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Hello, I'm Looney AND ALL I EVER WRITE IS MENTAL HOSPITAL AU'S JEGUS FRIG WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE. But yes, I do write quite a bit about mental hospital AU's and I think I'm pretty good at it (toot toot I'm sorry...) Basically I'm a 15 year old girl (like most other fanfiction writes haha no I'll stop now) and I live in Canada. If you are realy that keen on learning more about me, go pester my DA account:


-I don't know who I am-

I sometimes say that this is the spiritual successor to Captured, but I actually started this when random inspiration struck when Captured was still in process.

It's a humanstuck thing, with different names. To contrast captured, the facility isn't exactly the best. No one is happy, especially not Solomon. And worst, he cannot remember who he is. Every night he has dreams where he is a weird being, with gray skin and orange horns, and where his name is Sollux.



Based on true role play events, I, with the assistence of Smiley212, are writing a homestuck fanfiction.

Setting: The ancestors of the trolls succeeded in their session, and reached Skaia. As well, a team of humans also attained Skaia with them. They began to recreate civilization, sharing this new planets. Thousands of sweeps/years later, the trolls we all know and love, are all, one by one, checked into the only mental hospital in Skaia; The Skaia institute for mental rehabilitation (new name pending. PM me if any suggestions -)

Protagonist: The main story, as well as the mini adventures, are all centered around Sollux, Aradia,Karakt and Terezi, with Gamzee and Tavros being the important secondary characters. And kanaya sometimes, also

Length: 32 chapters, including an epilogue, and also an FAQ of all the questions I was asked

-Also- I have a mish mash of little side stories that I wrote, all in the captured universe. Jeez, I can't get away from that, can I?

And a million thanks to all of the fans of captured. You've grown in size, and you've been so awesome and I love you all to pieces alsdkjasldkasjdsakldjas thank you UvU

AND TO ALL YOU FANS- A sequel may be well within reach! I am in the process of thinking of ideas (and getting people to help me think of ideas haha what) for the stories. And thats all I'll tell you for now :/

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Sollux finally cracked, and his parents sent him to the Skaia center for mental rehabilitation. Theres he makes some friends, some enemies, and someone he'd like as more than a friend. ARADIAxSOLLUX AND TEREZIxKARKAT. T for Karkat's language, of course
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