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--UPDATE February 3rd, 2014: I think I'm back for a while.--

Hey there! I'm Rico1206. :P

I've been an author in the FanFiction community since late 2011. I only joined because I loved to write and thought it would be cool to see what others thought of my writing. I have quite a taste for violence and brutality in my stories, and if you're easily offended by minor swears, then I highly advise staying away from my stories. I have a mind of my own, and I have created bios for almost every single character I have put in my stories on this page. :P

I'm 16. I hate reading. That is, unless it is suspenseful or has mighty awesomeness. The Club Penguin FF Community has what I like to read as it literally is full of suspense. I write my stories the way I would like to read them and sometimes that turns out to be a disadvantage. Nonetheless, if you don't like it, don't read it. I read at a higher level than most, but again, as I said, I like suspense and tragedy. Almost every school I've been to never has anything to satisfy my need and I end up looking like someone who can't read.

Writing is my passion, but so is meteorology. I love to study severe weather. :P I also love watching MLB. Huge, huge...huge fan of the Cincinnati Reds (if you're lost, they're a professional based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America). If you like the St. Louis Cardinals, go away. If you like the Pittsburgh Pirates, please cry. :)

I've been on Club Penguin since November 13th, 2008. I became a tour guide on December 28th, 2008 (fun fact: that's my birthday. Yeah, basically I got a tour guide hat for my birthday from Club Penguin. :P). Feel free to add me when you get a chance as I have plenty of spots left! :)

You can reach me on my deviantArt under the name Rico1206, as I check that almost every day. You can also reach me on my Twitter, @Bobstapwnscp (don't ask about the username) and I'll get back to you. Questions? PM me. :) I'll be happy to start a discussion with you at any time (Maddie8972 knows what it is like to have a discussion with me - we have about eight going at one time).

If you have the time, I guess you can read whatever I've written about my stories below. :P You'll learn a lot about my characters. Anyhow, that's it for now! :)

Basic Penguin Stats:

Penguin Name: Rico1206

Age: I have no idea. It's almost 2,000.

Favorite Item: Head Band (don't ask... :3)

Favorite Pin: Blue Snow Shovel...

Favorite Mascot: Not sure...

Favorite Puffle Color: Red or Blue. Yeah - the basic ones.

Member Since: December 13th, 2008

Date Joined: November 13th, 2008

Favorite Party: Christmas Party 2008, Penguin Play Awards 2009 or the Island Adventure Party 2010

That's all that I could think of that is 'basic penguin stat' related. :)

"Dark Days"...

Betrayal. Suspense. Horror. Sadness. Shock. Tragedy. Six elements. One story.

Stories that I am currently working on:

Dark Days - almost done!

What's Next?

You'll see!

My Stories:

Note: The story that I am currently working on is not displayed here until after I am done with it.

"An Agents Work is Never Done" (published January 31st, 2012)

"Club Penguin: EPF: Framed!" (published January 15th, 2012)

"Club Penguin: EPF: Herbert's Attack!" (published January 6th, 2012)

"Club Penguin: EPF: Not Over Til It's Over...Part 1: The Killer's Return" (Part 1 of the Killer Trilogy, aka "Club Penguin: EPF: NOTIO: Part 1: The Beginning of the Killer") (published September 7th, 2012)

"Club Penguin: EPF: NOTIO: Part 2: The Rise of the Killer" (published December 13th, 2012)

"Club Penguin: EPF: NOTIO: Part 3: The End of the Killer" (published December 26th, 2012)

"Club Penguin: EPF: Outdone..." (published January 14th, 2013, the first story I made in 2013)

"Coming to Reality" (published February 1st, 2013)

"Revenge of the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000!" (published August 20th, 2011)

"Penguin POV: Why Club Penguin Should Bring Items Back Quicker!" (published August 19th, 2011 - first story, one-shot)

"How Did the Penguin Band Form?" (published January 14th, 2012)

"The Penguin Band: Slash's Revenge!" (published March 2nd, 2012, cancelled soon after; I will continue this story by request)

I have a twisted mind about Club Penguin in my stories...you see, it all connects. Each story connects to make the plots bigger in the next story. If you're a first time reader of one of my stories, you probably won't understand it completely as there are several things I mention that take you back to my previous stories...

