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Author has written 2 stories for Call of Duty, and Jak and Daxter.

Twitter: @FlygonNick

Age: 20

Favorite Shows: Ed Edd n' Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Pokemon, Red vs. Blue, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu gi oh abridged, Dragon Ball Z, TFS abridged, Adventure Time, Rage Quit, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (Yes, I am a Brony. Deal with it).

Favorite Games: Anything with Pokemon in the title, Skyrim, Call of Duty: Black Ops, All 3 Paper Mario games, Kingdom Hearts series, inFamous, inFamous 2, Sly Series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Legend of Zelda Series, Jak Series, and many more.

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Inheritance Cycle, and The Mortal Instrument Series.

Favoirte Artists: Avenged Sevenfold, Elena Siegman, Black Veil Brides, Macklemore, Eminem, Maroon Five, Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams.

About me: Well, I'm freshman in college and I started writing fanfiction by writing a sidestory that no one read. After a year of writing it and realizing no one read it except for two of my friends, I stopped. A few months later I got the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse story, and after mulling it over with some of my best friends, I deicded to try my hand at it. At first it went slow and I messed around for the first few chapters. Then I began to develop the story and people started to like it. I then started my Jak and Daxter story, which has done pretty good too.

Current Stories in Progress:

Apocalypse: Dawn of the Dead-

A Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Fanfic involving the sinister Edward Richtofen and the mysterious Samantha Maxis. Kind of a "what-if" story, and is mainly based on what happens on the Moon concerning Richtofen and Sam.

It was a cool autumn night, the last football game of the season in a small town in Florida, what could possibly go wrong?


Zombies suddenly attack as a plot for power and revenge comes into fruition. As a group of teen survivors band together and fight the undead hordes, they delve into a plot that could determine the fate of the entire world. As they travel, the recieve help from a mysterious force, that will challenge everything they thought they knew Zombies. Can the insane doctor be stopped, or will Richtofen's Grand Scheme be realized? Rated T for gore, sexual jokes and of course, Chuck Norris...I'm not kidding either. ;)

My other story is a post-Jak III story.

Cyber Errol may be gone, but the fight against the Metal Heads has become deadlier than ever. After a brutal Metal Head attack on the Freedom League HQ leaves Haven City in chaos and kills Kiera, Jak is injured and he and Daxter are rescued by an strange group of warriors. After being treated at the Warrior's ship, Jak and Daxter learn they were saved by a group of agents known as the Avenging Angels, a group of fighters who had loved ones killed at the hands of the Metal Heads, and vowed to rid the world of the Metal Head's influence and protect the world from the them. Jak joins them and delves right into the very heart of the mystery behind the Metal Heads. Even with a team of highly skilled warriors watching his back, do Jak and Daxter have what it takes to destroy the Metal Heads for good? Or will Darkness prevail, and the Precursor's champion be destroyed? Rated T for mild language, blood and gore, and sexual themes.

Black Ops II Zombie Playdate Schedule (Times Schedule to Change):

Date: _

Time: _ Eastern Standard Time (Florida Time)

Map: _

Easter Egg Attempt: _

Apocalypse Re-Upload Update: Chapter 3

Favorite Animes: DragonBall Z, Naruto, Hellsing, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh.

Favorite Quotes:

"You ever wonder why we're here?" - Private First Class Dick Simmons.

"PROTECT ME CONE!" -Private Dexter Grif.

"Memory is the Key" A.I. Delta.

Apocalypse: Dawn of the Dead AMA (In Progress):

1. Why did you choose the name FlygonN?

I've always liked Flygon, and it's become one of my favorite Pokémon over the years, even as I play the new games, Flygon continues to be my favorite Pokemon. As for the name, I used to go by some variation of FlygonNick on an old Pokémon forum I used to be on, it stuck, and when I came to this site, I changed it a bit and came up with FlygonN. I plan on changing my name to FlygonNick in the future to keep everything the same, until then, I'm FlygonN.

2. Do you watch yu-gi-oh! abridged?

Yes I do. I'm always on the lookout for new episodes of it, and I'm subscribed to LittleKuriboh on YouTube. I used to quote Bandit Keith and the hair-guy all the time when I was in 9th grade. IN AMERICA!

3. What got you into Zombies?

I got into Zombies after watching my cousin play a few rounds of Kino shortly after BO came out. I was pretty new to the whole COD thing, so that was my first big experience with it, and I thought it was really cool from the get-go. At first I was terrible at Zombies, but I got better and grew to enjoy it even more when I realized that there was a really cool storyline to it, as well as the whole slaughtering undead hordes with cool weapons and stuff.

4. What is your theory behind the whole cutscene after Origins?

I have several theories, but the one I'm sticking with is the alternate dimension theory for Zombies. As shown in the Origins and Der Reise and Ascension, time travel and inter-dimensional travel are possible in the Zombies universe. I think that everything that happened in Origins happened in an alternate universe, hence why the characters are so much younger, why there's giant robots, and it explains Samantha's appearance on the map and the "Crazy Place".

