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Greetings, my friends. I am Deeth Irteen. I like darkness.

My real name is David Kraics, but that name is too boring.

As you can tell by the name, I am a dude.

I'm 23. But who cares about that?

Likes: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Monty Python, Family Guy, Spyro the dragon, Bully Beatdown, Kingdom Hearts, AVGN, The Nostalgia Critic, Cats, Disney movies before 2000, South Park, Oreos, Pizza, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, classic animation, and Princess and the Frog.

Dislikes: The Westbigot Bastard Cult, Dreamworks, Nosebleeds, that slimey green thing on the ground over there, people who hate Bronies.

The "Meh" category (I don't love it, but I also don't hate it): Skylanders,

Greetings, friends and loved ones.

I've started work on a brand new Spyro fanfic. This one is my own personal retelling of A New Beginning, to make it bigger and better than it already was.

I also write short stories, and take commissions to write stories. If you'd like me to write you a short story, just look over here:

There are some people who're working on a fan game of The Legend of Spyro. It's called The Legend of Cynder: Mystery of the Shadows.

You can join their group and try to lend a hand Here:

I'm a Brony. If you don't like it, then FUCK YOU!!

Tenebra ecce Veritas

It's latin. Look it up.

Name: Rune/Runefor

Age: 16-17

Gender: Male

Race: Black Dragon (dark dragon), White dragon

Element(s): All twelve, Convergence, Concurrence, Convexity

Appearance: Normal form: Black hide, grey underbelly, grey horns, grey mane, golden eyes, shining blue glyphs on sides and front upper arms. Other form: White hide, Blood red underbelly, nine grey horns, grey mane, demonic yellow eyes, shining red glyphs.

Family: Mother: Elenar (Deceased), Father: Bane (Possessed), Siblings: Cyrus and Tyrrany, Grandfather: Urobos

Personality: Rune's personality is a complicated one. Most of the time, he is a kind, honest, compassionate young dragon. However, he is also prone to being angered easily, and sometimes finds himself getting enraged over the smallest things. Even so, he always puts others before himself, usually jumping into dangerous situations to help those in need.

His other self, Runefor, is a horrible monster. He's arrogant, sadistic, and cocky. He believes that every other being is nothing more than a pathetic sack of flesh. The only other dragon that he seems to care for is Nellie, and that may not even be real affection.

Biography: Rune has become completely taken over by Runefor, his evil other self. He has currently gone into hiding, with Nellie as his captive.

Fun Facts: Rune is a rare black dragon. Because of this, his is able to wield several elements instead of just one. Rune doesn't realize it, but he's allergic to walnuts. Rune has a passion for reading history books at the Glenhaven librarey. Despite what one might believe, Rune wasn't given his name becasue of the rune-like birthmarks on his body; He was actually named after his great-grandfather, Runileon the Wicked.

Name: Cyrus

Age: 16-17

Gender: Male

Race: Black Dragon (dark dragon)

Element(s): All twelve

Appearance: Black hide, magenta underbelly, grey horns, silver mane, blue-green eyes, shining red glyphs on sides and front upper arms. Female-like build.

Family: Mother: Elenar (deceased), Father: Bane (Possessed), Siblings: Rune, Grandfather: Urobos

Personality: In a way, Cyrus is the opposite of Rune. On the surface, he's optimistic, prideful, and a bit of a show off. Deep down, however, he's has a sense of right and wrong, and isn't one to give up on things.

Biography: Cyrus is currently living in Warfang, helping the other dark dragons fight back against the Victiumirti.

Fun Facts: Like Rune, Cyrus is a black dragon, and therefore wields multiple elements. Unlike Rune, Cyrus likes to flaunt his power whenever possible; This behavior resulted from Cyrus trying to gain his father's attention and failing multiple times when he was a cub. Cyrus has a small crush on a girl dragon named Tina. Cyrus's attitude is similar to that of Spyro from the origional Spyro Trilogy of PS1 games, much like how Rune is similar to the newer Spyro from the Legend Trilogy.

Name: Nellie

Age: 16-17

Gender: Female

Race: Water dragon

Element(s): Water/Ice

Appearance: Blue hide, light blue underbelly, pink horns, light blue mane, maroon eyes, short stature.

Family: Mother: Seraph, Father: Hontus, Siblings: Blank

Personality: Nellie is a quiet young dragoness. She has a strong desire to help anyone close to her. Oftentimes, she is the one who motivates her family and friends from giving up hope in times of hopelessness. She also acts surprisingly mature despite her young age, and is not one to hide her mistakes.

