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Author has written 15 stories for Last Vampire series, Avatar: Last Airbender, Mythology, Jurassic Park, and Harry Potter.

Let's Play 20 Questions: Well, okay, but I'll have you know I am very eclectic and it is extremely hard to decide things sometimes. I also reserve the right to not tell you anything. But, since it is for you, I will try to play nicely.

Are you a Person, Place, or Thing?: Excuse me! I didn't think we were literally going to play that stupid game...this is so embarrassing. Of course I am a person. Why would you ask me that? *grumble grumble human being with feelings grumble grumble* Why do we have to do this again?!

Fine, fine, calm yourself. We'll do this the old-fashioned way. What is your Name?: You can call me Rachel. Or Stardust. Your choice.

Age?: Yeah, like I am really going to tell you that. Oh, all right. I'm over 19 and under 30. Are you satisfied now?! Well, that's all you're going to get.

Gender?: Female

What do you look like?: Are you kidding?! That's just creepy. I'm not telling you that. Sheesh. *grumble should just tell them I'm a purple three-headed alien with leopard spots grumble grumble person grumble*

Favorite Fandoms Right Now?: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Hogan's Heroes, Petshop of Horrors, The Elder Scrolls, Jurassic Park, and Strawberry Panic. Recently, I have discovered Supernatural and Sherlock. Yay for me!

Fan Fiction Genres you are Most Likely to Write?: Wow, you're really boxing me in here. Yaoi/Slash/Shounen-ai and Yuri/Femslash/Shoujo-ai (and NO, I don't feel bad about liking both of those...I'm my own person and they're hot), Romance, Angst, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort

Fandoms you are Most Likely to Write Under?: I can really be all over the place sometimes. Probably Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Hogan's Heroes, Jurassic Park, The Elder Scrolls, and Gladius.

What are you wearing?: Well, a blue- Hey! What kind of question is that?! Thought you'd sneak it in and I would just answer. Well I'm not falling for that! *grumble grumble weirdo grumble*

Favorite Fandom Pairings/Ships (in alphabetical order)?: You should probably know that in fanfiction, I rarely prefer the cannon ships...because I already KNOW that story. It's more fun (to me) to imagine how things could have turned out differently. Plus, I am really quite partial to slash & truples, so yeah...

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Wow, what can I say. There is something I appreciate about every pair that I have read, which is...a lot. They're all just so yummy and if you asked me tomorrow, I would probably have a different list. Here are the ships that stay pretty consistently at the top though:

I am really into fire/water combos for some reason, so Zutara (Zuko x Katara), Azutara (Azula x Katara), and Zukka (Zuko x Sokka) are some of my favorites. On the slightly more wicked side, I love the watercest ship Sotara (Sokka x Katara). Yes, I know they are siblings, but there is something very beautiful about knowing someone so well and being so connected to them. I also love Zutaraang (Zuko x Katara x Aang), but unfortunately there aren't many true truple fics out there. I'll define 'truple' later, if you remind me. And still there are so many to love, but I'll leave it at that...

The Big Bang Theory: Leonard x Sheldon; Sheldon x Penny; and to some extent Howard x Raj

Chronicles of Narnia: Edmund x Caspian; Pevensiecest in any form, especially Peter x Edmund (I know, I feel terrible in some ways, but there is something truly beautiful about a consensual incestuous relationship, although not in adult x child because that's just wrong and creepy. Considering how deeply they know each other – everything about one another – and that they are all they have and all they can hold onto of Narnia, I think it makes sense that this type of relationship might occur.)

Chuck: Chuck x Casey; Chuck x Casey x Sarah

The Fast and the Furious: Dom x Brian... and I really don't like any other pairing in this fandom

Final Fantasy XII: Balthier x Vaan

Fruits Basket: Kyo x Yuki (don't care if it's KyoYuki or YukiKyo, by the way)

Harry Potter: This is a lot like the ATLA fandom. I love so many different ones, but here are some of the ones I consistently return to: Ron x Harry (I'm delighted to find this feels right – best friends and it feels wrong somehow that only one of the boys gets the girl in the trio); Harry x Hermione x Ron a.k.a. Golden Trio (again it just seems right that they would always be together – they make a perfect truple); Hermione x Luna; Harry x Tom Riddle Jr. and, though slightly less, Harry x Voldemort; Harry x Draco (though I am awfully particular about this ship); Harry x Luna; Harry x Neville; Harry x Bellatrix; Hermione x Bellatrix; Tom x Hermione...

And thanks to the wonderful story 'Voldemort Goes Back to School' by KisaraP, I have fallen for Harry x Voldie x Draco... Seriously go check it out!

Hogan's Heroes: Hogan x Klink; Hogan x Newkirk; I also enjoy the idea of a Schlebeau (Schultz x LeBeau) but have never found one... just seems amusing to me and sweet.