When I began The Killer Trilogy, I didn't expect it to grow into a huge success. It did. It took me by surprise and it broke my record of reviews on one story, which was "19". The trilogy was popular among all of you on FanFiction, which, again, surprised me. Many of you said that I was an awesome writer. Many of you on here consider me 'famous'. I don't consider myself 'famous'; just a writer with a big imagination and 'okay' writing skills.

Basically, Rico1206, better known as Rico by his squad, is a somewhat fearless penguin. He hasn't only defeated Herbert, but he has saved the island from several types of threats, such as penguins threatening to bomb, gangsters posing as EPF agents to kill you...all of that. He is the leader of Squad No. 1 (sometimes there are zeros in front of the 1, but it is still one :3). He and his team work to save the island and make it a better place. He also has a secret relationship with Dot, for those who care, that wasn't revealed until "Club Penguin: Not Over Til It's Over...Part 1".

He's been shot. He's been framed for murder. He's been faced with near death. He brought Rockhopper, and his brother...Sensei...back to happiness. He's also heard of a secret, extremely confidential team of secret agents that only his squad knows about (no EPF agents have worked their way up to joining the squad yet. The only ones in the squad showed remarkable skill in other stuff). After facing a near death experience and witnessing the death of his mentor and inspiration, Gary, he decided it was time to 'call it quits' with his squad. He quit the EPF after the island became calm, and wasn't heard from for several months.

Seven months later, he returned to the EPF (in my story - Not Over Til It's Over...Part 1) (I didn't stop playing Club Penguin during that time for real, I just made it up like he never was heard from). He was faced with his biggest challenge yet - a challenge that could not be overcome by just him and his squad alone. The only question he faced was...can he save the island...innocent penguins and all...from a killer...who isn't afraid?

Now that we've covered the basics, and the bases, let's move onto the CHARACTERS! Why am I doing this? Because then you know who the characters are and what they are like...because some of them I made up for my series.

Rico: He's the star of our show, ladies and gentlemen, Rico1206! The EPF's legendary agent, leader of Squad No. 1, who has saved the island from potential and recurring disasters caused by criminals, crooks, expert thieves, killers and even a bear who needs liposuction! He's appeared in all but two of my stories. He's been shot, stabbed, and even been framed by a friend of his. He was put on death penalty and was taken off after his squad proved him innocent. He used to randomly eat Puffle O's in the morning and never learned from it after burning his mouth several times. He did the impossible in The Killer Trilogy by killing the Killer and then eventually getting put in jail for it as he had been convicted of it as the evidence was there. He's avoided death so many times, but the big $1,000,000 question is when will it finally reach him?

Bob: Me. A smart guy who owns Rico and brought him to the real world in Coming to Reality. He is awesome and friends with George, Rick, and Doris.

Rock: Rico's good ol' friend that he met on the island some time ago. He then turned evil for no reason and started to be mean to every living creature. He turned on Rico and framed him for the death of an innocent penguin. He appeared in Club Penguin: EPF: Framed! He is currently in jail and awaiting trial, even seven months later. He owns a food store in his igloo that Rico often goes to. In part three of The Killer Trilogy, he stabbed Rico resulting in death. :(

Henry: Henry, Rico's close friend, is an expert thief. In fact, hestolemyspacebarsoIcan'taddspaces. Just kidding. He is an expert thief, however, and he resides in an unknown place and comes to Rico's aid when needed. He is the EPF's most wanted thief, as of the 2008 EPF Wanted List: Revision 1.4. He became friends with Rico when...well, you'll figure that out in a future story. He doesn't kill penguins, because if he is ever caught, he doesn't want to be on the death penalty. He is currently hiding out somewhere waiting for something good to happen. He was thought to have been killed by "the Killer" in Club Penguin: EPF: NOTIO: P2: The Rise of the Killer, however he returned to save Rico in a goon invasion in Club Penguin: EPF: NOTIO: Part 3: The End of the Killer. He made an appearance in parts two and three of The Killer Trilogy.