Biography: Nellie has been taken captive by Runefor. What he plans to do with her is currently unknown.

Fun Facts: Despite her element, when Nellie was a cub, she hated it when her mother gave her baths. Nellie has a teardrop-shaped birthmark below her right horn.

Name: Blankridge (Blank)

Age: 16-17

Gender: Male

Race: Fire dragon

Element(s): Fire

Appearance: Orange hide, light orange underbelly, yellow horns, blue mane, maroon eyes, Muscular build

Family: Mother: Seraph, Father: Hontus, Siblings: Nellie

Personality: Blankridge (Blank for short) is quite possibly the opposite of his sister. He's loud, energetic, and adventurous. He's often getting into mischief, sometimes dragging Rune along for the ride.

Biography: Blank and the other kids are currently fighting back against the Victiumirti.

Fun Facts: Blank has a fear of spiders. Despite what you might think, Blank's name wasn't chosen due to a lack of imaginagion on his parents' part. Blank is actually short for Blankridge. Blank's favorite food is sheep intestines.

Name: Emerald

Age: 16-17

Gender: Female

Race: Earth dragon

Element(s): Earth

Appearance: Green hide, light green underbelly, lime green horns, green mane, grey eyes.

Family: Mother: Mimet, Father: Jules, Grandfather: Telus

Personality: Emerald is a cool, calm and collected young dragoness. She's a tad snobbish, but without being a total bitch. She sometimes sees the words and actions of her friends as stupid, but usually helps them out when they're in a tight spot.

Biography: Emerald is currently dating her best friend, Blank.

Fun Facts: Emerald has a fascination with dragon history, and can often be found at the Glenhaven Grand library with Rune. Emerald likes listening to classical music.

Name: Tina

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Dark Memory dragon

Element(s): Memory

Appearance: Dark Yellow hide, Grey underbelly, Bronze horns, Black mane, Blue eyes.

Family: Mother: Lilith, Father: Aegis

Personality: In a word: Tomboy. Tina is a wild, energetic young dragoness. She often behaves like a boy dragon, but somehow has a passion for Flowers.

Biography: Tina now lives in the city of Warfang, alongside her parents and the ruling family of dark dragons. She is STILL unaware that Cyrus has a crush on her.

Fun Facts: Tina's favorite flower is the rare Serenity Rose, which only grows in the Raunn Jungle. Tina is Cyrus's best friend and sees him as a younger brother. She isn't yet aware of Cyrus's crush on her.

Name: Hope/Tyrrany

Age: 17-18

Gender: Female

Race: White dragon

Element(s): All twelve, Convexity.

Appearance: White hide, Silver underbelly, Silver horns, Black mane, Blood red eyes.

Family: Mother: Elenar (Deceased), Father: Bergan Son: Denzel

Personality: Tyrrany is a wild, aggresive, vengeful young dragoness. Or rather, she used to be. Ever since she was tricked into murdering her mother Elenar, and the hatching of her son Denzel, Tyrarny has become much calmer than she used to be.

Biography: Tyrrany has currently gone into hiding with her son Denzel.

Fun Facts: Like Rune and Cyrus, Tyrrany is the great grandchild of a Evil White dragon named Runileon the Wicked. Her best friends are Arthur, a green dragonfly, and Flame, a young red dragon who's slightly younger than her. Flame has a crush on her, and is currently trying to win her over, with little success.

Name: Denzel

Age: 4 months

Gender: Male

Race: Purple dragon

Element(s): Unknown as of this writing

Appearance: Purple hide, Silver underbelly, Yellow horns, Yellow wing membranes, Black mane, Blood red eyes.

Family: Mother: Tyrrany, Father: Flame, Uncles: Rune and Cyrus, Grandparents: Elenar (deceased), Bergan, Anthony, Melissa

Personality: Denzel is only a hatchling as of the time of this writing, so he hasn't really developed much of a personality yet.

Biography: Denzel was conceived when Tyrrany violated Flame. The Fire dragon has forgiven her for the incedent, but Tyrrany is still too afraid to reveal to Flame that Denzel exists. So, the White dragoness has been caring for her son alone, somewhere in the Mountains of Kilon.

Fun Facts: Denzel likes to numb on the end of his mother's tail. It's possible that one of his elements will be Fire, since both of his parents can wield it as well.

Light's gluttony is so grand in scale that it burns everything around it to ashes, whereas darkness is merely as chilly as an Autumn Afternoon by comparison."

-Quartz Daedelus Valenhamm, 1065 C.D.

H - Having

A - Anger

T - Towards

E - Everyone

R - Reaching

S - Success

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