Hot Fuzz: Nick x Danny (didn't think I would enjoy slash in this fandom, but there are some really good stories out there)

How I Met Your Mother: Marshall x Lily x Ted; Barney x Ted; I haven't read a lot of this one, since I haven't watched all the seasons yet, so it is a little hard to say for sure.

Jennifer's Body: Jennifer x Needy (hot, creepy, beautiful, potentially bloody and violent...what more is there to say?)

Jurassic Park: I found an Alan x Billy story that was absolutely wonderful and now I am completely sold on this pairing.

LOTR: Ok, I know I shouldn't mess with the great J.R.R. Tolkien and I feel so bad when I do, but if the story is written really well (and I do mean an extremely high standard of quality writing)... Ah well, such is life. I am particularly fond of Gimli x Legolas (wow, I so didn't see that coming); Sam x Frodo; Aragorn x Legolas. And, after reading A Pretty Good Year, I am 100% sold on Sam x Rosie x Frodo. So sweet!

Naruto: Sasuke x Naruto (and by that I mean, NaruSasu and SasuNaru, though if I had to choose, I definitely prefer NaruSasu) Is there any other Naruto pair? I mean, seriously? Okay. Okay. You're right. Neiji x Gaara is pretty compelling too.

Petshop of Horrors: Count D x Leon- It just feels so all is as it should be.

Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick: Riddick x Vaako but there so aren't enough out there; Riddick x Kyra (and not so much Riddick x Jack...what you say? they are the same person? well, yeah, but Jack is a kid & nicer and Kyra is really kicka--...)

Sherlock Holmes: Well, I'm only really interested in ones that are based more on the stories rather than the movies/tv shows, but I like the Holmes x Watson pairing. The weird thing: I can't get the BBC Holmes (J. Brett) and the 1954/1955 TV series Watson out of my head. What a strange combo.

Sherlock (tv): Johnlock (i.e. John Watson x Sherlock Holmes, of course!); Sherlock x Molly

Stargate (SG-1): Jack x Daniel; Sam x Janet; Jack x Skaara; Daniel x Ra;... Thanks to The First Prime Universe fics by Lady Ra (Archive of Our Own), I have fallen for Teal'c x Daniel and Jack x Sarah.

Star Wars (books/movies): Thrawn x well anyone because I can't get enough Thrawn; Obi Wan x Anakin; Luke x Wedge; Han x Luke

Strawberry Panic: Shizuma x Nagisa; Yaya x ANY GIRL (that's how much I love Yaya);

Supernatural: Dean x Sam; Dean x Castiel

Veronica Mars: Veronica x Logan; Logan x Cassidy; Veronica x Lilly; Veronica x Weevil;

What is a 'Truple'?: The term was coined by my sweetie. We use it refer to three people who are in a committed romantic relationship together (and only with each other on a long-term basis) AND who are all on an 'equal' standing in the relationship. This means that they are all three equal partners with one another on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. The term 'trinogamy' has a very similar idea, but we use 'truple' for a cuter term and for every day use.

So why not say 'threesome' or 'Menage-a-trois' or 'triangle', etc.? Well, when you look at the exact definition and usage of these, you see that they don't necessarily mean the same thing. For instance, 'threesome' generally is used to describe three people hooking up for a one-night stand. 'Menage-a-trois' can mean the same thing, but it can also refer to three people living together (which doesn't imply that they do not also have relations with other people as well). A 'triangle' generally is assumed to mean that two of the people are vying for the third person. Definitions and etymology are really very interesting.

Feel free to use the term 'truple' if you want!

What is a 'Theme Series'?: This is a series ONLY because the fics within a specific theme series are all based on a similar idea or theme and NOT because they are in any way connected through their storylines.

Each fic within a given theme series is inspired by a particular song, uses some of the lyrics of that song for section breaks to illustrate what is happening, how the characters feel, or to set mood, and revolves around a particular idea within that song. The lyrics do not have to be used in order.

One more thing to note: I pretty well have plans to base each story around a specific ship/pairing, but will rarely use that same pairing for other stories within that particular theme series.

Theme Series: Sweetest Downfall

This theme series is based on the song “Samson” by Regina Spektor and how it relates to the Harry Potter universe. It specifically meditates on the idea of: what or who is the 'sweetest downfall' for the character(s). I have chosen to disregard cannon compliance, at least in some of the stories.

1.) Within this Box of Letters (current Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny; past Harry/Cedric) – actually, this one would be fairly epilogue-compliant, relatively speaking anyways

2.) slash pairing (sorry, I won't divulge ship information)

3.) hetero pairing

4.) Harry/Hermione ship (I decided to be generous and give you at least one hetero pairing *smiles sweetly*)

5.) a truple ship

6.) hetero pairing

7.) general, but may hint at previous slash and/or truple relationship

Wow, that's a lot of stories from one tiny little song! That won't be a normal thing for other theme series, I'm sure. When I first heard this song, it really stuck in my head and I kept trying to figure out exactly what it meant. While this was happening, I was also working on ideas for Harry Potter and before I knew it, they meshed together and I suddenly realized how perfect this song was for the Harry Potter universe.

