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Hey there! Umm... I'm not quite sure what to put down here... So, random facts?^_^

1) I'm MAJORLY OBSESSED with My Chemical Romance:3!

2) If I could marry Japan I so would.

3) People keep saying to me, ''Oh Kelsey, you look like a manga!" which to be honest isn't quite right because I'm human, not a book. I know they mean a manga character, but still! And it's only because I have a baby face. -_-

4) I find it hard to hate someone without them doing anything to affect me personally. It's a blessing and a curse, because I can meat some nice people who I thought would be mean but it works vice-versa...

5) I LOVE CRAZYJOSIE. Well, she is my best friend! ^_^

6) I scream. A lot.

7) I know my French teacher is racist to fat people. I know it...

8) I find it hard to stay sane. You should meet me, I say the most weird things... Like "insperminate" because I forgot the word fertilize, or "I'LL RUN YOU OVER WITH MY BROOM BROOM CAR!" which I've been saying a lot recently while pretending to steer a driving wheel and going brrrrrrmmmmmmm brrrrrmmmmm!

9) I am the leader of an army of pink-frosted cupcakes. They listen to my every command and can rip the flesh off of any human with their razor-sharp teeth! >:)

10) I love basically everything. It's amazing. Except screamo, heavy metal and An Cafe - no, just no people.

11) I intend on breaking the music business. If it fails my fallback will be a plus-sized stripper - they're all the rage right now. :3

12) I talk about cheese a lot. And I hate it.

13) I may eat chicken but I'm still a vegetarian.

There's definitely room for improvement on this, but I don't know... G'night!;D