Tribal Ghost Story
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"Maybe it's just another tribal ghost story..."

.:About Me:.

Current Hobby: Exploring and filming haunted and creepy places with friends.

Special note: I'm a grammar Nazi. I don't care for idiots.


"Gives new meaning to 'getting head'." "Seems as though he got boned." "Well he was quite a dick." "Penis."

"Motherfucking crack-addicted sodomized Xing. Surely he must have hemorrhoids to be this butthurt."

"What did I do to give you the impression I actually care about what you think?"

"Go to hell." "See you there."

"Stop casting spells with your gypsy tongue and speak coherently!"


I used to run a forum back in the day. It started in the Alpha and Omega archive but then grew big enough to be in the General category.

Thanks goes out to all the people who put up with me to make that happen.


I usually frequent forums when I'm really bored.

.:Notes to other Fanfictioniers:.

PMing: If you PM me, don't expect a response to be quick unless you're lucky.

You may not: Don't use or feature my stories or original characters for anything without my permission.

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Your Reviews: If you review my stories with praise, thank you; I really appreciate your time. I love reviews that involve criticism or grammar/spelling corrections. However, if you can't use periods, capitalization or grammar correctly in a review and you're the one trying to criticize me... I find it hard to take you seriously.

Internet troll: Reading this means you will step on a lego, eat a bowl of mixed skittles and M&Ms and watch a jump-scare porno in the near future. All at the same time, in fact.

My Reviewing Habits: I don't review with this profile anymore and don't ask for one, you review slut-bucket... Reviews done in my name after the date 5/29/2011 are not made by me.

.:Updates, Statuses and Stuff:.

Fanfiction Active/Inactive Status- (Active)

Beta Active/Inactive Status- (Inactive) Don't ask. I don't beta anymore.

On Hiatus- (Yes)

Writing Updates: Life's a bitch. I'll get to writing soon.


Below is a list of all of my fanfictions and my personal notes on them. They're in order from top to bottom, first to latest fic written.

Miss You When I'm Without You: My first fic. I knew I could write, but I never knew I could make something that sparked interest in someone. The fic itself can be considered a prologue to Since I Can't Say Goodbye. Thanks to all those who reviewed within the first hour of it being posted, that really made me feel happy and made me continue writing. Why the semi-long name? I dunno. I remember listening to a bunch of sad love songs for inspiration and I think I put all the song titles together.

Since I Can't Say Goodbye: One of my larger projects, the story itself was written over the course of a year and that shows in each chapter. The chapters got better grammar-wise, but began lacking content. The content that WAS there sometimes didn't even pertain to the fic's main idea itself. I plan to redux the entire story because I feel it deserves better. I was surprised at the reception and followers it had gained though, over 100 reviews within a month or two and quadruple that in hits and views. Blew my mind. brah.

Fractured Love: I started it... but then I realized I could go in so many directions with it. Main character fall in love with an OC? Nah, too overused and lame. Main character kills himself out of intense grief? Story of my lif- overused. I plan to do something with it since it got enough people interested when it was posted.

Check out my fanfics if you haven't already.

Keep an eye out for writing updates or even new stories.

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Humphrey faces an emotional struggle with his feelings and heartbreak for the one he loves, but is confronted with a new problem as someone else makes it into his life. "You aren't the same anymore, Humphrey, what's happened?"
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