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Hello! We are Twilight Fanfic Advocacy. We wanted a place that people could go and talk about Twilight, Twilight fanfiction and all things related to Twilight...*coughRobertPattinsoncough* We are glad to have you with us. We have a blog for you to check out~we do author spotlights, fic rec's, and teasers for stories~www(.)tfadvocacy(.)blogspot(.)com, so check that out! We have a facebook group~www(.)facebook(.)com/groups/TFADVOCACY~ join us there as well.

We also try to do as many contest as we can, we like to get those creative juices flowing for you and your fellow authors. Our stories are actually the entries to the contest so be sure to sign up for author alerts so you won't miss a single entry or contest!

Now, let's take a moment to meet Your Advocates, shall we...

First up is Onesweetbell...

Hey ya’ll. I’m Onesweetbell. First I want to thank you for joining our little group, hopefully you’ll have a good time and enjoy all that we will be bring to this blog.

A bit of 411 for ya.

I’m a 42 yrs old. It can be said that I am sweet, kind and generous, but also I can be loud and foul mouthed.

I have a wonderful husband; in fact we just celebrated out 14thanniversary this past April.

We have two little darlings, an 8 yr old boy and a 5 yr old girl. My son is quite bright, never have had him tested because I don’t want to put any more pressure on him, but maybe someday. He loves to read and I’m so glad he did not get his spelling ability from me (ha-ha). My daughter on the other hand can give me a run for money in the attitude department. A red headed loud mouth, need I say more. No offense to any of you redheads out there, love you all.

Also have two dogs, they’re a lab mix.

Let’s see, what else can I say. Born and bred in Southern Cali up until about 5 yrs ago. Moved to Northeastern AZ. I so miss the beach, I hate all the dirt out here. I dust and dust and it just doesn’t go away.

As for my journey with Twilight, I will give all the credit to my besty, Maniacmotherland. Three years ago while spending the summer by the pool and watching the kiddies, mine plus her daughter, she pulled me. At first I was not interested, she told me about the movie, I remember seeing the commercials and thinking “Oh great, another teenage vamp movie”. I had no interest in seeing it. However when she lent me the book, I was hooked. Read it in two days, then had to read the rest. Thank goodness she had just gotten the whole book collection. After spending then next two week reading, I decided to order my own books which I have read twice.

A few months later Maniacmotherland discovered FanFiction. We spent some time reading then she came up with a story to write, then a few months later the plot bunny bit me.

I have several one shots and a work in progress, which I’m hoping to be completed before summer. I don’t know if I will ever write another WIP, it takes a lot of time and energy but we’ll see, I do enjoy it.

So that’s about it. You can find me at Fanfiction and Facebookunder Onesweetbell. Please know that my facebook page is NC17, so if you under 18 don’t ask to friend me. It’s nothing personal, I just like to post smut and little eyes should not see.

Until next time, have a wonderful day.


I guess me next...bnjwl

About Me!

I am almost 39, I have been married for almost 20 years, I have three kids a 17 year old son, a 13 year old daughter, and a 5 year old son. Enough about the real life because it is not as much fun as my fan fic life!

How I got sucked into this whole world…I started reading Twilight because I have a at the time 18 year old sister who was obsessed with them, and anything that she loves my daughter who is 13 usually follows her on. I wanted to make sure that the whole vampire thing wasn't crossing the line of what was okay for my daughter to read. About two chapters in to Twilight and let me say I was hooked. I read Twilight in about 48 hours while dealing with sick kids at home, and the other 3 books followed just as fast. When my daughter started reading Twilight she was going slow and wasn't sure she would finish by the date of release for the Twilight DVD, so I started reading aloud with her to help her finish. We read all four books out loud ( I just had to, lol) with each other and several more people that filtered into our house while the reading was taking place. Now because of the read alongs, my middle sister (I’m the oldest) has read all four books. She came to stay with us during the middle of New Moon and first part of Eclipse, so she went home and bought all four to finish them herself. She said she just had to know what happened. Now we all get to obsess over Twilight and all things related. The youngest reads fanfiction with me as well.

