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Author has written 3 stories for Doctor Who, Life on Mars, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

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If you're here because you liked one of my fics, thanks for reading. :)

If you're here because I reviewed, favorited or watched one of your fics, thanks for writing a great fic! :D

If you're here because you just clicked my name at random then I sure hope you stick around to read a fic or two. ;)

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Some stuff v

I'm an attention junkie so I always appreciate comments on my fics and inboxs about my writing in general. :)

I'm also open to any plot bunnies you want to fling my way, I've got plenty of ideas but a few new ones can't hurt. ;)

I overuse smiley faces- :) ;) :P ;P :D ^J^

Shameless RP plug:

I'm currently starting up a Hetalia 2P RP on the forums, where you can choose both a 2P and 1P character to RP as.

It's gonna be really fun and I very much hope you join in. :)

Everyone is welcome and the more RPers the better.

It's called "2Ptalia: A Hetalia 2P Roleplay" and can be found here --

And now, for some sillyness :

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I Like my padded walls... cuz my new jacket has awesome buckles in the back!!!

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How come when I smile, people look at me and wonder what I'm up to?--

I need faults to accent my excellence, otherwise I would be to wonderful to live with.

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Someone wrote this on a forum, I thought I'd share, it's phoenix wright summed up.

Game 1:

Case 1:
Douchebag leaves Random Chick #1's apartment. Wig Dude goes in, tries to steal. Random Chick #1 comes home, Wig Dude kills her, frames Douchebag. Phoenix, defending Douchebag, saves the day.

Case 2:
Busty Mentor is killed by a Blackmailer for investigating his company, and frames Maya. We meet Gumshoe. After the first day, Blackmailer frames Phoenix. Phoenix, defending Maya and himself, saves the day.

Case 3:
Years ago, some dude is killed accidentally by Random Dude #16, and has been blackmailed by Random Chick #42 for years. He tries to kill her and frame Big Hairy Dude, but gets killed instead. Phoenix, defending Big Hairy Dude, saves the day.

Case 4:
Years ago, Edgeworth, his dad and some dude named Yogi are stuck in an elevator. Evil Mentor is accidentally shot through the door. He goes in and kills Edgeworth's dad. He then adopts Edgeworth. To stay out of jail, Yogi Bear pleads temporary insanity, after being pressured to by his Jackass Lawyer. Yogi Bear's life goes down hill. Present time, Evil Mentor sends instructions to Yogi Bear on how to get revenge on Jackass Lawyer and Edgeworth. He kills Hammond and Edgeworth is blamed. Phoenix, defending Edgeworth, saves the day.

Case 5:
Evil Thunderman kills Random Dude #71, and blames it on Scientific Girl. Scientific Girl's sister gets Evil Thunderman to make it not look like Scientific Girl did it. Evil Thunderman has been blackmailng Scientific Girl's sister for all these years. Evil Thunderman kills Random Dude #135, and Scientific Girl's sister is blamed. Phoenix, defending Scientific Girl's sister, saves the day.

Game 2:

Case 1:
Random Dude #486 is killed by some Cocky Douche. Random Dude #486's girlfriend is blamed. Cocky Douche hits Phoenix on the head and gives him amnesia. Phoenix, defending Random Dude #486's girlfriend, saves the day.

Case 2:
Maniacal Doctor is killed by his Tired Nurse which is supposed to be dead. Maya is blamed again. Tired nurse is really alive, pretending to be her sister, who is really dead. We meet mini-Maya, who's mother is a , and helps in the murder, and we also meet Kinky Chick, Evil Mentor's daughter. She likes whipping people, and doesn't like Phoenix. Phoenix, defending Maya again, saves the day.

Case 3:
Calm Handicapped Man tries to kill some Peppy Teenie who killed his brother, and kills Peppy Teenie's father without knowing it. Flamboyant Magician is blamed. Phoenix, defending Flamboyant Magician, saves the day.

Case 4:
Random Dude #9001 is killed, and Maya is kidnapped, forcing Phoenix to defend Random Dude #9001's rival, dude-who-likes-cell-phones-and-brandy. It turns out dude-who-likes-cell-phones-and-brandy hired an n00bpwner to kill the Random Dude #9001, and was gonna blackmail the n00bpwner too. When Phoenix tells this to the n00bpwner, the n00bpwner lets Maya go. dude-who-likes-cell-phones-and-brandy goes to jail. Phoenix, who lost this case, still saves the day.

tl;dr: Phoenix saves the day.

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