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"Life is never easy for those who dream."
-Robert James Waller

I am a Pegasister, Closet Otaku, Proud Nerd, Lazy Fanfiction Writer, Paramore fan, Photography Enthusiast, and a Terrible Artist

About Me:

My name is Kat. Well, it’s not my real name, but I go by it both online and occasionally in the real world (don’t ask me how the nickname got started; I don’t really know , myself).

I try to be as nice as humanly possible to everyone around me, and I always regret it if I ever say anything rude to anyone but my closest friends (I’m talking about you, Haley).

I admit, I like dressing in nice clothing and not looking like a complete outcast. Although I do hate Vera Bradley with a burning passion. Graphic T-shirts are my weakness.

Over the past few months, I’ve been a fan of My Little Pony. I don’t think I’m as avid about the show to call myself a “brony,” but just a meek fan that watches every episode but refrains about bringing up Cupcakes in every idle conversation.

I go through phases where I love writing and other phases where I could really care less. Said phases both usually last about a month. It’s a never-ending cycle.

I’m a pretty religious person (Jesus RULES!). That being said, no I’m not going to shove my religion down your throat if you have opposing believes. That previous statement right there is my main principle in all areas of my life.

I hate attention. Unless it’s cracking a joke that make my entire class laugh, I never want to be in the spotlight. I hate presentations in class, public speaking, even being told to answer a question.

Math/Algebra/Calculus is my enemy. When do we actually use some of this stuff in real life?

I never eat school lunch. Period. Even the milk and water they serve tastes rancid. My friends think I’m crazy/anorexic for not eating, but I don’t stop eating when I’m home. There’s always some type of food at my desk.

I love Italian food. That’s all that can be said. Oh, and I usually eat McDonald’s twice a day, as unhealthy as that is.

Track is my sport, despite my laziness. I’m also pretty enthusiastic about volleyball, and occasionally cheerleading is amusing to me.

Spongebob will always have a special place in my heart.

I’ve been a Narutard for a good 7-8 years now, but I can’t say that I’ve even looked at the manga. I vaguely remember trying to steal about a dozen volumes from my cousin’s room before he kicked me out. I failed at stealing them.

When I’m bored, I’m either watching movies, eating, or randomly typing with some of the pretty fonts on my laptop.

Sometimes I wonder why my life is so boring. Then I look at the mirror and realize the inevitable. I then presume to sulk back to my bed where I watch Disney Pixar films to brighten my mood.

Dumb blonde jokes tick me off. Believe me, there are brunettes out there who are far dumber than an absent-minded blonde like me.

Stereotypes suck, but I am guilty of avoiding people dubbed as “gothic.” But that only happened once.

I listen to any type of music but screamo or heavy metal. Heck, my music library goes from Ke$ha to Paramore to Taylor Swift. That being said, I strongly detest people who refuse to listen to anything that isn’t on the Billboard Top 100.

Old sitcoms make me feel nostalgic.

Some comedy movies make me cry.

All we need is some ice cream, a hug, and someone who cares.

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Country Boy reviews
When Braeburn visits Ponyville for the annual Apple Family Reunion, he unknowingly grabs the attention of two very different fillies. Inevitably, drama issues and causes a major rift in friendships. Will this confused colt follow his heart or his mind?
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