Now, on to how I came about fanfiction. I searched site’s looking for more info on Twilight and the actors involved. I couldn’t get enough and the Leg Hitch chapter of Eclipse was seriously starting to show wear after reading through it so often. I came across Twitarded and it was their month to spotlight their fav fanfiction stories. I had heard of fanfiction because the little sister read it but I had no idea that it included Twilight. I immediately clicked the link and low and behold it took me to Wide Awake. It spiraled out of control from there, lol. I read, read and read and eventually the plot bunnies took hold and I tried my hand at it. I don’t know if it’s good but I love doing it so I guess mission accomplished. I have several one shots to include a new one for Fandom for the Tsunami called Silent Admissions. I have two completed stories, Life is Okay andBelievable Lies & Lost Truths. And I am currently in the middle of Love the Way you Lie. A continuation of the one shot by Robicorn. I make Polyvore sets for all of my stories and usually playlists as well.

I pre read for two girls, theonlykyla and yakkii. I say pre read because seriously my beta skills suck so I don’t dare call myself that! Just Out of Reach is by theonlykyla and I am so on love with that story. It is a little slash/poly/straight lovin’ story. It’s complicated, can you tell, lol! My Letters to You by yakkii is not posted yet but it will be soon. I love that one as well, it is dark and sad but oh so good! Keep your eyes posted for it!

My fav fics are listed on my ffn profile, I only add stories that I have read and loved there, so you can trust what you see as an endorsement from me!

On to how to contact me, I am on Facebook as Bnjwl’s Fanfiction, I am on as bnjwl, I have a blog- Twilight bnjwl’s Way, and I am on Twitter as bnjwl. I also have a Tumblr acct. You all are welcome to stalk me at any of those places, however as Onesweetbell said… I am a grown woman and post things that only grown folk should see, so if you are not 18 please don’t come around lurking. Okay?

Till next time…


Ok I hope I can do this as well as the other lovely ladies have...

My penname is One of Eddies girls... and contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with Edward Cullen, my penname is for my son. He is the youngest of my three kids, he has two older sisters. I am a 33 year old stay at home mom, that frankly is pretty boring most of the time. My family and friends complain that I do nothing other then read and ignore them... there may be some truth in that, but *shrugs* that is what I like.

I got into Twilight because of my best friend. I originally refused to read the books or watch the movie... *shakes head* I know right what was I thinking... One night I was hanging out at her house and she ask me if I wanted to watch the DVD, after hearing so much about it I agreed... Low and behold that was the beginning of the end of me. That night I borrowed her copy of the first book, I spent all night up not doing anything but reading it, by the next afternoon I was looking to find a copy of New Moon. My best friends husband who is my geeksquad savior found the books on PDF and sent them to me, within a week of watching the movie I'd read all four books and was working on the re-reading of Twilight. By the time the kids went on summer vacation I'd read all four books 3 times. Needing more I went to SM website and found all her little out-takes and read those. Then still not satisfied I went in search for more. SM had a link of different websites where you can find fanfiction. I'd heard of it before because my BFF read and wrote HP FF. I clicked on a link to FFn. And as they say the rest is history. That was about two years ago.

Since then I have begun to write. The first thing I ever wrote was a short OneShot of Rosalie remembering the first time she found Emmett, it takes place during Eclipse right after she confessed to Bella about her past and Royce. I then wrote a song-fic using the song Always by Bon Jovi. After that I wrote a sweet multi-chapter story that was called How you came to be. After issues with the LU last year I took everything down and walked away from writing for a while, but the plot bunnies would just not leave me be. So after some debating with myself I began to write another story.Just a Dream has recently finished and I am working on the out-takes and a future take for it. In the between chapters I entered a couple of contests which inspired a BDSM OS. Due to popular demand (mainly from the other admins of this group) I will be continuing Secrets & Consequences into a multi-chapter story. I write mostly stories that are not safe for young eyes, so I plead if you aren't old enough to vote don't read my stories. The other thing I do is pre-read, because lets face it grammar and I are not friends, but I'm good at finding those pesky plot holes. I am honored to say I pre-read Love the Way You Lie for bnjwl,Flagrant Foul and Rebel Child and Preachers Daughter who are both by ImRandom and Cullen Home for Unwed Mothers andMemoirs of a Mob Wife who are both written by InsertFangsHere.

I can be found on both The Writers Coffee Shop under my penname. As well as my Facebookaccount under Oneof Eddiesgirls Fanfiction. Oh and of course my own blog where I try to post pics relevant to the current WIP (I suck at describing things if I dont have a visual so I try to post pictures so that readers know what inspired it.)

