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I am a typical english girl who loves to read and write , although becuse of my stupid dyslexia I have trouble spelling T_T but that won't stop me from writing awesome storys XD

my name is Elizabeth , I have blue eyes (well duh) I am an old fashioned kidda gal so I enjoy reading books like jane eyre, little women ect...,writing hellsing fanfics is what I do best I just love the anime! and the ova is good too I love Schroedinger!

just moved from plymouth to leeds so I is a little slow on updating at the moment ^_^" I love getting reviews cuz it sortta gives me encouragement so whoever is looking at this (I presume you have read one of my stories...) please don't forget to reveiw!

my Favourite author on fanfic would have to be...(gah so hard to choose!) he will knock four times I defiantly recommend his/her stories ( I don't know if they are a guy or gal T_T) there are truly amazing and the best bit is its all AXS!!!!! >_

My favourite story on fanfic would have to be ...I cant choose T_T

I love AXS (for hellsing) I don't ship IXA becuse I don't think that integra would go behind her familys name and fall for a blood crayed no life king O_O I do like a little PXS but I don't like the fact that he dies! I mean WTH!!?? I know that hellsing is not ment to be all lovie dovey but c'mon!!!

I don't like twilight...yes I went there.Vampire don't sparkle they burn!

fav anime: uh hellsing , elfen lied , inuyasha , vampire kinght(sorta) ouran high shkl club, trinity blood etc...

least fav anime: ...just one...card captor...never watch it trust me T_T

a bit about me: just so you get a little idea of the perons whom stories your readin XD My star sign is a leo I can be very hot headed espcially when he laptop decides to take a vaction...I love getting reviews! I have a slighlty gothy side to me (don't jude me!) that does not mean I sleep in the day and cover my slef in black ¬_¬ I love drawing, writing playing music I have a have a fear of wasps and elevators I love japanise culture I have always wanted to go and walk in a cherry blossum garden ^_^ and I ...

mum: lizzy its nidnight! go to bed >:C!!

me: ok lemmie just...

mum: and what are they still doing here!? (points at seras and alucard)

me:uh there staying the night? uh mum why are you looking at me like that O_O" (hits on head with rolling pin)

seras: umm matser don't you think we should help her...

alucard: are you kidding this is the best part!! XD

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Blood Maid reviews
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