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Hello, all!

I joined fanfiction.net because I love reading fanfiction almost as much as I love writing it. The hard part, though, for me, is taking the ideas swarming around my head, getting them down onto paper, and shaping them into something actually coherent.

The stories here are a result of what happens when I succeed.

Happy reading!


My Stories


A TARDIS In New York City (A Doctor Who/Avengers Story)

Hello, My Name is Norbert(a) (A Harry Potter Story)

The Harry Potter Generation (An Avengers Story)

Harriet Potter (A Harriet Potter Story)

Sir Percival Makes a Miss-Stake (A Miss-Merlin Story)

Gwaine's Miss-Understanding (A Miss-Merlin Story)

Voldemort's Miss-Understanding (A Miss-Merlin Story)

Something is A-Miss With Merlin (A Miss Merlin Story)

Merlin's Miss-ing Years (A Miss-Merlin Story)

Clarke's Third Law (A Clarke's Law Story)

Clarke's First Law (A Clarke's Law Story)

Masked Men and Where to Find Them (A Harry's Home for Wayward Superheroes Story)

Working On:

Harriet Potter: The Later Years (A Harriet Potter Story)

Clarke's Second Law (A Clarke's Law Story)

Updates and Notices

Update (3/1/14): So I am not dead, I promise. I'm hard at work on several stories-- the next line of stories for both Miss Merlin and Harriet Potter .I also have an Avengers one-shot up my sleeve (I'll tell you nothing else! Spoilers!) and have been toying with the idea of some Supernatural fics. Now I just need to write all of this stuff down.

On a different note, I will no longer be updating my livejournal account (under the same name), since I've found it hard to maintain both accounts, and since most of my readership is here anyway. I will however be keeping the account open so that people looking for my stories there will be able to find them. There's nothing more frustrating than looking for a deleted story. In the meantime, thanks for bearing with me! I appreciate your patience!

Updated (6/18/13): You can now follow me on tumblr. My username is Redhairedbeggargirl, inspired by the Charles Baudelaire poem of the same name :)

Update (12/28/12): With the New Year approaching, I thought I'd give a quick outline of my future plans for my stories and let you know what I'll be working on, though, to be honest, not much has changed since my last update. So, in no particular order...

Miss-Merlin series: I'll be finishing up Voldemort's Miss-Understanding and I can announce that this story will be taking a decidedly AU turn (as if making Merlin a girl, sticking her with Gwaine, and throwing into 21st Century London wasn't AU enough...) in terms of the Season 5 finale of Merlin. Despite how heartbreaking it was, I did love the finale and found it beautiful, but by making Miss-Merlin slightly AU in that respect, it will give me more freedom to continue writing this series, which is something I really hope to do.

Clarke's Laws: This series will be wrapping up soon. I have only a few chapter's left of Clarke's First Law, followed by a short and fluffy Clarke's Second Law. There may be some one-shots to round the whole thing off.

Harriet Potter: I am still working on the first one-short for this series, which I know I promised ages ago, but it feels very strange to write in such a different style for Harriet. Regardless, I hope it will be up soon. I do want to finish at least one more of my projects (see above) before I start posting something new, but I tend to be particularly bad at those sorts of resolutions, so we'll see.

Anything else: Who knows what will come up. A sequel for Hello, My Name is Norbert(a)? A Game of Thrones story? A Lizzie Bennet Diaries fic? Something completely random for one of my other series? Only time will tell! Feel free to send me suggestions, too, by the way. I am always open to new story ideas!

Update (6/6/12): There's not really anything going on right now, but I thought I'd take the time to give a quick note about what I've been working on and the projects I have planned for these next few months.

So, first off, Harriet. I'm on the last few chapters of Harriet, but I'm not going to give an exact number. I've been getting some comments lately asking about who I'm going to pair Harriet with. The answer? Nobody! At least, not yet. Harriet will only run through Harriet's second year, at which point I think she is way too young to have a boyfriend. That said, I would like to do a series of one-shots set after Harriet which would look at Harriet's later years and (maybe) pair her with somebody. As for who that will be? It's a surprise.

Next, Clarke's Laws. So I'm working on Clarke's First Law right now and, even though it's coming rather slowly, it is coming. If I had it my way, I'd love to write a Clarke's Second Law, too, so I'd have all three laws done, but I'm still working out possible plots for that story. In the meantime, I have a few other things in the works for the Clarke's Law 'verse, so stay tuned!

For the Miss-Adventures of Gwaine, I've been asked to do a sequel/Harry Potter crossover that I'm really excited about, but not really sure how to start. I'm working on it in between Clarke's First Law and Harriet, but I really do hope to start posting it sometime in the early summer-ish.

I've also gotten a lot of comments asking for a sequel to Hello, My Name is Norbert(a) (and yes, the parentheses are supposed to be there... stupid Fanfiction title-thingy). I really want to write one. I'm just not sure how I would make it work. So I'm not saying "No," I'm just saying, "Not just yet."

Anything random coming up? Probably. If the plot-bunnies deem it so. Just check back every so often if you're interested.

Thanks for letting me ramble! Have a great summer!

Update (11/24/11): It's only been a month, but I feel like I've been away from ages. Good news? I'm back! That means I should be updating both of my stories at my normal rate (so about once a week for Clarke's Third Law and once a month of Harriet Potter). On another note, I have a Livejournal account. As of this posting, I've only posted Clarke's Third Law (it's now up to date with the chapters posted on ). I haven't posted Harriet Potter yet because I'd like to do some editing first. Some of the earlier chapters are quite bad (I'd like to think that they've improved, but I could just be deluding myself). Any ways, thanks for your patience with me and I hope you enjoy my stories.


Update (10/24/11): Hello all! Thanks for taking the time to read this update really quick. Okay, so remember how I mentioned in one of my author's notes that I wasn't feeling well? (No? Well just pretend you do). I might have underplayed it a bit. I was actually in the hospital on several different antibiotics treating a very persistent lung infection. It wasn't life threatening or anything (the doctors caught it early), but it did take quite a bit out of me.

Almost a month later, I'm finally out and on the mend! I'm feeling much better, which is great! One problem: I'm still in school. That means make-up work, a lot of it. And my lung infection had the horrible timing of waiting until midterm season to strike, so I missed all of those. As such, I am extremely swamped and working as hard as I can to get everything done before finals (which are in December). I'm actually hoping to get it all done by Thanksgiving, but we'll see.

The point is that updates will be slower than usual until I'm more caught up. I'll be writing, but more sporadically than normal. Still, you can expect updates to at least one of my stories at least once a month. Maybe even both, but probably just one. I'm really sorry! I'm trying to get all my work done as fast as I can!

Thanks for your understanding,


A Few Odds and Ends

Being a writer is the only profession in which you are applauded for being able to kill people in a creative way.

Thanks for grapemartini on Livejournal for the amazing picture manip that I used for my profile!

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