The Killer: The most feared by the EPF, and the island's most dangerous - the Killer. He doesn't hesitate to kill anyone and wants to a majority of the agents from Squad No. 1, and more importantly - Rico. He was the star of The Killer Trilogy and made calls to Rico in parts of part one - Club Penguin: EPF: Not Over Til It's Over (the first part of the trilogy) and briefly in part two - Club Penguin: EPF: NOTIO: P2: The Rise of the Killer. Halfway through part two, he went face to face with Rico. Ever since that part, the trilogy was never the same as the Killer sent his goons to kill him if he couldn't. Currently, nobody knows who the Killer is. However...that may be revealed someday...

The Killer's Goons: They aren't really considered 'characters' individually but I'll just give you a short bio about them. They work for the Killer and do what he says after being paid nothing and they hate Rico enough to blow his head off. The end.

Jack: A real life friend of mine who I haven't heard from in over two years. He was Rico's cellmate in Club Penguin: EPF: Framed! He was in jail for kicking someone where the sun don't shine when they said yes after he asked them to join the Club Penguin club. That's pretty much all we know about him besides the fact he is extremely awkward.

Jet Pack Guy: Rico's best friend. Everyone knows who he is. He is one of the toughest agents on Squad No. 1. He has never shed tears before and never plans to. He took a bullet for Rico and saved him in part three of The Killer Trilogy. He appears in every story Rico is in.

George: Jet Pack Guy's owner from Coming to Reality. He is friends with Bob, Rick, and Doris.

Rookie: Rookie is another one of Rico's friends and the public relations officer of the EPF. He has screwed up before and discovered a new base in the EPF Command Room that very few know about. He appears in every story that Rico is in and was captured in The Killer Trilogy when he entered a false cave that was presumed to be the Killer's.

Rick: Rookie's owner from Coming to Reality. He is friends with Bob, George, and Doris.

Dot: Oh man, let me tell you this - she is one...wait we don't have enough time for that? Fine. Dot is Rico's secret girlfriend. Squad No. 1 has no idea they are dating and none of Rico's closest friends...Henry, Barista, Pizza Chef, none of them know about it. They don't plan on telling anyone for a while. Dot is the first to be captured in The Killer Trilogy. Rico shows a lot of affection towards her and will do anything to save her. She appears in every story Rico appeared in. In part three of The Killer Trilogy, she broke up with Rico.

Doris: Dot's owner (with a weird name!) from Coming to Reality.

Toasty: Well, guess who? It's my sister's penguin. And she is in my stories. She is an acclaimed psychic who doesn't do much work for the EPF unless hired to case. She made her first appearance in Club Penguin: EPF: Outdone... and used her psychic skills. Yeah, she's good, it appears...but is she? *dun dun dun* So apparently she's my sister. My...twwwwwi...nnnneeee...twine sister. Okay, she's my... *gulp* twin *gulp* sister. So yeah. :P She and I roll our eyes consecutively and do other stuff like that. She was promoted to leader of Squad No. 1 in the story she first appeared in but had a change of heart and let Rico have the job at the end. She appeared in Coming to Reality.

Chill: Toasty's best friend who is one of the main suspects in Club Penguin: EPF: Outdone... and is an acclaimed thief. Oooh! It just got real!

Ice: A penguin that works for Chill and Sir. He lended his clothes to Jovan briefly. He appeared in Club Penguin: EPF: Outdone...

Big S: Better known as 'Sir', he is a gang leader. He appeared in Club Penguin: EPF: Outdone...

Jovan: The guy that Ice lended his clothes to in Club Penguin: EPF: Outdone...

Gemini: A guy that traded with Sir and works for Sir. He gave him some bullets for explosives. He appeared in Club Penguin: EPF: Outdone...

Snow: One of Rico's agent friends...he likes coffee.

Dr. Fishgerald: Dr. Fishgerald...uh, he's a doctor with a name that I came up with (it's a take off of 'Fitzgerald'). I was needing a name for a doctor and that sounded perfect. Anyhow, he was the doctor for Rico in chapter 13 of part three of The Killer Trilogy. Yeah, I don't know much about him, besides the fact he had attempted to save me with his team of doctors. He's kind and wears a doctor's coat. He saved me in part three of the trilogy.

Gary: Gary is Rico's mentor, idol and the island's gadget guy. He played a huge role in the EPF and occasionally will be 'mean' to Rico like when he discharged him from the EPF or arrested him for what he thought was the murder, by him, of an innocent penguin. Gary, unfortunately, died in "An Agent's Work is Never Done" and Rico occasionally 'talks' to him for help. He was heard from in The Killer Trilogy when Rico asked him for help. He did not play a physically appearance in the trilogy. Gary came back to life in Coming to Reality when the portal reopened and everyone came back to the island.