Hm, no femslash pairing though - so sad... Maybe I can rectify that...

Theme Series: By Your Side

This theme series is based on the song “Anthem of the Angels” by Breaking Benjamin and its relation to the Harry Potter universe. Once again, this is without regards to cannon-compliance. This particular theme series meditates on the idea of staying by someone’s side, regardless of the consequences.

1.) Anthem of the Trio (Ron/Hermione; later implied Harry/Ron/Hermione, though can be simply read as friendship)

2.) You want to know what the next pairing will be in this theme series? Well, you'll just have to wait and see like everyone else *bats eyelashes*

Some things we should know about you?:

1. I'm eclectic. I like lots of different things. I know, I know, I already said that. The point being that it leads me all over the place and makes it very difficult for me to make decisions...which means I have trouble concentrating on one thing.

2. I procrastinate. Oh, but don't worry, I won't leave a half-written story for long, I promise. I may take a while posting new stories though.

3. I do well enough with drabbles, ficlets, one-shots, slice of life, whatever, but not so much with multi-chapter stories. That's something I'll have to work on, I guess.

4. I get really annoyed when a story isn't finished, so I promise I will finish all that I write. You may not like how it is finished, but it will be finished.

5. I have TONS of story ideas, but sometimes have trouble implementing them. Some of that is the procrastination thing, some of that is the putting pen to paper and actually figuring out what to say.

6. Often when I write, I see several ways the story could play out. Alternate paths, if you will. Like Back to the Future's alternate 1985, I sometimes like to go back and veer off course and see where the new path takes me. Thus, you shouldn't think it is weird if I end up posting several alternate versions of the same basic story. I just can't help but ask "what if it happened like this instead?..."

What are your writing goals?:

1. Eventually I really want to write something for each of the Avatar ships (pairings), whether major or minor, as well as some wacky ones that pretty much no one has ever tried before. I'd like to do the same thing with Harry Potter ships eventually.

2. I'd like to try my hand at writing at least one piece for each of the fandoms I read most often.

3. Okay, so I think it would be interesting to try writing a piece for each of the animes I own. A big endeavor, but one I am intrigued by.

4. To conquer long multi-chapter fics. Not my strong point at all.

What are some 'Coming Attractions' as far as your writing is concerned?: What a relief, I thought for a minute there that you were going to make some dirty comment. *looks suspiciously at interviewer*

I have pages and pages of ideas for many different fandoms, it just takes me a while to focus and actually sit down and write one thing for an extended period of time. If anything really stands out in the following list, let me know and I will try to get it posted first. And with that, longer projects that I am currently working on are as follows:

1. An Avatar: The Last Airbender short, multi-chapter story that features the pairing of Aang/? (with some Kataang). Sorry, I can't divulge who the other person is at the moment. I need to do a little more research on this one.

2. A Harry Potter slash and mpreg large multi-chapter, featuring Harry/Ron (unrequited Harry/Neville with some Ron/Hermione, as well). This is very different for me. I've never written anything so long, nor have I written an mpreg, which isn't really my thing. I have found, however, that mpreg works really well in the Harry Potter universe (and pretty much nowhere else, so now's my chance to try it out). There will be assorted companion pieces that go along with this story.

3. An Avatar: The Last Airbender mini multi-chapter. It's Sotara with some Yukka.

4. Two Harry Potter theme series. One theme series is called “Sweetest Downfall.” The other is called By Your Side. These are an ongoing project, but one that I will add to whenever I get the chance.

5. A short, multi-chapter Hogan's Heroes project about the end of the war for the men of Stalag 13. No slash or other pairing.

6. An Avatar: The Last Airbender story focused on Hama. It is giving me fits. I've rewritten it repeatedly and there is just something about it that isn't working well. Seriously I've had it on the back-burner for a year now because each time I rewrite it, I find it still isn't working correctly. Maybe I'll just post the two best versions and see if I can get any critiques that may help me out.

Updates on your writing?:

I haven't posted much of anything lately. This is for two reasons: 1.) I have had some personal things going on that have made it difficult to write and post. 2.) When I have been writing, I've been focusing almost all my energy on my long multi-chapter Harry Potter fic, which I refuse to begin posting until I have a cohesive draft. It will be a better story that way. (It really annoys me when people abandon stories and leave them unfinished. This is my solution so that I don't end up doing the same thing.)

In the meantime, hopefully you will enjoy the fics I have posted and tell me what you think (questions, comments, ideas, whatever). That is the best way to help me decide what to write (what people are most interested in) and help me improve my writing at the same time. Anything you have to say is helpful, even if you ultimately don't like a story.


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