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Hello everybody! This is Kid Krome Mask! I will be writing only one-shot stories. You see, I used to have a different username, but I kept on making multi-chapter stories and getting lazy. As a result, I have resolved only to make one-shots to avoid this. Whenever I am planning to write, or in the process of writing a story, I will give you readers a preview below this.

Happy reading, and remember...


I always like to read what you guys think of my fanfics.

Mario Bros' Plumbing Service

Mario and Luigi, with the help of Mario's girlfriend Pauline, run a plumbing business in Brooklyn, New York. However, the three of them aren't getting much money, and are nearly broke. Just as all seems lost, they receive a call from the President of the USA, purely by accident. The Mario Bros. now must traverse the sewers to clear them of horrid monsters! They could be in for a sum of $1,000,000,000... if they survive!