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Heyo all;) I'm back! (sorta kinda). I'm sorry to vanish, but... well... this is the second time that my comp has died in a rather spectacular manner on me, so... erm... Don't you love library comps?

I'm presently 20 odd years old. I'm a tallish thinish femme, dark haired and dark eyed...
I've one blood brother and quiet a few soul sibs, plus an ever growing family it seems.

Okay, onto the stuff that really interests people ;P
I have an OLD series of fics (writtian back in middle school) that I'm putting up here as I go, though I will admit I'm planning on taking it down temporarly to rewrite them soon, and I actually have a few new ones in the works.
I have a few CATS and Gargs fics writtian up on paper somewhere in my house, as well as a few TMNTs fics, not to mention several ideas for more fics bouncing around in my head.

Right, next order of business.
General Fics:
Like: Well writtian, engaging plot, well rounded characters and some action, comody, etc to spice it up. I like angst on occasion, but not overboard.
Dislike: Romance. Sorry to all romance fans, but I go into suger shock after a few minutes. If there's a bit of romance in a fic, and it doesnt take OVER said fic, I'll read and enjoy it, otherwise, I avoid it like the plague.

Like: Well writtian fics, good characterization, old faces from TV and the comics. I do like orig-chars if they're well writtian. I really like TF:G1 and BW, plus several of the japanese series. I LOVE fics that have Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime, but only if they aren't bashing the poor guy;)
Don't Like: TFs being organic under their armor, as the 'armor' is their skin in the first place, loop-holes as big as the grand canyon, and char bashing. The first one is because the TFs are ROBOTS, the second, because, well, loop-holes are annoying;) As for character bashing... If you don't like the character, just don't have them show up in the fic.
Neutral On: I'll read just about any fic if it's well writtian, except my three 'really dislikes'. I'm neutral on BM and TF:G2.

Like: Munkustrap or another under(or never)used char actually getting a part;) I like all of the chars in CATS, but I REALLY like it when one of the rarely used chars gets a main part. Macavity being an ex-Jellicle, but still being 'evil'. Well writtian fics that give a good background to the chars, and good relationships between them all.
Dislike: The chars being out of character, Macavity being an 'unsung hero' (sorry to all Mac fans), Munkustrap being evil, etc...
Neutral on: Original characters. If they're well writtian and well rounded, that's fine by me;) Yaoi/Yuri. This one I personally don't see happening, but, *shrugs* eh, if the fics well writtian, I don't really care.

Ninja Turtles
Like: LEO! RAPH! (and to a slightly smaller extent Don, Mike and Mei;) I LOVE it when the chars are IN character, and when the sib-'rivlery' between Raph and Leo isn't overdone. I like good story lines, solid plots, no loop-holes. Leo vs. Raph (but still caring about each other), Don inventing stuff and Mikey being... well... Mikey;). I usually enjoy original chars. I like the curent TMNT show on the fox box, closely followed by the (Mirage) comic universe, but I oft enoy the others as well. I also love it when the turtles aren't sterotyped.
Dislike: Sterotyping. The guys have very rounded personalities, USE THEM!;) One of the turtles changing gender (I've only seen one fic that had logical reasoning behind that) Leo and Raph truly hating each other, rather then just butting heads on occasion (okay, a lot). Character bashing (particualarly poor Mei[Venus]).
Neutral on: Fics that don't include Mei, kill one of the characters, have the guys falling in love with another species (again, some I like, some I don't).

Like: BROOKLYN!;) I really like the idea of a Brooklyn-Demona relationship, especially considering their hatred towards each other. So far I haven't really hit any fics I REALLY dislike, though I have hit a few 'neutral' ones. I do enjoy original chars if they're well writtian. And as weird as this sounds, dispite liking the Dem/Brook relationship, I also still enjoy Brook/orig-char, I also approve of the 'official' Brook/Sata.
Neutral on: Yaoi/Yuri. If it's well writtian, I'll read it. Goliath being a overly 'my way is the only way', without a solid reason for it. While there's evidence of that in the show (Hunter's Moon springs to mind...) there are a few where it's a tad bit annoying. Give me a logical reason for why he's acting so uptight, or have a well writtian fic, and I'll enjoy it;). Ummm... Demona being REALLY evil, Angela choosing someone besides Broadway and the Quarrymen and P.I.T.

And that's all for now...
Hopefully I'll have my comp up and running again soon, which means the last Chapter of Alone will be put up and the chapters for Is Always Forever will start coming up, as well as a CATS fics I found and reworked , thought that will be showing up slowly, it's a LONG fic.

-JEDI Sheng out!

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