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Yello people! What's black and blue and green all over?

The Riddler after he lost to Batsy Brains!


If you haven't guessed yet I'm a big Joker fan.

Although I KNOW that if I accidentally met him in real life there would be nothing stopping him from killing me. Then again, killing is a bit predictable, so maybe to be unpredictable he would leave me alone? Whatever, any who ...


Well, it's not a riddle just a reference.

But whateva!



Oh, and I am really Teritorial. My Profile, MINE!

Moving on.

My Favourite Singers are; Avril Lavigne (Sk8r Boi), P!nk (So What), Adele (Rolling in the Deep), Metro (Black Sheep), Shakira (Waka Waka).

My Favourite Quote is probably something you've never heard before. It goes a little like this;

"I hate getting everything right."

- Kid I know


What I dislike:

a) Let's say you are reading a X-men story and suddenly an OC pops up, they seem nice and then you get let down because they have EVERY SINGLE FREAKING POWER!!!!!!!

b) Anytime a random person reviewed but doesn't have a real profile. IF YOU DO THAT YOU ARE CHICKEN SHIT!!!! It means that you are unable to face a person telling you off.


I wish that Fanfiction allowed us to edit the actual pages of our profiles. Like in YouTube and Twitter.

So, I was just reading Skulduggery Pleasant and thought, what would happen if someone stole the Book of Names. Sooooo, I'm starting to write a fix about it, but first I will need to finish the series to see what the characters are really like.