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Sound track for Dragon Warrior 2099:

Main Theme:


This is the theme for the entire story, like if this was a TV series or something this would play at the beginning of each episode. The song is Anything Goes by Maki Ohguro, and it's actually the main theme from the TV show Kamen Rider OOO, but it just fit so well, so I used it.

Darvel's Theme:


Once again this actually a theme from Kamen Rider OOO, I'm going to do this thing where each of my KFP multiverse stories have songs from a specific Kamen Rider show, and this one's is Kamen Rider OOO. The song is Regret NothingTighten Up, and if you read the lyrics I think you'll be able to see why I picked this theme for Darvel, I think it fits pretty well.

Tigria's Theme:


Tigria's Theme is called POWER to TEARER, now this song I really think fits Tigria fairly well, at least it relates to her struggle, trying to control her temper and all, so yeah.

Furious Five 2099 Theme:


Now this song is called Got to Keep it Real, I choose this song for the Five as a whole because it kind of feels like the generic "let's get stronger" song, it talks about taking pride in who you are and that no matter how weak you are now you could always get stronger.

The Jackal Family Theme:


Now the Jackal Family is going to have to share a theme, since there are only so many to use. This song is called Ride on Right Time, and to me it seems to give off the vibe of a strong person never straying from their goal, that they will stay on their desired path no matter what, so yeah.

Tobias's Theme:

And finally we have the bad guy's theme, which is called Time Judged All. The reason I picked this song is because it's about what happens when two people of similar drive but different goals meet and clash with each other, which is kind like what will happen when Darvel finally faces off against Tobias, so I thought I was a good fit. Now this one I didn't need to add a translation because I was actually able to find a video with translated lyrics in it, so yeah.



Johnny Yong Bosch as Darvel Richeen

HEROES OF THE JADE PALACE (not in bold, but all capitalized):

Peter Cullen as Grandmaster Chen Ping


Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Tigria Ping
Yuri Lowenthal as Eagle
Derek Stephen Prince as Baboon
Tara Strong as Spider
Sean Astin as Cobra


Gary Chalk as Master Jackal
Megan Hollingshead as Janeira
Colleen Clinkenbeard as Jana
Carrie Savage as Janika
Bridget Hoffman as Janya



Bruce Boxleitner as Prof. Aiden Richeen
Anette O'Toole as Mrs. Elaine Richeen
Brad Hawkins as Tyler Richeen
Chloe Grace Mortez as Cindi Richeen
Max Charles as Lucas Richeen/Young Darvel Richeen
Stan "The Man" Lee as Alfonso Richeen


Holmes Osborne as Frank
Greg Cipes as Rex
Will Friedle as Nolen
Seychelle Gabriel as Alison
Christopher Daniel Barnes as Mysterious Hooded Hero


Mick Wingert as Ji
Keith David as Master Goat
James Hong as Zhang Longshe


Billy Zane as Tobias
Frank Welker as Tobias' servant/additional voices


Michael Donovan as Shuang/additional voices
Rob Paulsen as Chouchu/additional voices
Fred Tatasciore as Lindou/additional voices


Roger Craig Smith as Thomas Holk
Jennifer Hale as Wuye

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