I hope you like the vision that we have for this blog and group.


Hi, I'm Random Girl...

A few totally random facts about me.

1) I'm a mother and a wife...a cook, a cleaning lady, a doctor, a laundry mat, an artist, a therapist, a landscaper, a vet, and sometimes an evil bitch...the list goes on and on and I don't get paid nearly enough.

2) My wonderful beautiful children are a pain in my ass but they are my world. A girl (5) way to sassy for her own good (I have no idea where she gets it from), and a boy (6) who thinks he knows it all (definitely get's that from his dad)

3) I have a Japanese Chin, Marley (named after Bob Marley cause he rocks) who refuses to admit that he is an actual dog. I also have a hamster named Holly, she is actually my son's but he forgets to feed her, so I took her under my wing...and now we are cool like that.

4)I am way older than I wish I was but I pretend not to be old anyway.

5)I have a crazy hectic life and I love it! Just wish I could sleep more...

6)My most prized possessions are my cell phone, my iPod and my laptop. I'd be lost without them!

7)I'm a die hard Twilight fan and I worship the ground Stephanie Meyer walks on. I thought her plots were awesome and very creative, I just felt she left too much out. I mean come on; everyone needs a little smut in their life :)

8)I love to write and thought this would be a good outlet for my thoughts on what should happen, haha.

9)I'm from the south(que the banjo and Burt Reynolds running through the woods) so my free time is spent going to the beach, boating, 4 wheeling and having cookouts...seriously watch Deliverance, you will totally get it.

10) I have a strange sense of humor which most people don't get but that's okay.

11) I love tattoos and piercings. I have a few of each, yes I know that is not very common for the deep south but what can I say? When I take a break from tha farmin' n cow tippin' I have a wild side :) (That was a joke, I don't farm or cow tip)

12) I love music and I listen to everything...rock, rap, country, etc. I compare everything to a song. Every moment, every decision...blah blah blah.

When RL gets boring I turn to fanfiction. I had actually never read the books before the movie came out. I saw the previews and thought 'that's not for me; I’m really not in to the whole vampire thing'. But once it came out on video and everyone was talking about it I decided to give it a try. The movie had me hooked, and I was in search of the books. Of course that's when they were super popular and it was almost impossible to get the full set. I bought the first book, read it in one day went back the next day and bought the second book. I read that one in 2 days. When I went back for the third book they didn't have it so I bought Breaking Dawn and read it before I read eclipse. Looking back, I wish I had waited because it kind of ruined eclipse for me, but overall I loved the books!

I started researching Stephanie Meyer to see if she planned to write any more books in the series and found out about midnight sun. As I was researching Midnight Sun I came across fanfiction and I have been hooked ever since. One of the first stories I ever read was Wide Awake, and I can honestly say that is one of the best stories ever, right up there with Emancipation Proclamation. Those stories have touched me and will stay with me forever.

I have pre-read for a few people in the past and I love it! I wish I had better grammar skills so I could beta, but sadly I suck at commas and punctuation. I am currently one of the pre-readers for Love The Way You Lie by bnjwl. This is a fantastic story; you should really check it out!

I currently have two works in progress going. Rebel Child and a Preacher's Daughter is at 34 chapters and almost complete. You can find this on as well as The Writers Coffee Shop. My other story Flagrant Foul is just starting and only on for now, but I am having a lot of fun with it! After I finish my two stories and a one shot for Rebel Child and a Preacher's Daughter I am working on then I plan to do a sequel for Rebel Child and a Preacher's Daughter, I am very excited about it!

I have made so many amazing friends through Fanfiction, I just don't know what I ever did before them. Especially the girls that admin the group with me, they are a fantastic group of women who have become as close as family to me. They are all so different from their personalities to their writing styles but we all seem to mesh well together. Well except for Sara, she doesn't write yet, and you never know which of her personalities will show up so we take it day by day with her.

I'm Kidding, Sara knows I have mad love for her and all of her personalities :)

I have a twitter but I never get on it, so your best bet is to find me on Facebook under random girlfanfic :)

Ladies all we have left is Sara and she will be here soon...she is having internet issues! I promise she has lots of good stuff to tell us when she gets here :)

(We have a ton of links in this info, but unfortunately ffn doesn't like links right now, so please pm us and we will be glad to provide the links...or...slip on over to our blog and click on the meet the advocates page and see the links from there. )

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