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Author has written 6 stories for Ghost Hunt, and Ouran High School Host Club.

My other account, where my yaoi stories will be posted: xxWritingSomeStuffxx

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As you my have already seen, my stories are mostly Ghost Hunt and are mainly oneshots (I suck at long stories). My favourite anime is Naruto!

STOP! BEFORE WE MOVE ON, READ THIS: You may see some poems - I suck at poems so be kind! (If you don't be considerate of my dumbness in english literature, i'll hunt you down and attack you with cookies!) OH! And, uh, I can't spell! THERE! I SAID IT! HAPPY NOW! HUH, HUH! *shoves cookie in mouth* Ah, i'm fine now ...

Personality: Honestly if my friends had to descibe me, they'd find it difficult to give me positive words, literely, one of my friends told their parents about me and all they came up with was idiotic, random, to hyped for my own good, dangerous when angry and wierdly insane, but heck, that's why they love me :p

Appearance: I have a big head the size of a cookie. Erm... i'm purple and have fur (no, i'm not Barney the big purple - and not friendly, dinosaur). Lets seeee... I have a huge neck the size of a... rabbit? Yeh, a rabbit, and I, uh... lets just see what you guys come up with.

FULL NAME: I wonder if I should tell you... nah! Your gunna stalk me if I do! O.O

moving on...

GENDER: Female

SCHOOL: stalkers can not know ... bleh!

BIRTHDAY: Lets just say I was born in the year 1843 - yes, I know ... I was born with the cookie monster!

FAV COLOUR: Ok, so I have loads! THE RAINBOW!!! And the colour of cookies ... i'm hungry now.

PLACE I LIVE AT: He he, not that stupid. I'm tellin no one :)

FAV THINGS: THE READY SET!!! Manga/anime, Pizza, cookies, drawing, Mates, Writing and Romance (i'm a major sucker for romance - strangely, my favourite animes have no romance in ...), oh! And being random!

FAV PEOPLE ON FANFICTION: So far, I have seen 2 poeple I think are awesome. DUM DUM DUM ... morningnight andddddddddd xPoisonedBlueRose13x

Go check them out! You'll thank me later *takes m&m cookie from morningnight and bites into it* gu onf fen (translation - go on then) ...

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read yours through and see what you get :)

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