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Hello, and welcome to my profile. One thing first, Faberge is actually supposed to be spelled Fabergé. The site wouldn't allow me to put accent marks, but that's okay.


The famous Fabergé Egg was founded in Russia-made by Peter Carl Fabergé and his team of craftsmen. These eggs were shaped in a hard or precious stone material then decorated in enamel or jewels. They are absolutely fascinating and beautiful with ornate designs and an incredible history.

The first fabergé egg was crafted as a gift to Empress Maria Fedorovna in 1885 from her husband, Tsar Alexander III. It was known as the Hen Egg, made of gold and the opaque white enameled shell had two things inside: a multicolored gold hen that contained a detailed diamond replica of the Imperial Crown, and a matte yellow gold yoke.

The Empress was overjoyed at this gift, and Alexander appointed Mister Fabergé 'goldsmith by special appointment to the Imperial Crown'. Every year after 1885, a new egg was made with elaborate designs-except for 1904 and 1905 because of the Russo-Japanese War.

Please give a hand to Wikipedia for supplying all this information.

As you may have noticed, I am a fanatic of history and love learning new events-even if I won't remember them! I had a love for drawing before writing so here are some sites you can see my work:

I don't really update them, but deviantart can upload A3 size projects I work on once a month while tumblr cannot for some reason.

As for writing, here are some stories I want to get published on fanfiction soon:

One Piece

The Life of Trafalgar Law: Basically this story was to be about a female Law, her childhood, teen years, and perhaps future. I follow the anime and not the manga, but every now and then I do see spoilers so I would be able to write about the future episodes before it happened.

Published Stories:

A Heart Covered in Brass: Fabre J. Agatha was a businesswoman, in the wrong kind of business. She gambled, traded, was a dealer with drugs, and conned. And she is sick of it. Disgusted, bored, upset, and most of all... Bored. Bored of her job, bored of her country, bored of everything she was. So she’s leaving everything, quickly.

There is also an art tumblr for this story, located here:

h t t p : / / heartcoveredinsoftbrass . tumblr . c o m /

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