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Hey, y'all, I'm BlueMercury13 (although, if you are reading this you probably already know that).

I don't really have much to say about myself. Actually, I don't have anything to say about myself.

Wait, yes I do...

Stuff I like (especially in a story).

Romance - I like romance stories (on the condition that they are well written). No, I don't like "OMG, I love you!" "No, I love you more!" type crap. I like realistic romance. I like romance where the relationship has it's ups and downs. I've never written a romance story before. I do have one coming up, but it's part of a series and I'm not to that part yet.

Action - As a guy, I love action. Lots and lots of butt-kicking is my thing. But, like romance stories, I like well-written action stories. I can't stand a story that's nothing but action. If the story's nothing but butt-kicking from line one, I'm probably not going to enjoy it. You need intermissions between the action. Even if it's only for a minute, it'll probably help. The only exceptions to that would be crack!fics.

Tech - As a Sci-fi nerd, I also love technology. Especially space ships. But, like I said before, it has to be well written. If the protagonists are losing and they suddenly make up some tech crap out of nowhere, with absolutely no prior knowledge of anything that even remotely resembles what they built, then I'll definitely hate it. I don't mind if they find some tech that's been left behind by someone else and figure it out in time to save their butts. As long as that plot isn't overused, I'll read it.

Comedy - I love comedy! Self-deprecating humor is usually my favorite. As long as the joke was made in good taste, I'll laugh. Even a walking cliche that was made into a joke can be funny, if done right. Jokes that are in bad taste (for example, racist jokes) will generally turn me off of a story.

Stuff I hate.

Bad spelling (and grammar) - Really?! Their are several programs out their that have spell-checker built in. If you use OpenOffice software or Microsoft Word, you should already know this. What? You don't? Okay. You see that little red squiggly line that appears under some words when you type? Yes, that one. That means you spelled it wrong. Got it? To check alternate spellings, just right-click on the word and a list will pop up. Choose the one you think fits best. Voilà, spelling fixed!

Mary-sues - I don't mind seeing original characters. They are often very well written. However, they can be overdone. When this happens, they are generally referred to as 'Mary-sues'. To know if yours qualifies, take a Mary-sue litmus test. A good one can be found here:

Other stuff.

Let's see. I'm definitely not normal. I do love action and some of the gore that goes with it, but can't stand extreme gore. Prom Night gave me nightmares for a week.

I'm into sci-fi and anime, with anime being a preference. I don't actually like too many shows, though. The early seasons of Stargate SG-1 and the first season of Stargate Atlantis. SGU sucked, but looked like it might have gotten better, before they cancelled it, that is. I'm a major fan of Dragonball and Dragonball Z. I've been a fan since I first saw the english dub of the series here in America. I've never seen the Japanese dub, though.

I'm also into Sailor Moon. Yeah, I know, I've heard it all before. "That's too girly!" "OMG! You're a Pedophile!" *DISINTERESTED FACE* Do I look like I care?

Actually, that's no true. I do care, but I just let the bad comments slide. If people really, truly wanted to be my friends, they'd understand. I don't mind the occasional joke about my interests, as long as it's in good taste. I even make a few jokes every so often.

Anyway, on to stories.

My Stories:

"Gohan blows up the kitchen" - Gohan gets a cold and comedy ensues.

Gohan blows up the kitchen is a humorous short story about what happens when a Saiyan-human hybrid child comes down with a cold. Because so many people liked it, I've written two more chapters for a total of three. I expect another one to be churned out, but I won't know until a little later. Thanks for the reviews! =)

"Mysterious Beginnings" - John, an ordinary person, is thrown into a new reality when his planet Earth is attacked by an enemy that shouldn't exist. He is given the chance to train under the Z Warriors in the hope that he will be able to return and defend his home and avenge those who have been killed. But, can he do it? Can he find the necessary strength to overcome the obstacles in his way? And even if he does, can he win the final battle? Or is he doomed to failure?

I might actually write the whole series one day. Mabye.
Seriously though, I've had the whole storyboard for the series (it's a 4 story series with "Mysterious Beginnings" as the prequel (sort of)) done, I just have to write. But my creative juices are kinda stifled with school right now.

Mysterious Beginnings is an alternate universe story for DBZ. It starts in December of Age 763, 2 months after the Garlic Jr. saga and 9 months before the Trunks saga (according the timeline on the Dragonball Wiki).

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