5. Will you do a RWBY story when you finish this one, and will you be accepting OCs for one?

I've considered it, and I've come up with a few ideas for one, but most likely I won't have time to do one. And if I did do one, I wouldn't accept OC's for that one. As stated in earlier chapters, I plan to do a long Pokémon fanfic, and that one I will be accepting OC's when I start out. The difference between that story and this story is that I'm actually having an application process for that one, since I have big plans for that fanfic.

6. Will I include the Panzar Soldat in the story?

If I cover Origins, which I probably will, then yes. Absolutely...If only to make jokes about how insanely OP it is.


Alright, so if you’re reading this then you’ve been following me for some time and want to submit an OC for my third story, Second Chances.

Fill out the template below with the details regarding your characters. Please use as much detail as you need to. Childhood and influences, quirks and team dynamics, all of it. Follow the guidelines and you’ll be fine. I will only accept applications from people who met the requirements outlined below:

Qualifications to submit an OC INCLUDE-

-You have to have reviewed at least ten times on my "Apocalypse: Dawn of the Dead" story or seven times on my "Jak IV: The Avenging Angels" story.

-You need to have spoken to me online at some point, whether it be PM or on PSN or XBOX Live. Feel free to message me and chat me up about stuff.

-Some sort of writing experience on this site. You must have some sort of story on the site.

-Have experience with Pokémon and be a fan of the series

-Have an active account on Fanfiction . net. No guest reviewers are eligible.

-Have another way for me to get ahold of you besides this site (PSN, XBOX Live, Skype, ect)

Now, here are the details I will disclose for the story.

This story takes place many years after Pokémon Coliseum, eight years afterwards. It is placed several months after the events of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. The story takes place in Unova region, where Wes’s journey will take him.

This story includes elements of both Pokémon Coliseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, and Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Also, I am including everything including Pokémon from Gen VI, meaning all Pokémon from X and Y are game. Mega Evolutions however, are not. At least not yet. I will disclose more information about that down the road.

Now, I am looking for the following spots to fill in this story.

-2 Team Neo Plasma or Cipher Admin Boss Trainers. These trainers will serve as antagonists in the story and will be semi-main characters and have recurring roles in the story.

-3 Minor characters. They aren’t necessarily unimportant, they simply just don’t get as much screentime down the road. These characters will receive a bit more leeway than others simply because I feel that I shouldn’t scrutinize a character that won’t be in the story for extended periods of time.

-2 Main Characters. There two characters will have much more screentime and will of course have a greater role in the plot. However, I will scrutinize these submissions much more thoroughly than other submissions.

What NOT to put in an App.

-That they have met a Legendary Pokémon or have caught a legendary.

-That they have a shiny on their team. If you must include a shiny, be realistic.

-Overpowered Pokémon Team, set limits for your character and balance strengths with weaknesses.

-Unrealistic character backstories.

-More to come.

Below is a list of Pokémon already owned by characters in the story. While this doesn’t necessarily make them unavailable for use, it would hardly make your team seem original if it contained half a team that has Pokémon already used.

Jolteon, Glaceon, Luxray, Flygon, Honchcrow, Lucario, Swanna, Darmanitan, Lilligant, Blaziken, Tyranitar, Absol, Metagross, Haxorus, Charizard, Gengar, Aggron, Zoroark, Ditto, Gyrados.

These are all Pokémon Confirmed to appear in Second Chances. Feel free to use any of the Pokémon when creating your OC’s team, but be aware that they will already appear and using many of these Pokémon won’t help your chances of getting a character in the story.

As I said before, I have the final say-so in the crafting of this story and the characters in it. I can do what I want with the character submitted but I will of course be collaborating with the creators of the OC’s that get accepted.

Here it is.

Second Chances Original Character Form:

Character Name: (Full Name)




Number of Badges: (List how many badges they have in each region, especially Unova)

Basic Physical Description:




Quirks/Traits of Interest:

Pokémon Team (Name, Species, Ability, moveset, personality. Up to six Maximum. Please include details on which one is their starter and each Pokémon’s relationship with their trainer and their other teammates)

Backstory (Personal history, how they met their Pokémon team, how they came to Unova if from another region, any sort of involvement with Cipher of Team Plasma, ect)


Good or Bad?:

Now, here is an example of what I am expecting to get. Please feel free to use as many details as you need to. You only get one chance to submit a character OC, so make it count. Send the final application over DocX on FF . net when you’re ready. Feel free to PM me on this site with any and all question you have about the application or the story and I will answer all questions to the best of my ability. Do not give me your emails, as this site deletes them when you write them down. Just message me on here.

Here is the example to follow for OC Applications. This is the bio for Vivian, who has appeared in both of my stories stories as a cameo from Second Chances. This is what I am expecting from you all.

Second Chances Original Character Form:

Character Name: Vivian Delacourt

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Race: Caucasian

Basic Physical Description: Vivian stands at about five foot eight, and has a slim build and fair skin. She is has long black hair that reaches down to about chest-level with a blue highlight in it. Her dark red eyes are normally described as shimmering and mesmerizing.

