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The basic
Current Residence:
Alex :P
Gender: Female
Human (i think? :O)
writing, reading, bulding things, manga,animé, random art and much more XD
Favourite movie:
animé and horror :3
Favourite genre of music:
depends on the mood
Favourite style of art:
traditional and Digital
Favourite game:
Kingdom Hearts, Kitsu saga, Zelda and some other random stuff :P
Favourite gaming platform:
PS2, gameboy, PC
Favourite cartoon character:
Axel/Demyx from KH, Russia, Prussia, Germany, sweden, Belarus and Denmark from Hetalia

My Dev account --> mia-tak.deviantart.com

Im currently writing some story's about AxelXRoxas, RikuXSora, SasoriXdeidara, ZexionXDemyx and AxelXRiku X) and hopefully i will Finnish some of them soon so i can upload them _

I was born on the day of Xigbar, Axel
In the month of Vexen
In the year of Xemnas, Demyx, Demyx, Xigbar
And I'm Xemnas,Axel years old
My favorite number is Roxas
My lucky number is Demyx, Axel

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Demon Lord Sesshomaru

Blood Red Tensai


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The Drabbles of Axel and Roxas by NakanoHana reviews
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