PH: Puffle Handler, better known as PH, has indeed appeared in some EPF stories where she has helped Squad No. 1. She IS a part of Squad No. 1 and trains the puffles when needed. She makes sure they ready for the stuff they are needed for. She helps Rico on missions occasionally and does indeed help other squads, however, she is a sole part of Squad No. 1, like her official badge states. She made a brief appearance in The Killer Trilogy in part three.

The Director: The Director of the EPF has a 'classified identity', even though it is confirmed to be Aunt Arctic. She gives agents orders on missions and has played role in my stories. She appeared briefly in parts one and two of The Killer Trilogy. She will help Rico when she can and tries not to be very rude because she is the Director, and she must support her agents and train them well.

Barista: Barista is the owner of the Coffee Shop and the only employee there. He often gives Rico free drinks and scones and stuff there when Rico is short on coins. He is a very close friend of Rico and quite smart. He is an agent of the PSA - but not the Penguin Secret Agency, no sir-ee. I'm talking about the "Penguin SPECIAL Agency" that I revealed in one of my stories. He works with his best friend, Pizza Chef and helps Squad No. 1 when he can, especially in disasters, such as The Killer Trilogy. Barista was the third to be captured in the trilogy and died saving Jet Pack Guy and Rookie in the trilogy. When the portal reopened and returned the penguins from reality to the island in Coming to Reality, he returned and was confirmed alive.

Pizza Chef: Pizza Chef is the owner of the Pizza Parlor, but is NOT the only employee there. He tends to hire several employees and has them working when he is away. He is a close friend of Rico, but is best friends with Barista and will gives anyone free pizza if they are short on coins. He is in Barista's squad in the Penguin SPECIAL Agency and will come to Rico's aid when needed. He appears in The Killer Trilogy but died in part two in an explosion that destroyed the Command Room. When the portal reopened and returned the penguins from reality to the island in Coming to Reality, he returned and was confirmed alive.

Herbert/Proto-Bot: Herbert and the Proto-Bot haven't played major-major roles in any of my stories, however, they have been in a few. They're grumpy, mean and Herbert needs liposuction.


Since I'm just that nice penguin, I add penguins to my stories. Here are some bios of them that they gave me.

Candence4911: Candence4911, better known as Candence, is an EPF agent that made an appearance in The Killer Trilogy in part three where she saved Jet Pack Guy's life by stopping the bleeding from his bullet wound. She is a purple penguin who usually wears the 6th Anniversary Hat, the Beta hat T-Shirt, Blue Sneakers and a ninja amulet. She secretly has a crush on Rookie and in 3rd grade, Jet Pack Guy stole her Party Hat (better known by many as the Beta Hat) and despite that she didn't hold a grudge and as I mentioned earlier, she saved Jet Pack Guy's life with her heroic acts and life-saving skills.

Jay: Jay is the Bailiff of the Everyone's Prison Facility and took Gizmo's spot as Bailiff and Gizmo quit. She first appeared in The Killer Trilogy as Bailiff when Rico had his hearing/trial. She is in love with Jet Pack Guy and is often sarcastic. She is funny, smart, loves to prank other penguins and is usually wearing lime green, blonde and black hair, anti-lava boots (from Operation: Blackout), the MP3000 and a Penguin Band hoodie.

Bellykid: Bellykid5, better known as Bellykid has appeared in The Killer Trilogy as Rico's lawyer. She had short notice be his lawyer, which meant there was no time to gather evidence as Rico's hearing/trial was shortly after he was arrested, because that is how it works on the island. She doesn't have one exact color; it depends on the mood that she is in. She has several different moods (if you need a list, as they are classified by months, refer to her story, Only Gary Should Know.) She commonly wears agent clothes (even when she is lawyering) which include an EPF earpiece, a bow tie, black sunglasses, Anti-Lava boots and an agent suit. She has 'anxiety problems' however I'm not going into that as I don't want to be rude. :3 She is madly in love with Gary the Gadget Guy.

