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Author has written 5 stories for Black Lagoon, Sailor Moon, Halo, Harry Potter, and Assassin's Creed.

Alrighty then.

I'm not going to bore you with my favorite movies/books/stories/food/color or any of that silly drivel that will take up a ludicrous amount of space. I'm here to write fan fiction, not my life story.

Well, I'm Mach, and I'm trying to write in my spare time because I find I have too much of it. It's a fun thing to do, and working on it get's my mind thinking. I love criticism, and will love you forever if you show me ways I can improve. I used to do some public speaking, so if I write something that sounds more like a speech than a story, Tell me! You'll get a cookie.

I'll probably be writing stories in the realm of Evangelion, Sailor Moon (Yes, I'm a guy, and I like Sailor Moon. Shut up. Yes, you. I know you're laughing. Stop it.), and Black Lagoon, with maybe some other oddities thrown in.

So, sit back and enjoy the stories, no matter how bad they may be, and who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky and write something worth reading. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and again.

~Machina Ex Deus

Current Projects:

In Nomine Luna, Requiescat in Pace: On Hiatus until I can figure out where the story is headed.

Update 8/29/11: INLRIP is not forgotten! I've been writing for it when I can, but I'm wanting to get ahead before I start posting. It'll be up soon, I hope.

And whatever strikes my fancy for oneshots and such.

Future Projects:

And They Called it Sparta: Might be moved into Current projects soon, but has the same problem as INLRIP. I haven't planned what's going to happen here. The oneshot was just a premise for a story with the working title HALO: Homecoming. I do want to do something with this, or see someone do something with it.

Anyone with ideas, PM me, not only will I try to use your idea, you'll also get a cameo as part of the 1st SPARTAN Legion where we can fit it. If you want to take over the idea and write it, PM me and we'll talk shop.

Project Sigma: An Evangelion Continuation fic that's been bouncing around in my head since I created the account. It was put aside in favor of INLRIP. I didn't want to do this one right off the bat, perfering to get some experience writing before I tackling the monster that is Eva, but you never know when the muse strikes me to write something like this.

Thus Fell the Silver Alliance: When working on the plan for INLRIP, I needed to get a better idea of how the Silver Millenium ended. It became a full out timeline of the Invasion of Metallia's Youma forces, and I realized that might be interesting enough for a fic, if I ever write it. It's an idea, so it's here.

Finished Projects

Bureaucratic Blues: A oneshot I wrote after reading gunman's Marriage of Chaos, a wonderful fic that I heartily recommend.

Makoto's Moment: A scene that was going to show up in INLRIP that I had wrote to cure my writer's block. It's short, but I've grown attached to it. It's been sitting on my hard drive for too long, so I put it up for y'all to enjoy. I don't think it turned out too terrible, personally.

Harry Potter and the Variability of Fate: So this was a little something that I thought up late at night. What would Harry think if he gained the memories of every life he could have lived? If every fanfic was a lifetime, and he saw and experienced them all, what would that do to our Boy-who-Lived? I like it, personally. It was fun writing a somewhat discordant stream of consciousness. I would add in sentences to paragraphs I've already written, and it would look like

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