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And the winners are...

People's Choice: One Bartender, Shaken and Stirred by GrayMatters

Best Embodiment of the Theme: Siobhan's Short Skirt by Winterstale

Smut Pick: Through My Eyes by Picklewinkle

Best Overall (three-way tie!): A Handsome Woman by Viola Cornuta and Winterstale, Projection by SinShameGuilt, The Shape of Things To Come by bookjunkie1975

Hot'n' Heavy Lovin': A Curvaceous and Bodacious Bombshell Fic Contest

Ladies, it’s time we embrace curvaceousness rather than view it as a consolation prize. Bring us your BootyliciousRoses, your VoluptuEsmes, your Bombshellas, and your CurvyLeahs! We're looking for stories that showcase your best curvy ladies, to celebrate, not berate. We aren't interested in demonizing skinny ladies - we love and respect women of all shapes and sizes - but right now, we want to hump the curvy ones! The idea of this contest is to promote fic with curvy women, so it won't be anonymous. PLEASE PROMOTE YOUR ENTRY AND THE CONTEST.

Love, from your hosts:
Chele681, Einfach_Mich, MJinAspen

1. The Theme:
- The theme of each entry does not have to focus entirely on the shape and size of the heroine, but how you define and use her curvaceousness is a major scoring factor.

2. Entries MUST Be:
- New material written for the competition and stand-alone. Participants are welcome to continue the story after the contest concludes.
- Appropriately rated. Please take into account violence as well as language and sexual content when rating your entries.
- One submission per person.
- Between 2,000 and 15,000 words.
- Beta'd. Entries must be free of major spelling and grammar errors or be disqualified.

3. Entries CAN be:
- Any pairings, canon and non-canon.
- Any characters.
- Any universes.
- Any ratings.
- Any genres.
- Collaborations.

4. Entries may be disqualified for being:
- A message that bodaciousness (yes, it’s a word in the Dictionary for the Voluptuous Vamp) isn’t awesome. If the curvy female character has to lose weight, get surgery or transform her body in ANY way to find love, sexual fulfillment, or any kind of validation the story will be disqualified.
- Slash. This contest is for bootylicious ladies to take center stage in Twilight fanfiction. So, no slash, but femslash is welcome and encouraged.
- Bashing women of any size, or shape. This is about positivity, not "getting back at the skinny bitches".
- Entries containing rape, pedophilia, incest, bestiality or other content deemed “unacceptable” as defined by the hosts.

1. Post your contest entry to your profile with this header:
Story Name:
Total Word Count:

2. Send a PM to this FFn account or an email to, including your contact info and a link to your fic. Entries may take a few days to validate, so don't worry if your story isn't posted right away. We'll contact you if there's an issue with the entry, or if your entry has not been accepted to the contest. It should appear on the C2 account shortly after being accepted.

Open for Submission: March 8, 2011
Closed for Submission: April 12, 2011
1st Wave of Public Voting begins: April 15, 2011

2nd Wave of Public Voting begins: April 22, 2011

Public Voting closes: April 29, 2011
Prizes and Awards announced: May 6, 2011

The amount of public open voting rounds is dependent on amount of entries we receive. This calendar will be updated with that information if applicable and whenever possible.


JUDGING CRITERIA: Entries will be scored based on story details, story progression, originality of plot, character depth & development, writing, overall impression of the story, use of theme, grammar, and spelling. Judges will choose Best Use of the Theme and Judges' Choice.

VOTING: The public vote will decide the People's Choice Award.

HOSTS' CHOICES: MJ, Chele and Jeanne decided to bear the burden of judging Best Smut. *ahem* We also have a few other acknowledgments bouncing around in our brains, but we aren't ready to release them just yet ;)

PRIZES: Winners will receive custom banners for their stories and pimpage on any and every blog site we can get our hands on.

INSPIRATION: Visit out Tumblr and follow us on Twitter for pics and videos to inspire you. Some of these links may be considered NSFW.

PROMOTION: We welcome and encourage pimping or promotion of this contest. Spread the love and adoration of the female form and your entry in this contest with banner #1 banner #2 banner #3 and/or these avis: avi avi#2 avi#3 avi#4 avi#5 created by the luscious Einfach_Mich. Thank you!

MORE AVIS HERE: Pink Smooth Pucker Corset 'Tude Pink Party Gold Chocolate Punk Retro

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