Icetail: Icetail, better known as Icy, is the newer judge of the island and took over Billybob's position when he quit. She is arctic white and often wears long black hair and dance clothes. She is kind and sensitive but of course can be violent if angry (as most of us in this world are). She is best friends with Dot, Jet Pack Guy is a classmate of hers and Rookie is a friend of hers. Cadence (the DJ) is her sister while Aunt Arctic is their adopted mother. She also loves Gary. She is brainy and seems to know everything as well as she can somehow read penguin's expressions and she knows what they are thinking. In her spare time, she is an artist and a musician and she owns 9 puffles. :3 She is an EPF agent (she was a PSA agent) and a water and a fire ninja. She appears in part three of The Killer Trilogy.

Dalekcaan: Agent D, Dalekcaan1 or better known as Dalekcaan is the prosecutor of the case that Rico was convicted of in The Killer Trilogy (part three to be exact). He is a stealth agent (as well as a member) and wears a black t-shirt with white sneakers, a grey wristwatch and sunglasses (Terminator like, he says). He is fun, caring and tends to be serious when it comes to missions. He thinks EPF officials are jerks which is why he doesn't like them and is friends with a majority of the agents.

Maddie: Maddie is the igloo-hospital receptionist in The Killer Trilogy. She checks penguins in and out. I hear she is an EPF agent.

Emrys02: An EPF official that appeared in part three of The Killer Trilogy. He is a dark blue EPF agent that tends to wear the Anti-Lava Boots, the Green Crosshatched Hoodie and the Music Jam Cap. He is shy but is always ready for a new challenge. He helped take the penguin who was going to kill me at the hospital back to prison. He saved me. He is a life-saver. :P

Lake Blue1: An agent for the EPF and a police officer wandering around. She appeared in Coming to Reality. She tends to wear the white diva sunglasses, the brown bun, the green bag, brown boots, grey scarf and red coat (she's also peach). She likes music and ballet. She plays the piano, the flute and the recorder. She's loyal and energetic, but around strangers, she tends to be serious and calm.

Well, those were 90% (I think) of the characters that have been in my stories. There were some that I INTENTIONALLY didn't include.

Here are just some stories and authors I like...

Recommended Authors:



Walle N Eva


Icetail38 (Icetail of WindClan - Meta If)



Recommended Stories:

"Who Would Do This!" (by Bellykid5)

"Only Gary Should Know" (by Bellykid5)

"The Most Above All!" (by Bellykid5)

"Operation: Brothers" (by Pukadella)

"Penguin Band- Friends Forever" (by Pukadella)

"Club Penguin 2012" (by Walle N Eva)

"From PSA to EPF" (by Maddie8972)

"Tragic is Only Another Word For Pain" (by Icetail38 (or, as said before "Icetail of WindClan - Meta If"))

"High School" (by oldpbfan21)

"Club Penguin - Elite Penguin Force" (by Emrys02)

So yeah, those are my favorite authors and stories from them. They are great stories, and as they are listed, you should check them out as I highly recommend them. I pretty much like every story I read on here so if you see yourself on here with one of your stories, don't be surprised, because honestly - I love the creativity of penguins on here.

So basically, that is my extremely long profile page. I hope you enjoyed reading this and taking 30 billion hours out of your time to read it all. My imagination is wild, and that is why I am here on FanFiction - to express it and give readers the joy of it...yeah, that's right... ;)


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The First Flakes reviews
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It's the conclusion to the amazing Killer trilogy. Rico realizes he's wasted all these months waiting and hiding...he knows it's time to change that. He is a flying solo, no agents from his squad around, and more penguins are perishing thanks to the Killer. Will the Killer ever stop? Who is the Killer? Get ready for the final showdown...
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It's the shocking middle part of my killing trilogy. Rico and the other three agents left are running out of time to stop the island from the Killer. There are so many questions as to who the Killer is, or why they are doing this. A few will be answered here... but more will be answered in Part 3...the end of the trilogy. Who is the Killer?
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Although I previously stated this was my last EPF story, it isn't. Anyhow, Rico get shot, discovers a mystery between Rockhopper and Sensei and repairs it. Death and all in this story. Rated because of it. Takes place 7 months before Club Penguin: Not Over Til It's Over...Part 1 (made seven months before it. :3)
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