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hello, AquaNix is the name. i love reading all these stories about Naruto and his gang, so i am attempting a Naruto fanfic myself.



Age: 12

Description: Silver hair, reaches the middle of her spine. About 5 feet 3 inches. Her attire is mostly a silver v-neck and blue jeans. She also has silver eyes.

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Background: Amarante is an orphan. Losing both her parents to the demon that Shion's mother sealed, she mostly spends her time reading books. Has shown to be talented in wind affinity and is on par with Naruto on some wind jutsu.


Age: 12

Description: Deep blue hair and eyes. Her hair reaches the top of her spine. About 5 feet 2.5 inches. Her attire is also a v-neck, though hers is blue. Mayumi also wears shorts.

Elemental Affinity: Water

Background: Mayumi lives with both of her parents. Sharing a strong affinity for water jutsu, Mayumi is still a wildcard in terms of power. However, her Kenjutsu and her Taijutsu are one of the best among the six shinobi that Naruto is training.


Age: 12

Description: Red hair and red eyes. Her hair reaches her shoulders. About 5 feet 2 inches. Ayaka wears a red battle kimono, though some of the others have reported her wearing a red tank top with red shorts.

Elemental Affinity: Fire

Background: Ayaka lives with her father. Her mother died when she was younger. Because of her personality and her hair, her fire jutsu are top notch.


Age: 11

Description: Yellow hair and goldish eyes. Her hair is tied into a bun but she sometimes wears in a variety of ways. About 5 feet 1 inch in height. Natsuki wears yellow tank tops alot, though some have reported her wearing a yellow kimono on her days off.

Elemental Affinity: Lightning

Background: She lives with her mother. The whereabouts of her father are unknown to Shion. Over the course of her training, Natsuki has shown a high affinity toward Lightning jutsu, though to what extent is still unknown to Naruto and the others.


Age: 11

Description: Brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is the same length as Amarante's. Can be found wearing a black tank top and brown khakis. about 5 feet 1 inch in height.

Elemental Affinity: Earth

Background: She lives with her grandparents. Both her parents were ninja that served Konoha, but both died on separate missions. Rei is an attentive young lady, but she also has a differing attitude then the others. This has caused her to clash with Naruto on some occasions, but all in all, she and Naruto hold a good relationship. Has shown an affinity to earth.


Age: 11

Description: Emerald hair and emerald eyes. Hair is the same length as Rei, but she keeps her hair in a ponytail. Before being the orphanage, she wore clothes that did not match. During her time training with Naruto, she wears a green t-shirt and midnight black pants. She is 5 feet even in height.

Elemental Affinity: Earth, Water, Wood

Background: Sayuri lives in the orphanage. Both her parents died at an early age and Shion could not find any relatives that were related to Sayuri, thus leaving her on the streets. She is also reserved and very quiet. Only Amarante and Naruto can talk to her openly.

Akari Uzumaki

Age: 12

Description: Red hair. Wore a red chiapo the first time Naruto met her. Her hair reaches her spine and is 5 foot 3

Affinity: Unknown (to Naruto, anyway)

Background: Akari is the twin sister of Anka and half-sister to Naruto and Naruko. She is a genin of the rebuilt Whirlpool village, though no one but the Hokage knows anything about it. Her father is Arashi Namikaze.

Anka Uzumaki

Age: 12

Description: Red hair. Wore a purple chiapo the first time Naruto met her. Her hair reaches her rear and she is 5 foot 2.

Afinity: Unknown

Background: Anka is the twin sister of Akari and half-sister to Naruto and Naruko. She is a genin of the rebuilt Whirlpool village, though no one but the Hokage knows anything about it. Her father is Arashi Namikaze.

Story Updates:

Chapter 9 of IMTJAP: 50% complete

Chapter 3 of SU: Haven't Started Yet

Chapter 2 of Separated: Haven't Started Yet

Naruko's attire in "Something Unexpected"

Sorry for not updating any stories for a while. I've suffered the unsufferable writer's block on all my stories. But rest assured that it will be over and i will be updating my stories.

Thanks to all that have voted on the poll and wanted to have my two OC's and Kushina added into the relationship. Now i know where the story will be headed.

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Jutsu List

Fuuton: Ken o Senkai (Wind Release: Swirling Swords): Charges chakra and forms sharp air swords that when fired, seek out the target. B-rank Offensive jutsu.

Fuuton: Genzai no kūki o tsutsumu (Wind Release: Enveloping Air Current): Forms an air shield around the user, protecting them from everything except for high level fire jutsus. B-rank defensive jutsu.

