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Hey! My name is Mark. Yes, my real name is Mark.

If you are here, you may have heard of me on either Fanfiction or DCW. After all, I only have one story in progress, and it's called The Hunt. I didn't expect anybody to come to my profile because of just one story.

Anyway, enough with the chitchat. Stuff about me:

I am a Detective Conan fanfic writer. I'm pretty bad at it; my mind's hardwired for evaluation.

I am a really slow writer. It takes about 2 weeks to a whole 2 months for me to finish a few segments. The reason for this is that I prefer to embed my stories with some colorful figurative language like some of my writing idols. In a way, my stories are for people who enjoy deep literature, but is still enjoyable for those who don't like reading Shakespeare.

If you are going to read my stories, here's a tip: Everything is intentional. Well, except for that little typo here and there, but we can keep that a secret, right? Anyway, if I give little explanation, that is on purpose. I don't want reviews saying to "explain more" unless I NEED to "explain more". If I conceal something from you, it is on purpose. I have reasons. Even the chapter names are on purpose. Yes, some sound cool, but they are there FOR A REASON. I very much pay attention to minute details.

My favorite character in DC would have to be either Conan or Kogoro, hands down. Conan...he's the main character, for freaking Pete's sake. And Kogoro...he goofs around, but shows surprising intelligence and awesome judo moves.

My favorite anime character of all time is Lupin III. Goofy, aloof, and comical, but still gets a job done. Master of disguise, pervert, what else can you ask from him?

Anyway, I don't make fanfic writing a priority. I have a life: A love life, school, homework, and other places. I always make a little time to work on my fanfics, but yeah, I don't have much time. I can't do much with 30 minutes.

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