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Author has written 4 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Les Misérables.

Hello. I am TheClassof1832 - formerly The0therAthenagirl. My recent love of Les Miserables (I apologize for the lack of accent on the E), has caused me to change my pen name in honor of Les Amis de l'Abaisse.

My dream role in the musical is to play Fantine. She's a tragic character, and I feel like most girls only want to play Eponine. I also think it'd be fun to play Madame Thenardier. :)

My Top Five Les Miz Characters:

1. Enjolras - more musical than book; I've heard bad things about brick Enjy's character. Fave actors: Ramin Karimloo, Aaron Tveit and David Thaxton

2. Jean Valjean - He's proof that people can change and become renewed. It's something that more people need to learn. Fave actors: Alfie Boe and Colm Wilkinson

3. Javert - I just think he's the perfect antagonist to Valjean, but he's one of the few ones I can feel bad for eventually. Fave actors: Anthony Crivello, Philip Quast, and (PLEASE. Don't murder me!) Norm Lewis

4. Fantine - Probably the better written character in the musical out of the three main females, and her part in the book broke my heart (I haven't finished the brick yet, but I'm trying, okay?) Fave actresses: Patti LuPone and Lea Salonga

5. Grantaire - I like characters who balance each other out, and he and Enjolras are the most opposite duo in the fandom. (I do NOT ship E/R!) Fave actors: Anthony Crivello and Hadley Fraser

If anyone is curious, here's a like to me SINGING at my winter choir concert...

Schonberg High School

Rosie's Homecoming Dress

Christie's Homecoming Dress

Katie's Homecoming Dress

Enjolras' Suit (minus tie)

Courfeyrac's Suit

Combeferre's Outfit/Suit

Enjolras' Tie

Monsieur le Président

In this section, I will share my character references and any other reference points while writing this story.

Enjolras (1) - Aaron Tveit (WHOOO. AARONJOLRAS!)

Enjolras (2) -Ramin Karimloo (I don't feel like I need to explain this...)

Courfeyrac -Darren Criss (Dapper, anyone??)

Jacqueline - Sierra Boggess (It's just how I picture her... and when I'm in a Raminjolras mood, it's extra cute.)

Marius -Eddie Redmayne (Just sort of foppy and dorky; completely Marius.)

Combeferre- Matthew Gray Gubler (I'm sorry, but it's just perfect!)

Jehan- Craig Mather (He's just so goofy and adorable; I can't help but picture him as Jehan.)

Grantaire- Hadley Fraser (Always.)

Jolllly- Rupert Grint (I saw a picture of Jolllly as a ginger on dA, and the idea has stuck.)

Things I Am Not Allowed to Do at The Cafe Musain

-Tell Enjolras that he would get a lot more followers if he gave speeches shirtless

-Teach Grantaire the lyrics to "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"

-Hang up pictures of questionable scenes from the 25ac for the Amis to see

-Steal Enjolras' "Red Waistcoat of Freedom" and run around singing, "ONE MORE DAY BEFORE THE STORM!"

-Inform Jolllly that joining a secret, revolutionary group is the first sign of having the deadly disease "revolution-itis"

-Saying the following joke:

"How many beautiful, blonde revolutionaries does it take to screw in a lightbulb?? None! Enjolras doesn't screw! Hahahahaha!"

-Jehan is not Kurt Hummel. Saying so is just rude - and highly anachronistic

-Just don't cast Glee in general; i.e., Marius is not Finn, Grantaire is not Puck, Enjolras is not Sam...

-Nor am I allowed to cast other musicals, because Enjolras is not the following: The Phantom, Joseph, Che, Sweeney Todd, Captain Von Trapp, The Beast, Danny Zuko, Jesus...

-No calling Marius a Jonas Brother

-I am not allowed to compare Aaron Tveit or any other actor I deem "hot" to Enjolras - Enjolras is not "hot"; he is Angelically Beautiful

-Les Amis are not the Jets from West Side Story - even if Javert is Officer Krupke.

-I am not allowed to dress up as Patria in hope that Enjolras will kiss me/do unspeakable things with me

-Asking Enjolras and Grantaire "Who's on top?" is not funny, despite how loudly Courfeyrac laughs

-I am not allowed to become part of Courfeyrac's "Collection".

-Nor am I allowed to ask how many "pieces" there are to it.

-Enjolras is not: Sexy, hot, do-able, gorgeous, lust-worthy, a tease, or Mr. Centerfold-Enjolras, and calling him so is inappropriate

-Giving Grantaire my laptop and letting him read Frenchboy slashfics is not a good idea, as it give R what he deems to be "good ideas"

-Enjolras is not my "husband" or my "beau", so I cannot call him that

-I am not allowed to ask Combeferre to tutor me, as I am "unteachable"

-Mimicking Enjolras while he gives a speech is a bad thing to do, and not good for your health

-Combeferre is not Dr. Spencer Reid, and implying so is anachronistic and rude

-Introducing the boys to tumblr is not safe

-Ramin Karimloo is not to be mentioned during meetings by me or anyone else

-Nor is Hadley Fraser

-Or any guy who's played an Ami

Hello! In this section, if you've read far enough, I'll be reviewing the versions of Les Mis I've been exposed to so far; The OLC, CSR, 25ac and 25aT, and my high school's production. Each review will have an overall and individual, for the major characters.

Original London Cast (OLC)


Overall, this is one of the better recordings out there of Les Mis. This being the most recent soundtrack I've experienced, it has taken a while to get used to, but is very good. Hearing the original score makes you realize all the changes the show has undergone in its 29 years. This is definitely a recording worth looking into.


Colm Wilkinson (Valjean): Okay, so when I bought this, I expected myself to hate Colm. I don't know why, but I thought I would. I was pleasantly surprised though! His Valjean has a roughness to it, like he's never forgotten his nineteen years in prison. His vowel sounds are a little strange though, but... It's Colm. Deal with it. Colm at me bro. He's the original, and I actually (don't kill me) prefer him over John Owen-Jones.

Roger Allam (Javert): Uh. Wow. His Stars and Javert's Soliloquy are FAB! He's very forgotten, honestly, with Philip Quast getting a lot of the limelight for his Javert. No problems here. A great Javert, all in all.

Patti LuPone (Fantine): I enjoyed her Fantine a lot, but she sounds a bit too old for Fantine. Perhaps it's the way she sings, but she just sounds older. Other than that, I loved her performance and her I Dreamed A Dream is fantastic!

Allun Armstrong and Sue Jane Tenner (Thenardiers): Possibly the best. That is all.

Rebecca Caine (Cosette): She was great! I enjoyed her more than Katie Hall, actually. Her soprano seems effortless, and her Cosette didn't annoy the crap out of me either! Applause for her!

Michael Ball (Marius): Okay, unpopular opinion time: I can't stand Michael Ball. He just annoys me. He's a great singer, but seems so exaggerated at times that... Ugh. Singing wise, he's great. His interpretation... Eh.

David Burt (Enjolras): Again, a very underrated Enjolras. I loved him! His voice was rich and full, even more than Ball's, and made him easy to listen to. Maguire has nothing on Mr. Burt! I found him to be very inspiring, and I would've joined him.

Frances Ruffelle (Eponine): I really don't have much of an opinion on her. She's okay, I guess.

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