Fuuton: Washi no kōtō (Wind Release: Soaring Eagle): Forms an eagle out of air that soars to the target. Very high destructive power. A-rank offensive jutsu.

Doton: Īsutā-tō no atama (Earth Release: Easter Island Head): By charging chakra and slamming the ground, an easter island head is formed to block an incoming attack. Low B-rank defensive jutsu.

Katon: Jigoku no hōyō (Fire Release: Inferno's Embrace): Creates a small ring of fire around the user, protecting the user from harm. B-rank defensive jutsu.

Raiton: Dōtai shīrudo(Lightning Release: Conductor's Shield): Creates a magnetic shield around the user, absorbing any lower raiton jutsu and lessening the damage of a higher rank one. C-rank defensive jutsu.

Suiton: Taki o koete (Water Release: Transcending Waterfall): Using a nearby water source, the user creates a torrential waterfall to crush opponents. A-rank offensive jutsu.

Fuuton: Dai tatsumaki(Wind Release: Grand Tornado): Using the surrounding air, the user creates a medium-sized tornado that causes a lot of collateral damage. A-rank offensive jutsu.

Suiton: Nami o abare(Water Release: Rampaging Wave): Creates a humongous wave of water that runs over the target. Very high scenery damage. A-rank offensive jutsu.

Mokuton: Mori no ikari (Wood Release: Woodlands Rage): A jutsu exclusive to Sayuri. By charging chakra into her hands and slamming it into the ground, she can make any surrounding foliage come alive and attack her enemy. High chakra loss makes this her ultimate jutsu. S-rank.

Katon: Fureafenikkusu(Fire Release: Phoenix Flare): The user breathes out fire that takes the form of a phoenix. The phoenix extends its wings and shines brightly, blinding the enemy. C-rank supplemental jutsu.

Katon: Honoo o funsai(Fire Release: Crushing Flame): The user spits out a wave of fire that hits the target and burns just about anything. B-rank offensive jutsu.

Suiton: Mizuiro no iki(Water Release: Aqua's Breath): Much like Gunshot, Aqua's breath has the user shoot a sphere of water. However, Aqua's Breath is more destructive then Gunshot and causes more damage. B-rank offensive jutsu.

Raiton: Shōgekiha(Lightning Release: Shockwave): Charging chakra, the user sends out a medium sized shock charge from their hands. C-rank offensive jutsu.

Raiton: Jiki shadan(Lightning Release: Magnetic Blockade): Stronger version of Conductor's shield. B-rank defensive jutsu.

Raiton: Kaminari no hakai(Lightning Release: Thunder Destruction): Stronger version of Shockwave. B-rank offensive jutsu.

Raiton: Gensō-tekina shōheki(Lightning Release: Illusionary Barrier): The user forms a barrier of electricity in front of him/her. Anything that is physical that comes into contact with the barrier will receive a shock to their system. A-rank defensive jutsu.

Doton: Terakotta no ikari(Earth Release: Terra's Wrath): Rei's ultimate jutsu. By charging a massive amount of chakra into her hands, she is able to split the earth and create an abyss that swallows all enemies. S-rank

Kenpō: Fuuton: Aiorosu no surasshu (Sword Art: Wind Release: Aeolus's Slash): By charging wind chakra into an offensive weapon and releasing it, Naruto creates an air slash that when hits, cuts very deep into a person or object. B-rank

Kenpō: Fuuton: Kaze no gairan (Sword Art: Wind Release: Disturbance of Winds): A more powerful version of the Great Breakthrough. A-rank.

Kenpō: Fuuton: Tengoku no namida-fū(Sword Art: Wind Release: Heavenly Wind Tear): The next level of Aeolus's Slash. Can cut someone in two if it hits. A-rank.

Kenpō: Hoshi no dansu(Sword Art: Dance of the stars): Naruto rushes at an opponent along with three clones. The real one slashes horizontally while the other three slash vertically. B-rank.

Fuuton: Daburu-fū no hakai(Wind Release: Double Wind Destruction): By saturating enough chakra into the air and then releasing it, Naruto creates two very sharp air slices that can decapitate a person. Strength of the jutsu depends on the amount released. C to A-rank.

Kenpō: Hanketsu o kōjun (Sword Art: Descending Judgment): Naruto creates five clones and rushes in. All of the Naruto's then target a certain part of the body and removes the appendage. What makes this move so devastating is the speed at which Naruto moves. It rivals the speeds of Lee and Gai. One of Naruto's ultimate jutsu's. S-rank.

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