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Author has written 9 stories for Warriors, Kane Chronicles, Deltora Quest, Ouran High School Host Club, Of Mice and Men, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Death Note.

Hey! Natalia here.

Meet my dearest OCs:


Hana- The sweet, Japanese, innocent one. She has a kind of beauty that can be found in innocent little girls, even though she's been through so much. Her description can be found in "Moving On," my Tokyo Mew Mew fanfic. I'll also try to post a picture of her on my DeviantArt account soon, so I'll notify y'all win I get around to that.

Sakura- The stubborn, rebellious, Japanese one with an attitude. She gets what she wants when she wants it. Her description can be found in "A Whole New World," my Ouran fanfic. Likes Hiroki for some odd reason.

Spotty- The outgoing, crazy neko girl, who is the leader of NatureClan. She has bright red hair, ears, tail, and green eyes in human form, and white fur with black spots in cat form. Also loves Tokyo Mew Mew for some reason, though she doesn't particularly enjoy anime. Bffs with Sakura and Sayshi.

Sayshi- The psycho, anime fangirl with a huge sugar addiction. Long green hair, big blue eyes, usually wears some form of cosplay. Likes Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Vocaloid best. Also enjoys Deltora Quest for some odd reason.

Kasumi- The regal, sophisticated, wallflower of the group. She keeps her distance, but is hopelessly romantic at heart. Curly orange hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin, big glasses (Lettuce style glasses, for you TMM fans). Best friends with Sebastian, but doesn't share his love for her.

Amie- The pervert. She's loud and annoying at times, and always calls them a big happy "family". Considers Hana "Mommy" and Rick "Daddy," while she and Kasumi are their little girls. Likes Junjou Romantica best, and has a HUGE hentai collection. Doesn't have a particular best friend.

Misaki- The accident-prone spastic. Blue-black hair, dark blue eyes, always wears bright pink. BFFs with Hana.

Natalya (Natty)-Hetalia fangirl. A lot like Belarus, and has a thing with her knives. Real name was Jane, but she made her parents change it after becoming obsessed with Hetalia, Russia and Belarus in particular. Long, sandy-blonde hair, and light blue eyes. Usually has some form of knife... Bffs with Anya, good friends with Isamu, stalks Isamu. Hates Rick.

Anastasia (Anya)- The popular girl everyone loves, and she loves it. She's stunning, and she knows it. VERY vain, and used to getting what she wants, no ifs ands or buts. Waist-length orange hair and big green eyes. Russian.


Isamu- The brave one, like his name states. BFFs with Rick. Likes Natty, but fears her, too, so he's confused, and they're also good friends. Hair color exactly like Russia's from Hetalia, brown eyes.

Frank-The outcast no one likes, but he likes Kasumi. Brown hair, green eyes.

Rick- Likes Natalya, but Isamu is his BFF. Blond hair, blue eyes.

Hiroki- The popular guy. Hits on all the girls besides Natalya, as she stabbed him when he tried to. Black hair, brown eyes. Japanese.

Sebastian- The guy all the girls like, besides Sakura, Natalya, and Kasumi. Black hair and blue eyes. Hopelessly in love with Kasumi, his best friend.

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