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"Tell me a secret..." I say seductively.

I love Final Fantasy VIII, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail and Haruhi Suzumiya. I have a list. I'll start updating this bit so that you guys will know what I like if you even care..

My History:

I was just a fox back then. A fox with no purpose but sometimes... I can't help but feel I'm related to the magical world around me. I left my clan in hopes of finding my answers. They said I was crazy for even believing such a thing but no matter.

I saw a battlefield. The battle was recent. I can smell blood. I can smell tears. I can feel pain. I padded my fox feet through the bloody field, grimacing at all the human's faces for being stupid thinking that violence can end violence. I knew better than that. It will only give birth to more violence, pain and hatred.

I always wanted to be a human, walk like one, eat like one, talk like one. They just don't survive. They create and discover. They make things. They just don't eat or drink or rely on instincts all the time like we animals do. I've always wanted to be one. And I also could've given more reasons to tell you why I wanted to be human but it doesn't matter now. I also thought about the consequences such as what am I gonna do to survive as a human. I don't have my family with me since they're all deep within the forest. Where do I live and what's a village? It's a word I don't know when I was spying on them. They said 'Take this food and put it in the village for everyone to eat and share.' Share..? My family doesn't share. It's.. rare for us to even do such a thing. But when there's an abundance of food, it's every fox for himself.

I stopped walking. I saw a robed man. I can sense his magic fading. I walked closer to him then suddenly..! The man's magic is flowing through me. It's painful. I want it to stop but I just held my ground. Then.. It started to feel good, nice. It feels like.. I can't explain but its ecstasy on a whole new level. Then the siphoning stopped. I looked down at myself. I'm a human! I have black hair, a face, a body which men might say very attractive, clothes and I'm walking on two legs! I feel so happy then.. I have an orb? What the..? My fox ears? I looked behind me. Nine long, white, furry tails.? Does this mean.. I'm not a human yet?

I sank to the ground. What should I do? I looked at the man. I forced him to give me more of his magic. But he just sits there. Unblinking with a black stare. I thought to myself. If I drained his magic, then he would've died but.. I looked at him. If I drained his soul, then he would be a mere hollow shell of a human with no feelings, conscience and such.

This orb... It has the man's face. Suddenly.. I feel guilty. Being a natural predator, I feel little remorse but... Why is this remorse feeling so strong.? Is this what a human feels? Emotions? Back at my clan when I told them that I somehow felt that I'm connected to the magical world, they just said to forget my stupidity and continue hunting food. I shrugged it off with them too, not really caring but here I am. Feeling guilty for this old man, not the same as feeling guilty for some animal that we hunted.

I looked down at myself again.. I can't possibly be a human if I have this orb, fox ears and nine tails. I must be in mid-transformation. I carefully hid my tails under my dress, flattened my ears and hid my orb (You don't wanna know where. Trust me.). With myself looking like an ordinary human, I walked into the human's village.

To be continued...


07-17-12: Sorry guys... Even mutated mid-transformation human foxes have to go to school and go to vacations. I really hate human exams... But still, I got good grades :D Anyway... I started loving Final Fantasy 7 and made a story about CloTi :D Aaaaand, I deleted my Fairy Tail story because I don't have any shit that comes up in to my demented imagination. *sigh* Anyway, I'm gonna change my profile picture to something a little different. Please give me comments if you like it or not. Reviews on my stories are always appreciated, ty!

Raises Orb of Deception in front of your face* If you don't like my stories, I might have to 'eat' your soul. Well.. Siphoning is the better term but yeah I'm a natural predator at heart so it's 'eating'. And no, I'm not a demon or monster. I'm just in mid-transformation of being a fox to human. I just need human souls to accomplish that transformation. Alrighty then. Jaa ne ('See you' in Japanese).

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