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You've reached my bio... are you sure you're in the right place? I hope you're not mistaken; if you are here by accident, then trust me, I won’t keep you from getting to where you were trying to go. By all means, turn back. If you are here out of your own free will, then I am truly grateful you’ve found enough interest in me to want to know more. :Bows humbly:

Hey everyone, I'm sorry to say that I have become aware that my stories have all been deleted in some way. I expect it was partly due to a hacker or something of sorts, seeing as how my account is still completely existent. I'm also sorry over the fact that I will not be able to repost my stories, or write new ones of any kind for quite some time. I wish all that have known me and that have a passion for expressing themselves continue in their endeavors whole-heartedly, and I am again sorry that I have lost such a passion (at least where is concerned). Stay true to yourselves guys, and I again apologize my stories are no longer accessible. Good luck with yourselves, and just remember that whatever you do, attempt to be smart at it.