Clothing: She normally wears a dark purple long-sleeved shirt with black jeans and black boots, though when she’s travelling on the road she wears a pair of ripped jeans and a long, usually dark colors.

Personality: Vivian is possibly one of the most complex characters in the story. She has a rather dark and twisted personality, delighting in the misery of those who she deems boring (usually antagonists or Cipher members) and even in the misfortunes of those who consider her a friend. Despite this, she is not cruel person. She’s almost always in a cheerful mood, even during a stressful situation, and hardly ever shows annoyance, anger, worry, or sadness.

Vivian has some good qualities, despite her rather twisted personality. She is utterly loyal to her friends, shown in her interactions with Noah and when she first meets Aria, and will not hesitate to protect them if she feels they need her assistance. Also, she displays a great deal of intelligence in not just the Pokémon world, but life in general. She can be quite charitable at times, as all she makes sure all proceeds from her concerts go to helping abused Pokémon and whenever Noah goes to the hospital, she is almost always the first one by his side.

Skills: Aside from being a capable battler, Vivian shows incredible skill at playing the violin. This stems from years of practice and is ultimately the only thing that convinces the others that she is actually sane.

She is also fairly athletic and resourceful and won’t hesitate to exploit someone’s weakness to get what she wants. Her other notable talents include ventriloquism, tennis, and of course breaking the fourth wall.

Quirks/Traits of Interest: Vivian has a habit of giggling at the misfortunes of others, and downright cackles when she is particularly happy. She also tends to play her violin in public, though when annoyed she will play a very sharp and horrible note on her ever-present violin.

Pokémon Team (Name, Species, Ability, moveset, personality. Up to six Maximum)

1. Name: Arpeggio

Species: Chatot (Male)

Ability: Keen Eye


Hyper Voice



Aerial Ace

Personality: As Vivian’s starter, Arpeggio knows her best and is usually perched on her shoulder. Arpeggio is a cheerful and light-hearted bird who seems to share Vivian’s taste in music, often singing as she plays her violin. Arpeggio, while not her strongest Pokémon, is Vivian’s closest friend and has a very close connection with her. He is also the leader of the team as well, though he doesn’t really take that position seriously.

2. Name: Decrescendo

Species: Alakazam (Male)

Ability: Synchronize



Energy Ball

Shadow Ball


Personality: Decrescendo, or Decres, is the voice of reason in the team. He is calm and level-headed, making him quite like Vivian in regards of rarely showing fear or anger. He is loyal to Vivian without reserve, as she saved his life when he was a small Abra, and he will follow her into the depths of hell if he must. He looks out for his teammates as well and will not hesitate to protect them or her with his formidable abilities. He’s often the peacekeeper or the team and of other teams, and will not hesitate to break up an argument with his psychic abilities. Because of his intellect, others look to him for advice and support.

3. Name: Marziale (Female)

Species: Eelektross

Ability: Levitate




Crush Claw

Hyper Beam

Personality: Mariziale is the exact opposite of Arpeggio. Whereas he is cheerful, Mariziale is usually grim and solemn, always serious about the situation and can be downright pessimistic at times. She is easily annoyed by Arpeggio and those who have a similar personality, causing some to call her a killjoy and boring. She is however a very skilled battler and is able to handle pressure quite well. Mariziale met Vivian at the halfway point in her journey at Chargestone Cave and was captured in the normal fashion.

History: Vivian was born and raised in Unova in Accumula Town, where she was raised by two retired musicians who were renowned for their skill in music and battling. Deemed a child prodigy in music at the age of five, she was the pride and joy of Accumula Town. Despite this, she was considered “odd” by the neighborhood kids who rarely played with her because she was a bit…scary. She never resented them for it though and simply played alone or played her violin. Though she was never tested, she was considered by a few of the adults in her town to not only be a musical prodigy but a genius as well, having an intellect far beyond her years.

She was presented with a Chatot for her 10th birthday as her starter Pokémon, but did not set out on her journey right away. She instead waited for two years, honing her skills with her violin even further and getting to know her knew Pokémon better. She left for her journey on her 12th birthday and took her time travelling the Unova region, simply wandering from town to town with no clear destination in mind.

When she was 14 she had her first interaction with Team Plasma and heard Ghetsis’s speech when she returned to Accumula Town for a short visit. She was intrigued by his ideas and his speech, though in the end realized that Pokémon and humans have intertwined fates, and both help each other.

She defeated the Humilau Gym at the age of 15 and earned her 8th badge then, but never tried to battle the Pokémon League and instead devoted her time to wandering Unova with her Pokémon, occasionally participating in the PWT (Pokémon World Tournament). While she doesn’t particularly care for the bad blood between Wes and Cipher, she recognizes the need to save the Shadow Pokémon under their control and offers her support in her own unique way.

Affiliations: None:

Good or Evil?: Vivian is a rather complicated one, though she believes that she is firmly on the side of good, despite her strange and dark nature.

And there we have it.

Have fun guys. I look forward to what you guys will come up with.

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