ultimate survivor and escape artist, a fact he brags as much as his sister does about being beautiful. Having both rat, wolf and lizard traits, like fur, fangs and scales, he can climb, swim and even camouflage himself so he can hide in plain sight. He can be bossy, impatient and lazy but deep down he is very protective of his little sister as is Ladybug, but either are willing to admit it.

Echo: The youngest of the mutant children, being only six years old while her siblings are both sixteen. She is half bat, half human, which make her appearance a little more human like then her family. Also unlike them she is kind, shy, lonely and longs for the day to see her family as a real family again, especially when she wants to finds her mother, whom she hasn't seen in years due to being imprisoned for so long. In spite of her older siblings rude behavior, she is the only one who can bring out their compassionate and gentle side and wants nothing more then to help her the outsiders in order to prevent them from suffering the same fate her family did.

Fav Couples

CodyxPenny (Both from the Rescuers series)

SurlyxAndie (Both from The Nut Job series)

Anne-MariexDavid (both from all dogs go to heaven series)

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