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March 11,

My goodness, an update! I've switched from writing to beta-reading and editing for the time being, as well as working on my own personal stuff. So far, I've found some really cool authors with some really nifty stories. For now, I'll consider myself maxxed out. If one should ever fall inactive, I might pick up another, or if my Spring suddenly gets quieter, I'd be tempted. Until then, happy reading (and writing)!

My final decision on Dance... it will not be continued.

Stories on Hold

And That's What It's All About: Buffy Summers' destiny gets pulled into the Living Force and the whirlwind adventure leading to the final crescendo of the Clone Wars... with semi-disastrous results. I know the end of the journey, but getting there is half the problem. Next chapter: Buffy gets a shiny, toy surprise!

Dance: Willow goes to a magical university that's just opened in England to promote International Magical cooperation. She meets Harry Potter and his group of friends and her life will change forever. ABANDONED

If you want to know anything... just ask! I'm hoping to finish up my Harry Potter-related crossover stories before the final Harry Potter book comes out in July, depending on the outcome, I may not wish to write anymore. But rest assure, I've got enough planned beyond the HP world...

Email: ajaynac@hotmail.com

And That's What It's All About
Part 18 Reviewer Comments

FirstQueen: Hi, thanks and will definitely try to.

Lightdemondarkangel: We don't get much of those in Minnesota either... it's just so dry lately but what can we do? I'm more concerned about those I know on the Gunflint Trail because the fire is just a lake away from their resort. Anyway, Buffy's got quite an adventure ahead of her. I'm hoping to add more of her adjustments in the next chapter. As for getting through to Anakin, she has a few things up her synthetic sleeve.

Dur'id the Druid: She controlled the droids, basically using their movements to her advantage. This is her body that had nothing controlling it before. Basically it was like learning how to walk, talk, eat, drink and function like a normal human being because the robotic form she was had never performed any of those functions before. As for the death part, that's the only way her "essence" can leave that body would be for her new body to "die". She can't die as she's technically already dead. Thanks!

grd: Buffy is definitely going to maneuver her way into Palpatine's routine and she's definitely going to be working on Anakin.

Green.on.Black: She's not solid-solid like human-solid. Her essence is basically the brain of this new robotic form so technically she is still bound to Obi-Wan. She has been able to get away from him before, like on Cato Neimoidia. But as she assumes more responsibility, she can pull away from her boundaries slightly, but she is still set with a strict set of rules that govern the Living Force, some she will soon be pushing. Unfortunately it seems that Buffy's role in Anakin's life is set up to divide both Obi-Wan and Anakin. Obi-Wan's part over seeing her new human-ish form is in the next chapter.

CharmedChick: Yes, I'm from Minnesota, in a small town about an hour south of the Canadian border. I heard the smoke from the Ham Lake fire was reaching down to Eau Claire, which was shocking. We haven't had these kinds of fires in this area since the early 90s. Thank you for reviewing!

The Sithspawn: Buffy and Anakin have an interesting future ahead of them, that's for sure. Buffy's new body is a plot device, I'm not ashamed to admit it. There is a reason I gave it to her now instead of waiting which will come in a few chapters. But there are consequences to having the body which will also come up in the next few chapters. She does have to work to get the body working so that is an unforeseen thing. As for the fire, thankfully it's moved away from us here. Things are better now and we've been getting bits of rain. Hopefully it'll disappear in the next few weeks because I don't want to live with that panic again.

I figured I'd answer these and get them out of the way.

Will Buffy be paired with anyone?
Once upon a time, the answer was flat-out no. But now I'm beginning to see that there is some connection between her and another character. And the next section of the story will play heavily on that. There are feelings, but whether or not more will come of that is yet to be determined.

What's to come in this story?
Obviously the battle to save Palpatine is well underway. Thus action will continue. By then, Buffy begins to realize that controlling technology with her mind comes at a price and she strives to find a balance between intervention and assistance. Once the Jedi become aware of her, Buffy is given a job which affects the bond she has with both Jedi on her "team". Someone will discover her secret and will use it to their advantage. Buffy will find herself trapped between the Sith and the Jedi and will face a no-intervention clause, but she will risk everything to save one. I can't give too much away or else I'd spoil the surprises...

Where You Have Been
Chapter 23 Reviewer Comments

Naitch03: I killed Hermione. She was the one I knew was going to die since I started 'Where You Have Been'. Macabre, yes, but necessary. I am SO relieved to see this story is finally done... at one point I considered abandoning it... but I really wasn't in the mood to do that... luckily.

CharmedChick: Oh, that's alright! I'm glad you got to say your six cents worth. Giles dies, yes. In fact, if I had written a certain sequel, Giles would have died again. Killing Hermione had been a plan from the beginning... mainly because she was deeply connected to both Harry and Buffy and because I have this unholy fear that she'll die come Book 7. I had to do a shout-out to Anya because I never brought her into the story, even though this story ends around the same time that Buffy Season 5 ended. I'm sad my stories are depressing... maybe I should write something fluffy for once?

Lightdemondarkangel: I never could have killed Buffy, not after killing Faith. I would have had Faith revealing to Harry that she'd look after Granger, but I cut that scene because I liked the flow it had and it was too choppy with Harry being all dulcet about Hermione when it was his last private moment with Faith. Harry and Sirius, I felt, deserved their moment together. Buffy and Sirius had a moment a few chapters before, but I wanted something small to show off their relationship. I am really going to miss writing for them, especially Sirius. Buffy does have to find the next Slayer and she will.

Demongirl024: I think that means I have to go back and re-read my own stories. I couldn't remember whether or not she had spent any significant time with Charlie Weasley or not. Thank you for your review!

Internal Dragon: I'll take the baked goods... I've lived on mango salsa, watermelon and these weird organic chips all weekend... I so need junk food. This was a hard chapter to write... and even with cuts, I'm glad it turned out as good as it did.

MadBrilliant1880: I am so glad I cut Hermione's funeral... my beta convinced me that the chapter was bad enough and that Faith's was important because it added that element between Harry and Sirius, considering Faith's was the last. There are always casualties in war... unfortunately, this war had casualties. Harry giving them awards was something that so reminded me of something my brother-in-law did and Anya's speech was a shout-out because her character wasn't used in this story.

LadyVisionary: Oh, thank you. I'm so sad this story is almost done, but I can't wait for your next story! After the disappointment of Movie 5, I'm looking forward to it even more.

smurfinator: I never wanted to kill Buffy. Unfortunately, Hermione was the one that was always marked in my mind. She still is, too, even if she's one of my favorite characters. I don't know why I left Angel out... I never wrote a scene for that. I love Fred and George... can't wait to see them in the last book. The reunion with Oliver was almost too much to write. Maybe someday I'll go back and add the scenes I took out... part of the reunion between Buffy and Oliver, a moment between Wesley and Tonks and then the moment between the vampires. I will probably never add Hermione's funeral because it was just too hard to write in the first place. I really miss my Hermione, too... long live the know-it-all!

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